Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go back to Jesus! Don't let anything stop you!

Many believers once did know Jesus, did serve Jesus, but they backslid, they went away, they were caught up by satan and now they want to go back to Jesus but they feel that Jesus will not accept them back. Jesus will never refuse a soul that repents and cries out to Him. Don’t let the devil tell you that Jesus will not take you back. Remember one thing, the road back is going to be very, very difficult, because you opened the door for the devil. Jesus never left you, you left Him. But Jesus is waiting for you to come to Him. He showed His love for you by dying on that Cross on Calvary. YOU will have to show that you are serious by getting rid of all those things that took you away from Jesus. It is going to be a tough, difficult road but it will be worth it. Don’t let anything stop you. Go on your knees and cry out to Jesus it doesn’t matter what you have done. It doesn’t matter how far you have fallen. If you are down in the bud, He will pick you up, just cry out to Him. He came for the broken hearted, He came for those who are lost and if you are lost, you are in a good position to be saved. Cry out to Jesus, He is waiting for you and then never go away from Him again. Cry out to Jesus now and He will give you mercy and grace.
May Jesus bless you.

What is your price?

A popular saying goes that every man has a price. Well the devil has the money to pay that price for your soul, if it is money or the things of this world that you are looking for. Many years ago there was a movie about a millionaire that offered a husband and wife a million dollars for spending one night in bed with the wife. You might recall the movie, but that one night and a million dollars cost the end of their marriage.
The devil will pay your price for your soul if you just set the price. If it is money or woman or fame or whatever it might be, satan will pay that price. Once he's got you, he will destroy you, but he will pay that price. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for you and for me, He gave His Blood. If you have been caught by the devil, it’s not too late to cry out to Jesus for forgiveness and for help. To say:"Lord please help me. Lord please deliver me" because dear friend if Jesus does not deliver you, you will end up in hell for eternity. Many preachers have been caught by the devil for money, fame, woman, popularity and they were utterly destroyed. Satan paid the price for their souls. What is your price? Will you  give in to the devil and forfeit your soul or will you go on your knees and cry out to Jesus for mercy. If you are listening to me, then you still have a chance. Go on your knees, cry out to Jesus for mercy or else you will spend eternity in hell.
May Jesus bless you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Easy Gospel is a Fatal Lie

There is not easy way to have eternal life. There is only one way and His Name is Jesus Christ. He is the way and the truth and the life. Jesus showed us the way. He showed us how a son of God must live and He left us His words. His words are written in the gospels, as witnessed by they eyewitnesses and recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. That is the way, that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other gospel that saves. It is a difficult road, it is a gruesome gospel. It is a gospel of rejection, of pain.
Very few will travel that road. The Jesus way is:”If you wish to come after Me, then deny yourself, pick up your cross every day, come here and follow Me. There is no other way. Many people start the right way, they start with Jesus on the narrow way and then they look for an easy way. There are many detours, there are many people who offer them an easy gospel, an easy way, but those are the ways to destruction. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY THAT LEADS TO LIFE AND THAT IS THE ROAD OF DISCIPLESHIP, the way of following Jesus. There is no other. Don't go for the easy road. Don't start following after people. Make sure for yourself that you are following Jesus. Pray and speak to Him. Say “Lord, show Me whether I am still pleasing to Thee,” and He will show you. He will guide you. Go and read the words of Jesus as recorded in the gospels and see how you match up. Do you comply with those words? Those are the words of life. Those are the words that will determine whether we go into heaven or not, IF we obey them. IF WE DO NOT MATCH UP TO THE JESUS STANDARD THERE IS NO WAY THAT WE WILL GO INTO HEAVEN. Jesus said:”Narrow is the door and few there be that find it.” Strive hard, strive hard! Nothing in life that is worth anything is easily achieved. Getting into heaven is not going to be easy. It is going to be a struggle and you cannot give up half way.
There is not easy way, friend. There is not easy way. There is only one way and that is the Jesus way. Go read His words, pray, and He will show you. You must make up your mind. Repent, turn away form serving yourself , be baptized in water, follow Jesus. Ask Him for the Holy Spirit, He will guide you every day, every step of the way. Always seek Him in prayer, all the time. Don't look at other people, what they are doing, it won't help you. Look to Jesus. Go spend time on your knees, speak to Jesus, He will answer you.
Jesus is the only way, there is no other. Get to know Jesus and make sure that He knows you or else when you get to that door He will say to you:”Go away, I never knew you, you who work wickedness!” Get to know Jesus now and keep on following Him on that narrow, difficult road. Keep on until the very, very end.
May Jesus bless you.