Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We have to strive for perfection in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, our relationship with Him. We must do everything in our power to make sure that nothing comes between us and Jesus. Jesus warned, He said:”Narrow is the Door and straight is the Gate that leads to life and FEW there be that find it. Many will try hard and not be able.” Jesus also said:”Be perfect as your father in heaven is PERFECT.”
In a marathon even some of the best athletes might stumble, fall and get disqualified. Therefor we must make sure that we run the race in such a way that we do not get disqualified and lose the prize. We cannot make it on our own. We cannot make it on our own interpretation of the Bible or our own zeal, or our own mind. We need Jesus, we need the Holy Spirit to help us, to guide us, every step of the way. Without Jesus we can do nothing.
We need to strive for perfection in our relationship with our Lord and Master. We need to ASK Him, SEEK Him, WAIT ON Him and He will guide us every step of the way. He is faithful, He will never leave us, nor forsake us but we have to be faithful in our walk with Him. We must strive for perfection.

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Corrupted Minds Rotting Souls

Our life and eternal destiny is determined by that which we have on our mind, that which we think about. If we allow our minds to be corrupted by the things of this world, by TV, the media and influences of the world around us then we will perish but if we fill our minds with Jesus Christ, we will LIVE.
Man will not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the MOUTH of God. If you sit in front of the TV all day and you absorb all the trash that they present to you, that is what you become, GARBAGE! Your mind is corrupted. If you listen to other people you become like them. Do you want to be like those people who you listen to?
If you listen to other people you become like them but if you listen to Jesus Christ you become like Him and you will LIVE. You need to have the MIND OF CHRIST and you only get the mind of Christ through a close relationship with Jesus Chris IN YOUR SPIRIT, His Spirit IN your spirit and you LISTENING to His Spirit, LISTENING to the WORD OF GOD implanted in your soul. But if you watch the TV and listen to other people you are diverted away from Jesus and you will perish.
We have to FILL our minds with Jesus Christ but first we have got to PURGE our minds of all filth, all worldliness and invite Jesus in.
We need to be continually fed by His SPIRIT, not by knowledge and reading and listening to other people. We need to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit and then our SOUL WILL LIVE. If we stop listening we will perish. We need to be fed and filled and nourished with the Spirit of God every day, all the time. If we absorb garbage that is what we become, GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. We need to yearn and long for the Spirit of God every moment, to fill us and to direct us. We need to GO AFTER Him. We need to SEEK Him, all the time and let Him fill our minds, then He will determine our DESTINY.
What are we filling our minds with? The things of the world, or Jesus Christ? If we do not have the MIND OF CHRIST and keep on filling our minds with Jesus, LISTENING to Him, FOLLOWING, yearning and being receptive, going after the guidance of the Holy Spirit then we will perish. We need Jesus Christ! Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, there is no other. What are we feeding our soul and our mind with, garbage or Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sinners CANNOT STOP Sinning

A sinner cannot stop sinning because it is his nature to sin. Many people who call themselves Christians are sinners, they are not born again. You need to be born again of the Spirit of God in order to be a child of God and then you get a NEW NATURE and then you SIN NO MORE. A child of God DOES NOT SIN!
The apostle John wrote in 1 John 3:9 “No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 10By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother. “ The reason why a person who is born of God does not practice sin is because the SEED OF GOD abides in him and therefor he DOES NOT SIN.
If you are a sinner then you are of the SEED OF SATAN not of the seed of God and that is why many professing Christians are sons of the devil, not children of God, BECAUSE THEY ARE SINNERS – THEY CANNOT STOP SINNING! They need to be born again.
The apostle John further writes in verse 6 :“No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him. 7Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous; 8the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. “ A person who sins is of the seed of satan, he is a SINNER.
You need to be BORN AGAIN of the Spirit of God in order to be a child of God and then it is your nature to NOT SIN. A child of God DOES NOT SIN. It is only sinners that sin.
Have you been born again of the Spirit of God? Are you of the seed of God or are you of the seed of satan. You need to be born again of the spirit of God to be a child of God and have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nothing can touch you

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master then you come under His protection and nothing can touch you that He does not allow. But when you accept Jesus as your King, your Lord and your Master you also present yourself to Him as a holy and acceptable sacrifice to His Kingdom, to be used for His pleasure as He pleases.
Jesus does not promise us an easy road or a bed of roses. We will enter the Kingdom of God through much tribulation but whatever path He takes us, whatever tribulation, trial and test we have to go through, He will go with us and we must complete the course. We must follow Him until the end so that we can bring glory and honor and praises to Him. We belong TO HIM, for Him to be used for His Kingdom as He pleases. Whatever comes your way, whether it be hardship, tribulation, sickness, bad fortune, whatever happens, when you belong to Jesus only that which He allows can come to you. But we must stay WITH Jesus.
Many people go away from Jesus, they stray, they go look for trouble and whatever happens to them then is of their own making. They strayed from Him and therefor they removed themselves from His protection and they ran into trouble. We have to STAY with Jesus and thank Him, praise Him in all circumstances. If we did stray we have to come back to Him as soon as we can. Whatever happens to us we must run to Jesus and ask Him why the situation has occurred, why this problem has occurred and He will give us wisdom.
We will see the hand of God in everything if we stay focused on Jesus. Those who are pure in heart, they will see God in everything. Nothing that is outside of the will of God can happen to the child of God who stays WITH Jesus Christ. Are you staying WITH Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

