Saturday, November 30, 2013

Called For Duty Not For Pleasure

The UNBELIEVERS who have not committed themselves to Jesus Christ and have not submitted themselves to Him to serve Him as Lord and Master, they follow after their own desires and there own ambitions. They think they are FREE but instead of being free they are slaves, they are SLAVES TO SIN, THEY ARE SLAVES TO THEIR OWN AMBITION.
The person who follows after Jesus Christ is FREE from the bondage of sin, he is not a slave of his own ambitions, or of peer pressure, what other people think of him. He is FREE TO DO THE WILL OF GOD but he has COMMITTED HIMSELF to DO the will of God.
Jesus has not called us for a holiday to be free to do what WE WANT TO DO. He has CALLED US TO DUTY, to DO HIS WILL every day, to GO AFTER HIM. He has a job of work for every disciple EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are called for service in the Kingdom of God but they voluntarily SUBMIT THEMSELVES to Jesus , they VOLUTARILY REPORT FOR DUTY every day and they DO THE WILL OF GOD. That is the NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE, the Duty of a Child of God, a Disciple. He reports for duty every day and he WORKS for the Kingdom of God. He is CALLED TO SERVE, he is CALLED TO DUTY.
Many believe in Jesus but they don't KNOW Jesus, they DON'T SERVE Him, they have not committed to Him. They are not part of His Kingdom. They will not inherit the kingdom because they will not follow Him, they do not report for duty every day. They are not WITH Jesus. Jesus said:”Where I am there my servants will be also.” They will be working because they ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST. Are YOU where Jesus is? Are you doing your duty today? Do you follow after Him every day and perform the task that he has called you for?
Are you PART of His Kingdom? Are you PART of the Kingdom of God? Do you fulfill your purpose or are you living in false hope of eternal life when you do not even KNOW or SERVE the Savior?

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

It is not who you are or what you believe

It is not who you are or what you believe that determines where you will spend eternity. It all depends on whom you are following. If you do not FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ you WILL NOT have eternal life and you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
The kingdom of heaven already starts right now and if you do not serve Jesus Christ as LORD and follow Him right now then you are not part of His kingdom. You might say that you believe in Jesus but if you do not follow and OBEY Him then you will not have eternal life and then you are not of Him. It is only those who FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ, who deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow Jesus Christ every day, led by His Holy Spirit, DOING what He tells them to do, it is only they who will have eternal life. Only they are children of God.

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is about Jesus Christ about following HIM and about DOING HIS WILL. It is not about YOU or ME about our joy, our fun or our pleasure. It is about OBEDIENCE TO JESUS.
Jesus said that:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must deny himself, pick up his cross every day and come here FOLLOW Me.” The kingdom of God is a STRUGGLE it is a TEST and it is only those who endure until the end that will win the prize of eternal life. The kingdom of God is promised to those who ENDURE UNTIL THE VERY END. They will not be many. Jesus called them “little flock.”
Are you part of the LITTLE FLOCK, the VERY FEW that will follow Jesus and endure until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Believers that sin will perish in hell

God does not discriminate, He has ONE STANDARD for all people. The soul that sins will die. Those who do not believe in Jesus and do not OBEY Him, who do not repent of their wickedness and live righteousness in obedience to Jesus, they ARE ALREADY JUDGED AND CONDEMNED to eternal damnation.
But those who believe in Jesus and who know the truth who have accepted Him as Lord but disobey Him, they will be DISCIPLINED, CHASTISED AND CORRECTED by God just like any good father does. He disciplines His children so that they can correct themselves but if such a believer does not ACCEPT CORRECTION then he will receive WORSE JUDGMENT and WORSE PUNISHMENT than the one that never knew Jesus Christ.
The soul that sins will perish. God does not accept sin or unrighteousness. God only has ONE STANDARD. Some have been led to believe that if you believe in Jesus then He excuses your sin, He does NOT. God DOES NOT EXCUSE ANY WILLFUL SIN OR DISOBEDIENCE. God requires UTTER HOLINESS, utter obedience, PERFECTION! Jesus said:”BE PERFECT, like your father in heaven is perfect.”
Not many will enter the kingdom of heaven. Very FEW will OBEY Jesus and SIN NO MORE. Do not be deceived, THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, eternal damnation. REPENT and OBEY Jesus. Be holy, be righteous, be perfect or else you will perish.