Spiritual Implantation

Many professing Christians know their Bibles very well, yet they do not know the will of God. They also do not experience Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master, and they cannot SEE the kingdom of God of which Jesus Christ Himself is LORD, King and Master. The reason for that is that these people are not born again. We read in John 3:3, Jesus said to a Pharisee, Nicodemus, “unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” He cannot appreciate, understand the kingdom of God, He cannot know the will of God. Such people do not have the Holy Spirit and they do not belong to Jesus Christ.
We need to receive the IMPLANTED WORD, an IMPLANTATION OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD which we can only receive if we are BORN AGAIN.
If we cleanse ourselves of all unrighteousness, repent of all sin and are baptized in water for the washing off of our sins, then we can receive the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to those who love Him and who OBEY Him.
The apostle James speaks about this implantation in James 1:21, He said:”“Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the WORD IMPLANTED, which is able to save your souls.” That IMPLANTED WORD is the INDWELLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. You do not get to know the will of God through studies, through Bible studies and through listening to other people but you receive KNOWLEDGE of the WILL OF GOD when the Holy Spirit is IMPLANTED in you and Jesus Christ LIVES in you. Then you KNOW the will of God.
Have you received that IMPLANTATION of the WORD OF GOD, the Holy Spirit of God DWELLING IN YOU? Do you LISTEN to that IMPLANTED WORD that guidance of the Holy Spirit and do you FOLLOW Jesus Christ? Do you experience Him as LORD?

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sinners and Saints

In this world there are two types of people, SINNERS and SAINTS. SINNERS Belong to satan and SAINTS ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. They do not sin and they follow after Jesus Christ their Lord. Saints are in this world but they are not of this world, they are among sinners but they STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB, they don't fit in. They are rejected, hated, persecuted. They are PURE and HOLY. Their lights shine in this dark world. They are SALT and they are LIGHT. They are not part of the world and they are not conformed to the world. They do not go along with the things of this world but God put them here for His purpose to shine HIS LIGHT, to warn, to admonish and to bring light darkness.
God puts saints in amongst the sinners, the darkness, to warn them, to be light in this world and to bring sinners to repentance so that they can be born again and become children of God who are SAINTS. There is nothing in between, you are either a SINNER, a son of satan, or you are a SAINT.
Are you a child of God, a SAINT, or are you a SINNER, a son of the devil?

May Jesus bless you.

Why Bible lovers reject Jesus

Religious people love the Bible because they think that salvation, eternal life, is in the Bible, in doing what is written in the Bible BUT doing so according to their own interpretation. They can choose verses as it suits them, they can interpret it to their liking, the way that they see it, their opinion. They can use it to manipulate other people and they can use it to “prove” their own salvation. BUT what they do not realize is that THE BIBLE IS NOT GOD, the Bible is not Jesus Christ!
You will stand before Jesus on judgment day and before Jesus Christ we are all naked (bare), nothing is hidden before Him. He knows every thought, He knows every intention and He knows those who love Him and who fear Him. He knows those who follow Him who LISTEN TO HIS VOICE. He knows those who serve Him as Lord and Master. Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, He is the NARROW WAY, He is the STRAIGHT GATE, the DOOR through which we must enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and HE IS STANDING IN YOUR WAY! The sooner you face Jesus and get to KNOW Him, DO what is pleasing to Him, the better for you because if you do not face Jesus and serve Him as Lord HE WILL TURN YOU AWAY! He will say to you on that day:”GO AWAY I never knew you.” You will not be able to justify yourself, you will not be able to quote Him Bible verses. He will just say:”I don't know you where you are from.”
Do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Do you stand before Him all the time, every day, and plead your case, and make sure that you are pleasing to Him? If you don't you will be sorely disappointed. Get to KNOW Jesus. Follow Him, stay with Him or He will turn you away.

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prove Yourself

Many people claim to be Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. They belong to a church, they practice religion, they read their Bibles, they quote Bible verses and some of them can say very nice long prayers but if you look at their lives they are exactly like the world. Their deeds prove that they are not of Jesus, they are of this world.
If we follow Jesus Christ and we are children of God we prove by our deeds that we are children of God, not by our words of by our claims, or what we claim to believe, our beliefs. It is HOW WE LIVE. Are we LIKE JESUS, are we following Jesus and doing that which is pleasing to Him? The PROOF is in how we ARE, how we ACT, what we DO. Are we LIKE JESUS CHRIST? Are we sons of God or do our deeds prove that indeed we are hypocrites and sons of the devil. It is not the verses that you can quote of the claims that you can make, it is HOW YOU LIVE. We prove by our DEEDS whether we are children of God.
Are we children of God or are we indeed sons of satan disguising ourselves as children of God?

May Jesus bless you.

Do not FORCE Follow Jesus

Jesus Christ IS Lord and He REIGNS. Whatever He WILLS, He DOES. Everything belongs to Him and He is in UTTER CONTROL of everything. Whatever happens in this world is under His power and IN HIS CONTROL.
You cannot force Jesus Christ, you cannot make Him do what you want because He is Lord, He is KING, He is MASTER. What you need to do is you must FORCE YOURSELF to SUBMIT to Jesus, to FOLLOW and to OBEY Him, IF you want to be part of His Kingdom and have Eternal Life. Jesus Christ gives eternal life to those who FOLLOW Him, who OBEY Him, who DO what is pleasing to Him.
You cannot force others to follow and obey Jesus but you have to FORCE YOURSELF, you have to SUBMIT yourself, DENY your flesh, deny yourself your own instincts, your own desires and FORCE YOURSELF to follow and obey Jesus Christ, even against that which you want. You have to SERVE Him as LORD and OBEY Him. You have to AT ALL COST repent from serving yourself , OBEY Him, be holy, righteous and UTTERLY OBEDIENT to Jesus IF you want to be part of His Kingdom. If you don't, if you reject Him, you are not suitable for the Kingdom of God and you will not enter.
Those who love Jesus FORCE their way into the Kingdom of God by SUBMITTING THEMSELVES to Jesus. That is why Jesus said:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must deny himself, pick up his cross and come here follow Me every day.” Are you FORCING YOURSELF to follow Jesus by submitting yourself to Him and do His will to be pleasing to Him and to SERVE Him as LORD?
If you will not SERVE Him, you will not enter His Kingdom and you will not have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Follow Jesus Christ NOT the Bible

Eternal life IS Jesus Christ. Without Jesus there is no life. Jesus GIVES eternal life to those who LOVE Him, who FOLLOW Him and who OBEY Him. His sheep LISTEN to His VOICE and they FOLLOW Him. They DO what is pleasing to Him. They GO AFTER Him. They deny themselves every day, they pick up their cross and they follow Him. Nothing is more important to them than Jesus Christ and being pleasing to Him.
Being religious, reading your Bible, practicing religion will not bring you closer to Jesus and will not give you eternal life. You need to KNOW Him, be LED by His Spirit. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. They do the will of God. Do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Do you GO AFTER HIM every day? Is He on your mind all the time? Do you FOLLOW Him and do you OBEY Him? Do you have eternal life? Or are you heading for eternal destruction, eternity away from Jesus in hell?
If you don't love Jesus NOW, if you don't FEAR HIM, OBEY Him, GO AFTER Him right now you will not spend eternity with Him. Get to know Him NOW before it is for ever too late.

May Jesus bless you.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014


You can take my possessions away from me, you can take my life, but there is one thing that you cannot take and that is my experience, my experience with Jesus Christ, my testimony, my relationship with Jesus. And that is what I am here to share. Many believers only have their Bible knowledge and their beliefs to share but they don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ because Jesus is not real to them.
Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me, He called me. He made me His servant and I thank Him that I was willing to give up all to follow Him and that is why I have a testimony of the IMPOSSIBLE. Jesus guides you along the IMPOSSIBLE WAYS. You are blessed with trials and tribulations and IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTIES but through everything Jesus guides you and you look back and you say that it is only because of Jesus, it is only because you followed Him that you could pass that road, that you could go through what you went through.
Jesus does not take you along POSSIBLE and that is why, if you do not follow Jesus you don't have a testimony. But I can look back and testify to you, Jesus Christ is ALIVE. He is God Almighty because I know Him and He guides me every day. Without Jesus I can do nothing. Without Jesus I cannot live and that is why I share my testimony. I share Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is ALIVE!
Do you know Jesus Christ? What is your experience? Can you only tell me Bible verses or tell me that you BELIEVE that you are saved? Or do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Do you know Him for REAL and do you have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God? Do you KNOW in your HEART OF HEARTS that nothing can separate you from Jesus because Jesus is faithful and He is ALIVE? How well do you KNOW Jesus Christ? What is YOUR testimony?

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, April 18, 2014

What God SAYS

Most people take seriously and often live by what others say, often to their own downfall. People are concerned about what other people say, what the doctor says, what the husband says, what the wife says, what the news says, what their children say, what the Bible says, what their pastor says but the one thing that  really matters they are not concerned about and that is WHAT GOD SAYS.
Man shall not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and God is speaking to each and every person. God is speaking to YOU and to me but very few of us LISTEN or take seriously, even take note of what God is saying. If we LISTEN to the Holy Spirit of God and OBEY we will LIVE. Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My voice and they follow Me.” whom are we LISTENING to? Are we listening to others or are we listening to what Jesus is saying? What is more important to us?
If we LISTEN to what Jesus is saying we will have eternal life. If we disregard Him and listen to what other people say, we will perish. Who are we LISTENING to?

May Jesus bless you.