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jesus Opens Doors

Jesus Christ goes ahead of those who follow Him. He opens doors and leads them through impossible places. Jesus Christ IS the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, He IS the DOOR. He ENABLES those whom He calls. He goes ahead of them. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. There is no door that cannot be opened. They are not restricted BECAUSE they follow Jesus.
If we seek His kingdom and His righteousness He uses us to achieve His purpose in HIS own special way. It is all about FOLLOWING Jesus and DOING His will. Are you going after Jesus and is He taking you through impossible situations to achieve His will? Are you following Jesus through the impossible? Is your walk with Jesus testimony that He is the God of the impossible?
Follow Jesus, LISTEN, OBEY, TRUST Him and He will work the GREATER WORKS in and through YOU because then it is not you, neither your initiative but it is the Holy Spirit of God working IN and THROUGH you to achieve the will of God and to demonstrate the POWER of God to this world, to bring LIGHT in darkness, to bring HOPE and to bring people into the kingdom of God.

May Jesus bless you.

Alone WITH Jesus

Being part of a church community and having fellowship with like-minded believers does not make you part of the kingdom of God, it does not make you a child of God. Neither does it make you pleasing to Jesus Christ. It just makes people feel secure because they are not alone, they are with other like-minded people who believe the same things, the same deception.
Jesus Christ said that:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must deny Himself, pick up his cross and come her follow Me, EVERY DAY.” Jesus will take you along the straight and narrow road, the unbeaten track, where you are often ALONE WITH HIM, rejected by other people, but you experience the PRESENCE of the Living God, you LISTEN to His voice. He will take you through the valley of death and then He will lead you beside the quiet waters where you experience His comfort and His presence KNOWING that you are pleasing to your Lord and Master, you are PART OF HIS KINGDOM!
Have you got alone with Jesus? Do you follow Him every step of the WAY, wherever He guides you off the beaten track, being WITH HIM rather than with other people, or do you crave the acceptance of other men and the company of other people.
Following Jesus is a lonely road BUT you live in the presence of the living God. If you still treasure the company of people and the acceptance of men you cannot be following Jesus Christ and seeking the presence of the Living God.

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Perfectly Kept

Those who SEEK, FOLLOW, TRUST and OBEY Jesus Christ have need of nothing, He supplies in ALL their needs and He guides them in ALL things. He gives them perfect understanding. But those who go after their own plans and desires and REJECT Jesus Christ are continuously frustrated and disappointed because their plans don't work out. They are anxious and distressed, disappointed, and in the end they lose everything that they thought that they had.
Without Jesus you can do NOTHING. Without Jesus you are LOST! Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL the other things will be added unto you. Seek Jesus and FOLLOW Him and He will guide you in ALL THINGS, He will provide for you in ALL your needs. King David said (Psalm 23) “The LORD is my Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT.” Who is YOUR shepherd? Who do you FOLLOW? Who guides you? Who do you trust in? Who do you OBEY?
Is God your Shepherd, is Jesus Christ your LORD? If God is your shepherd and Jesus is your Lord and Master, then you will COME SHORT OF NOTHING. Who are you following?

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, November 22, 2013


The world is living in FEAR, STRESS, ANXIETY and so are most believers also. It is because they do not have Jesus Christ. We are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and Jesus said that if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is not the darkness. If we ourselves as children of God don't have HOPE, if we don't have a FUTURE, an EXPECTATION then we are DARKNESS and that is why the world is in darkness.
People are FEARFUL of everything, of the ANTICHRIST, they are living in ANXIETY, they are on PSYCHOLOGICAL DRUGS, they STRESS, they CANNOT SLEEP, they are on SLEEPING PILLS. Why is it? It is because of their SIN. They are being convicted by the Holy Spirit but they don't want to stop sinning, they don't want to change their ways, being convicted they are living in fear, anxiety, THEY ARE DARKNESS and they ARE in darkness.
Why is it DARK AROUND YOU and me? If we do not have any LIGHT IN US then we ourselves are darkness. It is no good cursing the darkness. You have got to light a candle, you yourself have got to BE LIGHT and not darkness. You have got to look at yourself and say:”Lord, do I have the LIGHT OF JESUS in me or am I also darkness?” If I am on prescription drugs, living in anxiety and in fear then the LIGHT OF CHRIST is not in me!
Many PROFESS to be Christians, they are full of doctrine and Bible knowledge and SLEEPING PILLS, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, FEAR but they don't have LIGHT in them because they DON'T HAVE JESUS.
Are YOU light in this world, or are you darkness? Do you have Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Personal Performance

Your PERSONAL PERFORMANCE will determine where you spend eternity. If we love Jesus then we must OBEY Him. We must PERFORM in accordance with His words, that is the STANDARD, the words that Jesus spoke as also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
If we OBEY Him, REPENT, turn away from sin and going after our own selfish desires and GO AFTER JESUS, be BAPTIZED IN WATER, then HE WILL REVEAL HIMSELF TO US and He will GUIDE US BY His SPIRIT. We must follow that guidance and PERFECTLY OBEY HIM.
Not very many people will COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They once asked Jesus whether those who are BEING SAVED ARE FEW and He said:”Strive HARD to enter the STRAIGHT GATE because I tell you MANY WILL TRY HARD AND NOT BE ABLE.
It is all dependent on your PERFORMANCE. How are you performing in accordance with the words of Jesus? Jesus said:”If you love Me OBEY MY COMMANDS. DO what I say.” Are you PERFORMING? Are you OBEYING His commands? Are you DOING what He s SAYING every day? Do you deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus EVERY DAY? Are you performing well enough to win the prize of eternal life? It is all about PERSONAL PERFORMANCE.

May Jesus bless you.

Chasing after wind

If you are not chasing after Jesus you are chasing after wind. In the end you will be a fool and a loser because the day you die you will face Jesus and if you did not know Him, love Him and OBEY Him then He will deny you. He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.”
Are you chasing after Jesus or after other things, knowledge, the desires of the flesh, to satisfy yourself, to impress other people? In the end you will lose it all. The only treasure that will last is Jesus Christ Himself. Where you spend eternity will depend on one thing only. And that is YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LIVING GOD, whether you loved him, followed Him and OBEYED Him.
If you reject Jesus you reject LIFE. If you disobey Him and deny Him He will also deny and reject you. What are you chasing after? Jesus or wind? Where will you spend eternity? Heaven of hell? If you do not love, OBEY and FOLLOW Jesus RIGHT NOW, you will spend eternity away from His presence in eternal damnation.
What are YOU chasing after?

May Jesus bless you

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taught by God

Those who follow Jesus Christ are TAUGHT BY GOD, they are LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT and they don't do anything on their own initiative. Jesus did not speak His own mind neither did He do anything on His own initiative but everything that the Father told Him He SAID and He DID.
If we want to be pleasing to God then we must be LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. Our own studies and education, do not qualify us to be pleasing to God, we need to be led by the Holy Spirit. That is why people who trust in their own understanding and their own knowledge of the Bible and act accordingly, they cannot be pleasing to God. We can only be pleasing to God if we are LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. We need to SEEK the guidance of the Holy Spirit continuously in every situation every step of the way.
Without Jesus we can do nothing. If we do not remain IN CHRIST, guided by the Holy Spirit we cannot bear good fruit, we cannot please God. We need to be CONTINUOUSLY SEEKING AND FOLLOWING THE GUIDANCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to be pleasing to God. If we act on our own initiative, using our common sense and our own ideas we are ACTING FROM THE FLESH and that which is born of the flesh is flesh but that which is born of the Spirit of God, that is SPIRIT and LIFE, that is pleasing to God.
Do you follow your own mind or are you constantly weeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit?
May Jesus bless you.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Serve the Master