A Fatal Relationship with the Bible

Most people who call themselves Christians have a fatal relationship with the Bible. They are continuously busy with the Bible, with scriptures, justifying themselves, proving their salvation, instead of LISTENING to the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to convict the world of SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUDGEMENT. He also gives his Holy Spirit in those who seek Him, who FOLLOW Him and who OBEY Him.
Your relationship with the Bible takes you AWAY from Jesus. If you are busy with the Bible, Bible study, scriptures, looking for verses that apply to your situation, looking for guidance, working out equations of salvation using certain scriptures, then you are not busy with Jesus Christ. You need to be LISTENING to the Holy Spirit, not studying the Bible, the writings of men.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Those who occupy themselves with Jesus Christ, who are SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED to Him, LISTENING, FOLLOWING and OBEYING Him they are in the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. But those who ignore Him, who occupy themselves with their Bible are engaged in a FATAL RELATIONSHIP because they will stand before Jesus and He will say to them: “Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness,” because they were busy with their Bibles and not LISTENING to the Holy Spirit. They had no relationship with Jesus Christ Himself.  
How is your relationship with Jesus? Are you following and OBEYING Him? Are you doing what is pleasing to Him? Are you receiving CONFIRMATION from Jesus that He Himself is pleased with you? Do you PRAY, LISTEN and WAIT on the Lord or do you just read your Bible? Get to know Jesus and follow Him or you will end up in damnation WITH YOUR BIBLE.

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your Bible is NOT God

To many people their Bible is their Alpha and their Omega, the beginning and the end of their faith. They use their Bible for everything, to prove their faith, to justify themselves, they use their Bible to comfort them, some special verses. They use it to fight with, to refute other people. They use it as a map, for direction. They take their counsel from the Bible. Their Bible is their God, it is there everything, and therefor THEY DO NOT KNOW GOD, they DO NOT KNOW JESUS CHRIST.
Jesus Christ saves and justifies, guides and provides for those who FOLLOW AND OBEY Him, not for those who cling to their Bibles and justify themselves. If your bible has become the replacement for Jesus Christ in your life then your Bible is your God, it is your IDOL, and your Bible will cause you to end up in hell because it is Jesus whom you need.
You need to be guided by the Holy Spirit, you need to get your counsel from Him, your comfort, your guidance. If Jesus Christ is not the Alpha and Omega of your life, the Beginning and the End then Jesus Christ is not part of your life. Is Jesus TRULY your LORD? Do you FOLLOW AND OBEY Him? Is Jesus YOUR GOD or is your Bible your God?

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lethal Christianity SINNING BELIEVERS

Most Christian believers will spend eternity in hell BECAUSE THEY ARE SINNERS. Jesus Christ came to take away the sins of the world and if you KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus Christ then He sets you FREE from sin, you SIN NO MORE. If you stay focused on Jesus then you will not sin, you will DO HIS WILL. If you stumble and you fall you might not get back up again and you will perish. That is why it is vitally IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT STUMBLE.
If you stay focused on Jesus Christ and follow Him He will keep your feet from stumbling. Jesus has ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SIN. No sinners will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Many people believe that because they are believers and Christians that they have eternal life but they ARE STILL SINNERS. If you are a sinner it is because you do not KNOW Jesus Christ. You might know Jesus Christ but you do not follow and obey Him.
It is impossible to be holy and righteous and pleasing to God if you do not follow Jesus. Jesus gives you the POWER to overcome the FLESH and SIN but if you take you eyes off Jesus you will fail. Without Jesus Christ there is no salvation, you have NO HOPE. Get your focus on Jesus, submit to Him, seek Him always, PRAY and DO NOT STUMBLE. Do not sin! Follow Him and He will guide you into all truth. Live in righteousness and holiness in obedience to Jesus Himself or you will perish. Without Jesus you cannot make it. You need Jesus Christ!
Get to know Him today, call out to Him, cry out to Him, get focused on Him and follow Him or you will certainly perish.

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mainstream Christianity the Highway to Hell

Mainstream Christianity is the many roads that lead to destruction, the many roads that lead to hell. It is the broad road Christianity and many are on it. The true followers of Jesus Christ have never been pew sitters, they have never been part of mainstream Christianity, they were always rejected and persecuted. They were not with the crowds, they were walking the lonely road with Jesus.
If you follow Jesus Christ you do not become part of a group, you become part of the Kingdom of God and you are led by the Holy Spirit. He takes you on the lonely road of righteousness, holiness and obedience and you are persecuted by the fake Christians in the churches. If you seek the approval of Jesus Christ you will not be part of mainstream Christianity. You will be part of the Kingdom of God. LISTENING to the Holy Spirit, seeking Jesus all the time, going after Him, being where He is and DOING what He tells you to do. You will be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, the SALT OF THE EARTH, rejected and persecuted like He was. You will be LIKE HIM, you will not be like mainstream Christianity.
Are you following Jesus Christ and doing His will or are you part of a church club that is on its way to damnation? If you want eternal life you have to follow Jesus Christ on the straight and narrow way and do His will, be pleasing to Him.