Most Christian believers WILL NOT and CANNOT become part of the kingdom of Heaven. They REFUSE to ACCEPT Jesus Christ as LORD and MASTER. Most of them have said a SINNERS PRAYER and have become Bible students and pew warmers instead of becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.
They never committed themselves to Jesus, they never repented, they never stopped sinning, they never stopped going after their own lusts and desires and they never picked up their cross and started following Jesus. Most of them never got baptized in water. They just became ARROGANT because they believe that they are saved but they do not even know Jesus Christ. They do not obey Him and they do not follow Him. They are arrogant and they are slaves to sin and the desires of their flesh, they are worldly people but they believe that they are saved. They never accepted Jesus Christ as the Master of their lives.
If you want to have eternal life you must become part of the kingdom of Heaven. You must SUBMIT yourself to the KING, Jesus Christ and SERVE HIM AS LORD AND MASTER every day of your life. If you do not carry a cross, YOUR OWN CROSS every day and follow Jesus, you WILL NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. You will not get into heaven without bearing your cross. You WILL GO THROUGH MUCH SUFFERING and you will LEARN OBEDIENCE through what you have suffered. If you are not suffering, bearing a cross learning obedience through your relationship with Jesus Christ you ARE NOT ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW ROAD, Jesus Christ is not your master, you ARE NOT part of the kingdom of heaven and you WILL NOT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and MASTER? Do you serve Him every day or are you a slave to sin and the lust of your flesh? Who do you serve? Who is your God? Your own lusts and desires, your flesh, or is Jesus Christ your Master? Are you led by the Holy Spirit or are you driven by your own lusts, your own arrogance and your own mind doing what YOU please? Who is YOUR Master? Is Jesus Christ YOUR Master?

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Real Christians

A Christian by definition is a FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST. There are very very few FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST in this world today. Many profess to be Christians but they do not even know Jesus.
Some have met Jesus but they deny Him, they practice religion, they have a form of godliness but they have denied the Power thereof. They do not OBEY Jesus, they do not FOLLOW Him and they have no relationship with Him. Many are CHURCHIANS, they go to church. Others are BIBLE BELIEVERS, they believe in their Bible and they say they trust in Jesus but they do not obey Him nor do they follow Him.
Jesus said:”Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?” IF you follow Jesus Christ you are a CHILD OF GOD and you ACT LIKE a child of God, you OBEY your Father. You live in holiness and righteousness and you DO what He tells you to do. You have no business with the things of the world. Your business is the kingdom of God and being pleasing to your heavenly Father. If you follow Jesus YOU WILL BE LIKE HIM.

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Most Bible believers will perish in hell

It is a sad truth that most Bible believers will perish because they know the Bible and they think that there is salvation in their Bible knowledge BUT the do not know God, they DO NOT KNOW JESUS CHRIST! As Jesus also said to the pharisees and the lawyers:”You diligently seek the scriptures, in there to find eternal life but YOU REFUSE TO COME TO ME TO HAVE LIFE.”
Most Bible believers do not LISTEN to Jesus. They think they can work out their own salvation with their Bible, with their Bible knowledge and they REFUSE to HUMBLE THEMSELVES before Jesus. They REFUSE to be led by the Holy Spirit. They REFUSE to OBEY Jesus. They refuse to SEEK Him because they think that they have got it all figured out.
Your Bible cannot save you. Only Jesus Christ can save you IF you you SEEK Him, KNOW Him, you FOLLOW Him and you OBEY Him. Without Jesus you can do nothing. Without Jesus you are LOST. The road to hell is paved with Bibles and Bible believers because they DON'T KNOW Jesus Christ.
Do YOU know Jesus Christ and does He know you? Do you follow Him every day and does He approve of you? How is your relationship with the Living God?