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Perfect Knowledge the Perfect Way

The world is full of information, data, information overflow, people are bombarded with propaganda. There are millions of Bibles and books and writings, and counselors. You can google on any subject but there is very little real information, TRUE KNOWLEDGE and GUIDANCE. People are WITHOUT DIRECTION because they are looking for information and guidance everywhere.
Mainstream Christianity is the highway to hell. The big churches with big following are taking millions to hell with their false preachings, false doctrines and man made religion. Very few people are on the right way, very few are following Jesus Christ. There is only ONE WAY that leads to eternal life and that is Jesus Christ. He gives WISDOM and GUIDANCE to those who seek Him, who bow down before Him, who LISTEN to Him and who FOLLOW Him. Those who ignore Him are on the way to destruction. There is a way that seams right to man but the end of that road ends in destruction.
There is only ONE WAY to LIFE and that is Jesus Christ. If you are not following Jesus then you have no hope, no future and you are doomed. Jesus Christ alone is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, seek Him, OBEY Him and FOLLOW Him and you will LIVE. Ignore Him, disregard Him and you are DOOMED, you will perish. Your road will end shortly and you will stand before Jesus and He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.”
Do you know Jesus and does He know you? Are you following Jesus, the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE? Do you have HOPE? Do you have a future? Or are you LOST and DOOMED for eternity?

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Image of Jesus

People spend vast amounts of money to follow after their idols, to portray a certain image. They buy certain motorcars, motorbikes, they wear certain brand clothes, they have their bodies pierced and tattooed to look like certain people that they follow so that they can portray a certain image.
If we follow Jesus Christ we will be changed into His likeness. We will portray the image of Christ. The image of Jesus Christ that we will portray will be the TRUE IMAGE. Not the one of the Catholic church or of Hollywood or of many pictures that you see, the Jesus that is preached in many churches, it will be the TRUE JESUS, because if we walk with Jesus we will become LIKE HIM. We will take on His likeness. Jesus Christ was rejected by men, He was persecuted, He was crucified, He was stripped naked and hung on a pole. Jesus Christ became of NO REPUTATION at all. That is the image that you will take on if you follow Jesus Christ. You will be hated, rejected, persecuted, and you might get killed if you follow Jesus Christ and become like Him.
That is why the world hates the true image of Jesus Christ. That is why they put on a false image for Jesus and that is why they follow a false Jesus not the true Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Are you going after Jesus Christ, becoming like Him? Are you changed into His likeness? Or are you following after idols? Are you trying to be like other people, wearing certain brand clothes, spending your money on images that you follow instead of following Jesus Christ? Are you taking on the image of the REAL Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I have no home

I do not have a home of my own but I have become the home, the dwelling place of Jesus Christ and God Almighty. Jesus said that:”If anyone loves Me they WILL OBEY MY TEACHINGS and Me and My Father will love them and come and make our ABODE with them.”
If we LOVE and OBEY Jesus Christ then we become His HOME, His TEMPLE, His dwelling place. and we do not have a home on this earth any more. We become part of the Kingdom of God, the Temple of God and we do not build our own homes any more. We do not gather treasures on this earth any more but we build LIVING STONES onto the Kingdom of God, the Temple of our Lord. LIVING STONES, souls who have become part of the Temple of God, those who have invited Jesus to come and LIVE IN THEM so that they can also be HIS HOME. They are expanding HIS HOME, the Kingdom of God.
Have you become part of the DWELLING PLACE OF GOD? Does he LIVE IN YOU? And are you building onto the Kingdom of God? Jesus said that those who are not building are scattering. Are you building the HOUSE OF GOD, His dwelling place? Or are you of this world? Are you building earthly treasures? Because where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Is your treasure with Jesus? Does He LIVE IN YOU or do you have treasures on this earth?

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Reading Bible and Praying WILL NOT SAVE YOU

Reading your Bible every day and praying cannot save you. You need to DO what is written in your Bible. You need to OBEY Jesus Christ and live in close relationship with Him moment by moment. Many people live like the devil and every night diligently they read their Bible and they say a quick prayer, they ask forgiveness for the same sins every day and the next day they go back to living for themselves, for the lust of the flesh. They are exactly the same as the rest of the world but they believe that reading their Bible and praying every night is sufficient to get them into heaven. They are UTTERLY DECEIVED because they do not know Jesus Christ neither do they follow or OBEY Him.
You need to OBEY Jesus Christ, live in close relationship with Him, deny yourself every day, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ. DO as Jesus commanded as is also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Jesus said:”Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?” If you do not OBEY Jesus Christ, REPENT of sin, be baptized in water for the washing off of your sins and live in close relationship with Him MOMENT BY MOMENT until the end, then you will perish! Reading your Bible and reciting a prayer will not save you. Get to know Jesus for REAL, OBEY Him and SERVE Him or you will end up in hell.