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, November 15, 2013

You MUST follow Jesus

Jesus Christ offers eternal life in the kingdom of heaven to all those who FOLLOW Him and who OBEY Him. There is a CONDITION to ETERNAL LIFE and that is that you FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ.
Jesus said that:”whoever WISHES to come after Me MUST deny himself every day, pick up his cross and come here FOLLOW Me.” If you do not follow Jesus and you do not obey His words you WILL PERISH. His words as also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, those are the WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE for those who OBEY them.
Those who reject and defy Jesus Christ WILL PERISH. Are you following and obeying Him? Are you DOING what He commanded us to do? Are you following Him every day, LISTENING to his Holy Spirit and GOING what He tells you to do?
If you live your life to please yourself and other people YOU WILL CERTAINLY PERISH. REPENT, turn away from sin and serving your own selfish lusts and OBEY Jesus Christ, GO AFTER HIM. Seek Him, follow Him until the very end or you will certainly perish.

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to follow Jesus

Very few people know how to follow Jesus Christ because they don't know Him. Jesus Christ is the living God who manifested Himself in human form but Jesus is SPIRIT and serve Him and follow Him IN OUR SPIRIT.
Once we have come to know Jesus Christ and we have decided to follow Him then we turn from our futile existence. We don't go after our own mind and after sin and the things of this world but we go after Jesus and we seek to please Him, to do those things that are pleasing to Him because we KNOW HIM and we love Him. Most people have never met Jesus. They have never encountered the living God. If you SEEK Jesus ON YOUR KNEES, cry out to Him, say:”Lord I need Thee! Please come to me! Please reveal Yourself to me!” He will. And then you REPENT, you TURN AWAY FROM SIN, He will forgive your past sin if you truly repent and decide to follow Him. If you OBEY Him and you are baptized in water and you seek to be pleasing to Him then He will reveal himself to you IN YOUR SPIRIT. He will guide you every day and you will truly get to know Him.
Have you met Jesus Christ the living God? Is He real to you? Or are you just busy with religion? There is nothing like KNOWING and FOLLOWING Jesus Christ. Seek Jesus NOW before it is too late. Get to KNOW Him and He will give you eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Holiness NO Rapture

The situation in the world today is desperate and the only safe place is WITH Jesus. Many believers see the signs of the times and they are waiting, they are expecting to be RAPTURED out of this world to be with Jesus but these same people do not have a relationship with Jesus right now. Without HOLINESS no man shall see God.
We have to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW. He has put us here for a purpose, for this time, to be LIGHT IN DARKNESS, to bring souls to Him. Many are waiting to be raptured but they are not LIGHT, they are not SALT. They are DARKNESS, they are conformed to this world. We have to be TRANSFORMED into the LIKENESS OF CHRIST through the renewal of our mind. If we have the MIND OF CHRIST we are like HIM and we are WITH HIM right here, right now WHERE WE ARE because WHERE JESUS IS THERE HIS SERVANTS ARE ALSO.
All the calamity in this world right now, GOD IS IN IT, right in it in the center of it because man has turned his back on God and God has not abandoned man. He is drawing man unto Himself. The hand of God is MOVING through calamity, through signs and wonders to DRAW MAN TO HIM so they they will REPENT OF THEIR WICKED WORKS and SEEK HIM and realize that it is because they have rejected Him that these things are happening in the world.
If you are not living in utter righteousness and holiness you cannot be in the presence of God. You cannot be hearing His voice, you cannot be DOING HIS WILL, you cannot be in His presence. To be holy means to be PURE. You cannot be in sin AND in the presence of God. You cannot BELIEVE yourself into heaven, you have to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST, you have to OBEY Him EVERY DAY. You have to be PURE AND HOLY to live in His presence and to be APPROVED by Him.
Don't expect to be raptured out of trouble if you cannot be WITH Jesus in these circumstance that are controlled BY HIM. Seek Jesus NOW and LIVE in relationship with Him and you will SEE His hand in everything around you, RIGHT NOW.
May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Kingdom Mindset