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Educated but not CONVERTED

You can teach a person Christian values, you can teach him the Bible but that does not make him a child of God. That just makes him an educated sinner. At heart he is still a sinner and that is why most believers are not children of God, they are still sinners and sons of the devil.
You need a CHANGE OF HEART to change your behavior. People know what is right but they don't do it. Believers quote scriptures but they do not do what is written, they do not obey Jesus Christ and they profess to be sinners, they say “We are all sinners.” They are all sinners and they are all sons of the devil, they are all on their way to hell. If we do not obey Jesus from the heart we are children of WRATH, children of disobedience and we go back to what we are, SINNERS. We need a CHANGE OF HEART.
You only have a change of heart when you truly meet Jesus Christ and then you don't need to be educated because immediately you are CONVERTED, you are TRANSFORMED into a CHILD OF GOD. You are BORN AGAIN and IMMEDIATELY you KNOW THE WILL OF GOD and you have a DESIRE to be pleasing to Jesus Christ. Immediately you are NEW INSIDE, you want to be CLEAN AND PURE AND HOLY and you want to preserve yourself for your Lord and Master.
Most believers are just EDUCATED SINNERS who are deceiving themselves. You can read the Bible as much as you like, you can study it, you can learn it by heart but if you do not OBEY Jesus Christ FROM THE HEART you are a SINNER, you are DOOMED.
You cannot change a pig into a sheep. If a pig sees mud he goes into the mud and he wallows in the mud. If a sheep falls into the mud he tries to get out as fast as he can because he does not like mud. Sinners love sin. Most believers are PIGS in the heart, HOGS, they love mud, they LOVE SIN. That is why they are SINNERS. They have never met Jesus Christ, they have NEVER BEEN BORN AGAIN. They do not have a desire from the heart to be pleasing to Jesus.
Are you an EDUCATED SINNER or have you met the King of kings and Lord of lords and have you been TRANSFORMED into a Child of God/ Do you LOVE Jesus and SERVE Him FROM THE HEART?

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Useless Christians

Jesus calls us for a purpose, to be LIGHT in this world, to be SALT, to be DIFFERENT, to guide people unto Him and to build His kingdom. But if we are not LIGHT, if we are not different, if we are not SALT then we are USELESS for the kingdom of God. If we are not witnesses for Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God then we are not serving our purpose and we will be TAKEN OUT.
Jesus said that every tree that does not bear good fruit will get CUT OFF and BURNED. If we are not different from the world, if out light is not shining, if we are conformed to the world, if we go along with the same things then we are USELESS FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD and we are not serving our purpose. If we do not testify for Jesus daily and bear GOOD FRUIT then we are USELESS AND WILL GET cut off and BURNED.
The ax is already lying at the root of the trees that do not bear good fruit. If we do not change our ways and be LIGHT in this world, SALT and WITNESSES for the kingdom of God, then we WILL GET cut off and BURNED.
Many people think that because they believe in Jesus they have eternal life, they have salvation, but they are deceived. If we are not LIGHT in this world, if we are USELESS Christians, useless believers then we will get cut off and burned.
Are we TRUE FOLLOWERS of Jesus Christ or are we USELESS Christians?

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The Bible is the most misunderstood and perverted book in the whole world. People keep on reading and studying the Bible and they come up with different INTERPRETATIONS. There are hundreds of perverted versions of the Bible and instead of coming to knowledge people become more and more confused as they read the Bible.
Even the disciples of Jesus did not understand the scriptures but He opened their minds so that they could understand the scriptures and then they GAINED UNDERSTANDING. Understanding does not come from studies or from reading commentaries or from reading different translations or versions of the Bible, UNDERSTANDING COMES FROM JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. If you PRAY and you ASK HIM He will GIVE YOU UNDERSTANDING.
People do not understand the gospel of Jesus Christ by which we are saved. The gospel of Jesus Christ are the WORDS OF JESUS as recorded by the writers in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but people don't understand it. Yet it is PURE AND SIMPLE. The words of Jesus are PURE. You just need to READ them and OBEY them and the power of God will work in your life and you will UNDERSTAND THEM. REPENT and be BAPTIZED IN WATER for the washing off of your sin, live RIGHTEOUSLY and HOLY in OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ ans HE WILL REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU. He will FILL YOU with the HOLY SPIRIT as He promised.
It is PLAIN and SIMPLE. Go and read the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and PRAY. Ask Jesus to give you UNDERSTANDING to OPEN YOUR MIND and you will understand it. UNDERSTANDING comes from Jesus Christ ALONE. PRAY and He will OPEN YOUR MIND and you will SEE THE LIGHT, you will UNDERSTAND.