A born again child of God has a different mindset, a KINGDOM MINDSET. Jesus Christ is his King, his LORD and his MASTER and he lives to please his MASTER, to DO those things that are pleasing to Jesus. He does NOT SIN, he doesn't take chances. He is CAREFUL to always have his mind on Jesus Christ and on DOING what is pleasing to HIM.
Believers who sin and who take chances, who try to see how much they can be part of the world and still get into heaven, THEY ARE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL. They are not children of God, they have got satan's mindset and they do the things that please THEM and that please their father, the devil.
Have you got a Kingdom Mindset? Are you a child of God and do you always seek to do those things that are pleasing to your FATHER God, your MASTER, Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jesus will not BEG or ASK anything off YOU

Jesus Christ IS God Almighty. He does not need anything and He does not ask anything off anybody. He will not beg or plead or ASK anybody to do anything for Him, HE IS GOD. Those who refuse Him, He will also refuse them.
Jesus said that:”Whoever WISHES to come after me must DENY himself, pick up his cross and come here, follow Me.” If we are not willing to SERVE Jesus and GO AFTER Him we will not have eternal life. The Spirit of God will not strive with man for ever. Jesus is giving us the OPPORTUNITY TO BE CHILDREN OF GOD, to have ETERNAL LIFE but WE HAVE TO GO AFTER HIM and we have to SERVE HIM AS LORD. We must accept Him as the MASTER of our lives and give Him the honor that is due to Him.
He must SERVE Him as LORD. He is not your buddy! He is NOT ASKING YOU to come after Him. He does not need you or me. We desperately need Him and if we do not go after Him and serve Him as Lord, He will say to us:”Go away I never know you, you workers of wickedness.” He will say to us:”When I knocked, you would not open. Now you will knock and I will not open.” Once the door is closed people will cry out and say:”Lord, Lord!” And He will say:”I don't know you where you are from.”
If you do not follow and obey Jesus and live your life to please Him right now then He will also refuse you. If you deny Jesus Christ now and refuse to follow Him then He will also certainly deny YOU. Are you following Jesus Christ and SERVING Him as LORD?

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Most people believe a lethal mix of truth, lies and imagination, and they practice their faith accordingly. They do what they please according to what they believe. But Jesus Christ promised us the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth IF we believe in Him, we OBEY Him and we follow HIM.
Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. Those who follow HIM will never be in darkness. He will guide you into the WHOLE TRUTH if you seek HIM and not people, if you seek HIS WILL and not your own desires. If you do not seek Jesus you will certainly end up in damnation.
Do you believe what YOU please and what you LIKE TO BELIEVE or are you seeking Jesus Christ every day FOR THE TRUTH? Are you seeking TRUTH? Are you seeking LIFE? Or are you running after your own desires?

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Performance NOT Knowledge

Millions of people all over the world own Bibles and have read Bibles. Millions of people have read and know the words of Jesus Christ but most of them will end up in hell, not because they did not know the truth but because they DID NOT DO THE TRUTH.
Jesus Christ said that:”Not everyone who says to Me Lord Lord will enter into heaven but only those who DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER.” What is the will of the Father? It is that we OBEY Jesus Christ and follow Him until the end.
Many profess to BELIEVE in Jesus but they do not obey Him. Jesus also said:”Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and you DO NOT WHAT I SAY?” Many say they LOVE Jesus but they do not obey Him. Jesus said:”If you love me, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.”
Are YOU following Jesus Christ? Do you truly love Him? Do you OBEY His words? Not the hearers or the speakers of the words of Christ will be saved but the DOERS. It is not your knowledge that will save you but the PERFORMANCE of that knowledge.