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Mystery of all ages

God made man to LIVE FOR EVER but man cannot exist without God Himself. Since we were born the presence of God has been with us but we are alienated from God by our independence, our self-will and our rejection of God.
Man has been alienated from God since the garden of Eden but God has reconciled man with Himself in Jesus Christ. He came in the form of a MAN and He walked among men. He was crucified and He became the perfect sacrifice for the sin of men, to reconcile man with God to bring us back into communion with the Living God, so that we can have ETERNAL LIFE. He was crucified and He died but HE LIVES and He did not leave us on our own, He gives His Spirit to be WITH US and His Spirit has been knocking at the door of our heart since we were born, but we are alienated from God through our rejection of His Spirit, of Jesus Christ.
The MYSTERY OF ALL AGES is GOD WITH US, JESUS CHRIST IN US if we ALLOW Him and He gives us ETERNAL LIFE if we embrace Him. He comes and lives IN US, if we are united with Him and we LISTEN to the Spirit of God, Christ IN US, we become the MIND OF CHRIST, we become the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF GOD HIMSELF because WE OBEY HIM. We become the CHURCH, the BODY OF CHRIST immortal, eternal.
That is the MYSTERY OF ALL AGES, that God made us to be born to live for ever, to be ONE with Him BUT we need to ACCEPT Him, OBEY Him, become ONE with Him through our OWN WILL. We are alienated from Him because we reject Him.
Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your live so that you can have LIFE? Has that MYSTERY become REAL in you? Is it revealed IN and THROUGH your life? Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God, they are the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF GOD, the REAL CHURCH, the REAL BODY OF CHRIST. Has that MYSTERY been revealed IN and THROUGH you? Have you become the physical manifestation of the Body of Christ? That is what we were made for, we are to be SONS OF GOD and have ETERNAL LIFE.

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pure Judgement

Our judgment is not pure, our own judgment regarding ourselves, our own performance, regarding other people and that is why many people will be disappointed on judgment day when they stand before Jesus and they justify themselves about their actions, what they did. We can only have pure judgment if we ask wisdom from God.
A man's own ways are pure in his own eyes but God tests the hearts. That is why the psalmist, king David said:”Test me oh Lord, try me and see if there is in me and evil way and please lead me on the everlasting way.” We must subject our thoughts, our deeds, and our intentions to the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit and ask the Lord to TEST US, to TRY US, to CONVICT US and to CORRECT US or else we will stray, we will be terribly disappointed when we stand before Jesus.
A fool depends on his own judgment but a person who is wise submits himself to Jesus and says:”Lord,
show me the way, show me whether I am on the right way. Show me whether I am pleasing to my Master.”

Pure judgment only comes from God and we must always pray and ask the Lord for guidance to make sure that we are still on the right way, that we are still doing what is pleasing to God. May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It is ALL about Jesus Christ

Eternal life is about Jesus Christ ALONE, nothing else. It is not about the Bible, not about church, it is not about anything else but KNOWING Jesus Christ the LIVING GOD and living to please Him. If we ACCEPT Him and INVITE Him into our lives, He puts His SPIRIT in us and we just need to FOCUS ON HIM, LISTEN, PRAY, WAIT ON HIM and He will reveal Himself to us, He will show us the WAY. If you STAY FOCUSED on Jesus then you KNOW the WAY, you KNOW the TRUTH because He puts it in you but if you take your focus off Jesus Christ then you become confused, deceived and you are LOST.
Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. If you don't know Him, go on your knees and cry out to the Living God, to Jesus Christ, ACCEPT HIM into your life, SEEK HIM every moment. If you seek Him, you will find Him, if you draw closer to Him He will draw closer to you. OBEY Him, DO what He tells you to do in your SPIRIT, in YOUR HEART. Don't listen to people, LISTEN TO JESUS CHRIST. It is all about Jesus Christ, living for Him, KNOWING Him, OBEYING Him, DOING HIS WILL.

Jesus is ALIVE! Seek Him and you will find Him. Seek Jesus and you will find LIFE. May Jesus bless you.

Friday, April 4, 2014

God in a BOX

The world thinks it can put God in a box, especially the religious people, because they have Bibles and they study their Bibles and therefor they think that they can EXPLAIN God, DEFINE God, MANIPULATE God, ARGUE ABOUT God with scripture because they know the Bible. But they have no knowledge of God because GOD DOES NOT FIT INTO A BOX, He does not fit into our understanding.
Jesus Christ is God Almighty and He reveals Himself to those who HUMBLY seek Him on HIS TERMS. He does nor fit into anybody's definition or understanding but He GIVES UNDERSTANDING to those who HUMBLY BOW BEFORE HIM. He reveals Himself to those who REPENT OF SIN and OBEY Him, who SEEK HIM and who are guided by His Spirit. Those who think that they can put God in a box, especially the religious folk, the Bible believers, they KNOW NOTHING because THEY DON'T KNOW GOD! They don't know Jesus Christ and they deny His POWER, they REFUSE HIS HOLY SPIRIT and that is why they will PERISH IN THEIR SINS.
You need to HUMBLY come before Jesus Christ, SEEK HIM ALWAYS with all your heart, OBEY Him. He will reveal Himself to you and you will be CONSTANTLY IN AWE OF HIM. You will love Him, you will FEAR Him and you will SERVE Him, you will KNOW Him because He will reveal Himself to you. You will be able to take others to Him because YOU KNOW HIM.
Do you KNOW Jesus Christ, or have you put Him in a box? Do you have a PICTURE an IMAGE of Jesus in your mind? An image that you can manipulate and use to your advantage? Or have you met the TRUE LIVING GOD, Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lift up JESUS NOT the Bible