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

An easy ride

People are looking for an easy ride, assurances, a good time. They want everything from life and from God, they want everything their way but they don't want God. They don't want to obey Jesus Christ and therefor they will perish.
There is only ONE WAY to eternal life and that is the STRAIGHT AND LONELY ROAD following Jesus Christ. Jesus said:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must DENY HIMSELF, pick up his cross EVERY DAY and come here FOLLOW ME.”
You cannot have a good time now, acceptance in this world, and have everything your way, and still have eternal life. It is either GOD'S WAY or NO WAY. You have to choose, Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY. Follow and OBEY Him or you will certainly perish.

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feeding off pulpit junk and religious trash

Most of the world's professing Christians are feeding off the junk that is preached off the pulpits of the the churches of this world. They are listening to the trash that is broadcasted off the channels of the so called Christian broadcasters and preachers. They are reading little books and watching videos. They are not receiving spiritual FOOD from God Himself because “man will not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the MOUTH of God.”
These professing Christians are UNREGENERATED UN-BORN AGAIN SINNERS, they have NO RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, they do not have an EAR FOR GOD, they do not hear His VOICE. They do not follow Him, they are not SONS OF GOD and they are not SHEEP OF THE MASTER. They are just deceived religious FOOLS. They are fooling themselves and they are being fooled by the operators in the pulpits. They listen to RELIGIOUS CATCH PHRASES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL JUNK that tickles their ears and makes them feel good while they themselves have no relationship with God and THEY ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD.
If you are not HEARING FROM GOD HIMSELF, if you DO NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST in you, then you are SPIRITUALLY DEAD and religious. If you do not receive BREAD, MANNA from heaven every day, you do not HEAR from God Himself YOU HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, you are not following Jesus, you are listening to JUNK. You are being fed TRASH, you pay for it and you enjoy it and you are going to hell because you have no relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father!
Do you LISTEN to the Holy Spirit? Are you following Jesus Christ? Do you have a relationship with God or are you feeding on RELIGIOUS GARBAGE? In the end YOU will be the loser. You need to REPENT! Seek Jesus with all your heart, OBEY Him, be baptized in water, live righteously and holy, seek Him always, follow Him every day and He will reveal Himself to you EVERY DAY. You will HEAR HIS VOICE and you will LIVE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LIVING GOD. WAKE UP BEFORE YOU PERISH!

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You don't need CHURCH

The modern self-satisfying man-glorifying Christianity emphasizes FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER PEOPLE and education, building yourself up whereas Jesus Christ came to BRING US INTO FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD, WITH HIMSELF.
Jesus said:”WATCH AND PRAY ALWAYS”. Modern Christianity tells you to COME TO CHURCH, TO SPEND TIME WITH OTHER PEOPLE, TO STUDY YOUR BIBLE. Jesus brings us into fellowship with Himself, being led by His Spirit, not into fellowship with other people. If we follow Jesus Christ then WE bring others into fellowship with Jesus Christ AND God our Father because we ourselves are in unity with God, WE have fellowship with God. But if we have fellowship with other people and if we are busy with ourselves, educating and building up ourselves we are busy with ME and MY and OTHER PEOPLE and not with the living God.
We cannot be led by the Spirit of God if we are not in communion with God, if we do not spend time LISTENING to HIM, following HIM, if we are not continuously TUNED IN and busy with our heavenly Father. It is not our relationship with other people that brings us into the kingdom of heaven, it is our relationship with the living God.
With whom is your relationship? Do you have relationship with other people or are you in fellowship with the living God, LISTENING, OBEYING and DOING what He commands you to do so that you can bring other into communion with Him also? Is your relationship with people or with God?