A child of God glorifies his Father, GOD. A child of God is LIKE God. A child of God is LIKE JESUS, because a child of God is also a son of God and he will be like Jesus Christ in every respect. A child of God does not glorify the Bible, he glorifies Jesus Christ. He does not quote the Bible, he quotes his Father. He quotes Jesus Christ, he says what Jesus told him. He talks about Jesus, he does not talk about the Bible. He does not talk about the other followers of Jesus, HE TALKS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST.
Many believers can only talk about the Bible, they quote Bible verses BUT THEY ARE NOT LIKE JESUS. They DO NOT OBEY JESUS, they do not follow Jesus, they do not know Jesus Christ. They know the Bible and THEY GLORIFY THE BIBLE. They lift up the Bible but they cannot lift up Jesus because they do not know Him and they ARE LOST!
IF WE ARE NOT LIKE Jesus Christ, we are NOT SONS OF GOD, we are NOT CHILDREN OF GOD, we are LOST! Many are just bible quoting hypocrites, they are like the world in every respect, THEY ARE SINNERS! If you are a child of God you are not a sinner, you OBEY GOD. You DO what Jesus commands you to do, you DO as Jesus did. You REPENT, you are BORN AGAIN, you are BAPTIZED IN WATER like Jesus was baptized in water. You do not speak on your own accord, you do not quote the Bible but you SAY what your FATHER TELLS YOU TO SAY because He gives you the words to say. You are not a Bible quoter, you are a GOD QUOTER. You speak the WORDS OF GOD you do not speak the words of the Bible.
The kingdom of God is about God, about Jesus Christ, NOT ABOUT THE BIBLE. The bible is about Jesus Christ and about God but if we run after the Bible and after the servants of God we are not following Jesus Christ and we are not speaking the words of God, we are not doing the will of God. If you are a child of God you will speak the words of God. If you are a follower of Jesus YOU WILL BE LIFTING UP JESUS and NOT YOUR BIBLE or the servants of God. Your life will be about Jesus Christ ALONE and about glorifying God your Father.
Are YOU following Jesus? Are you glorifying God or are you studying the Bible and lifting up the Bible?

May Jesus bless you.

OBEY Jesus or you will PERISH

Many people believe the LIE that you only need to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ to be SAVED and have ETERNAL LIFE. You need to OBEY Jesus Christ to have eternal life. If you accept Jesus Christ as your LORD, your MASTER then He writes His LAWS, His WILL in your heart, in your spirit and He lets you KNOW HIS WILL but you need to LISTEN to Him. You need to LISTEN to His VOICE speaking to you in your spirit and you need to OBEY Him. You need to live RIGHTEOUSLY and HOLY and always be TUNED IN to the Spirit of God speaking to you.
If you do not OBEY Him you will PERISH. You need to LISTEN to Jesus and OBEY Him to be pleasing to Him. Do you LISTEN to the Spirit of God speaking to you in your spirit? Or do you just believe that you are saved? OBEY Jesus and you will LIVE?

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LISTEN to Jesus

A child of God LISTENS to God. Jesus Christ IS God. Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to MY VOICE and they FOLLOW ME. They will not listen to strangers but they will run away from strangers.” Jesus Christ is ALIVE and those who believe in Him and who have come to KNOW HIM, LISTEN to Him and they FOLLOW Him. He puts His Spirit in them and they HEAR Him.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God THEY are the SONS OF GOD. Children of God LISTEN TO GOD, they DO HIS WILL. They DO what is pleasing to HIM, they FOLLOW Jesus step by step. They do not listen to preachers and to other people, the do not read books and watch television shows (for guidance), their focus is on Jesus. They do not even need to read the Bible because they LISTEN to Jesus. They are SHEEP of the MASTER and they follow Him. They DO His will.
Do you LISTEN to Jesus? Are you one of His sheep? Or are you astray? Who do you LISTEN to? If you are truly a child of God you will be LISTENING to HIM and you will be FOLLOWING HIM, DOING His will. Are you LISTENING to Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do not be distracted

Jesus Christ Himself is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. Without Jesus we can do NOTHING. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from Jesus. Seek HIM, seek Him in prayer, get your mind on Him every moment and live to please Him and He will fill your mind, He will fill your life, He will fill your spirit. Seek Him until you truly get to know Him and stay focused on Him.
Do not let friends, family, the cares of this world, the wisdoms of people, knowledge, anything, not even your Bible, DO NOT LET ANYTHING DISTRACT YOU FROM JESUS. Pray, seek Him with all your heart and He will reveal Himself to you. Stay with Him and He Himself will guide you.
All you need for NOW and for ETERNITY is Jesus Christ. Jesus will supply in all your needs and He will guide you every step of the way, all the way until the end IF you stay WITH HIM. Do not be distracted.

May Jesus bless you.