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You cannot fix church

The Holy Spirit is convicting many people who are sitting in church and then they realize that THEY are not right with Jesus and that the church that they are in is also not right with Jesus. Then they want to fix the church.
Jesus is not calling you to fix the church. He is calling to you FOLLOW HIM and then Jesus will FIX YOU so that you can fit into His kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is not about church or fixing church. It is about following and obeying Jesus Christ.
Come out of church, follow Jesus Christ every day and DO what He commands you to do. BE THE CHURCH, be His hands and feet and His mouth, be guided by His Holy Spirit and He will use YOU for His purpose.

May Jesus bless you.


Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus calls us to a relationship WITH Him where we FOLLOW HIM every day. LISTEN to His voice ad DO what He commands us to do. He promises us and INHERITANCE, the Kingdom of God, TO THOSE who endure WITH HIM, who stay WITH HIM until the very end, who love Him and who obey Him and who DO His will.
Most believers are practicing religion, a rule book, but they do not have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. They are not led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in those who connect with Him, who repent from evil, who repent from sin, repent from their own ways and accept Him as Lord, who follow Him wherever He sends them, who OBEY His words, who are baptized in water and who SEEK HIM EVERY DAY, He GUIDES them by His Spirit. They are IN TUNE with Him, in spiritual union, they KNOW the MIND OF CHRIST because He SPEAKS TO THEM. Their relationship with Him is REAL, they FOLLOW Him.
Are YOU following Jesus Christ in a REAL RELATIONSHIP? Do you know Him? Do you LISTEN to His VOICE every day? Do you WAIT on Him? Do you live your life to please Him? Do you SEEK Him always? Or are you busy with RELIGION, quoting scriptures, playing church? Because then you don't know Jesus! Then you have no relationship with Him and He will say to you one day:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” Because You did what YOU pleased. You were never in real relationship with Jesus. You could not do what was pleasing to Him because YOU DID NOT KNOW HIM and you did not follow Him. you did not seek Him and you did not seek to please Him. You were busy with yourself and your own religion, justifying yourself, doing what you please. What makes you think that Jesus will invite you into His kingdom?
Are you busy with religion or are you at UNITY with your Master? Are you in that close relationship, following Jesus and doing His will every day? Are you part of the kingdom of God?

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Go to Jesus

The reason why the world is in such a mess is because they have rejected Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is LORD, He is GOD and without Him we can do absolutely nothing. Without Jesus there is NO HOPE, NO FUTURE, NO LIFE. Even so called Christians run after philosophy and they run to other people, psychology and they follow the teachings of people. They are looking for solutions in the Bible, little books and tapes but they don't go to Jesus and that is why they are LOST.
Jesus Christ is the SOLE SOLUTION. Without Jesus you are doomed, lost and damned. Don't go to church, don't go to other people. Don't look for solutions with mortals, with money or the things of this world. Go after Jesus. Seek Jesus, Go to Jesus and He will give you LIFE.
Jesus Christ Himself IS LIFE. Seek Him and find Him and STAY WITH HIM. The moment you leave Jesus you are LOST AND DOOMED. Seek Jesus while you can.

May Jesus bless you.

Are you faithful?

God is faithful. Every morning the sun rises and He makes His sun shine on all people, good and evil. God is good to everybody and He us faithful. He never changes. His goodness and His mercy never changes. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and for ever but He requires of us also that we be faithful.
Jesus said:”Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself every day, pick up his cross and come here, follow Me.” Are we faithful in following Jesus Christ. When we wake up in the morning, is our first thought about Jesus and about pleasing Him? Or are we unfaithful? Do we seek to live our lives in such a way as to please HIM, EVERY DAY, or are we unfaithful?
Only those who prove their love for Jesus by being FAITHFUL EVERY DAY, only they will have eternal life. Are you faithful to Jesus.

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

God's man or People Pleaser

If you follow Jesus Christ and obey Him you become a child of God and you do not fit into this world any more. You take on the likeness of Jesus and this world will reject you, hate you and persecute you like they did to Jesus Christ.
If you seek the approval of God then this world will reject you. You cannot be God's man and a man of the world. Who do YOU want to please? Jesus or people? Are you seeking the approval of God or that of men?

May Jesus bless you.