Friday, March 16, 2018


The wages of sin is death. The soul
that sins will die, it will perish in damnation, in hell. The
unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. To sin is a
decision. We sin because we choose to sin. To stop sinning is also a
If we keep on sinning and if we keep on
following after our own desires we will perish, we will end up in
hell. The only way to have salvation is to obey Jesus Christ, to
stop sinning, to sin no more, to be righteous and holy, to be
baptized in water and to live according to the words of Jesus, in
obedience to Him but if we keep on sinning we will perish.
We have to decide to stop sinning. Many
Christian believers confess to be sinners and they say we are all
sinners. We are not all sinners. Maybe those believers are sinners
but those who follow Jesus Christ are not sinners. They have decided
to turn away from sin, to obey Jesus, to live according to His words
and they make that decision each and every day, a hundred times. They
have to choose, either to do what is right, or to sin, to do what
they know Jesus requires of them or to follow after their own
desires. We have to choose. We have to choose to follow Jesus, to
obey Him, if we want eternal life, but if we follow after our own
desires and if we keep on sinning we will perish.
We ourselves must make that decision to
stop sinning. We must make that decision every day to deny ourselves,
in other words, not do what I want to do but to pick up my cross and
follow Jesus, in other words: to take up that burden of obedience to
Jesus, and I have to carry that cross every day. I have to follow
Him. I have to obey what I know what is right. The Holy Spirit
convicts each and every one of us, of sin and righteousness and
judgment. God has given us a conscience. His laws are written in our
hearts. We all know right from wrong, but we choose. We choose to do
right or to do wrong. If we choose wrong, in other words: if we
choose to sin, if we choose to disobey Jesus, to disregard Him, we
will perish. To sin is a choice. It's a decision. To follow Jesus
Christ and obey Him is a choice, it is a decision. We've got to make
that choice. If we choose wrong we will perish. We have to keep on
choosing right every day for the rest of our lives, we have to keep
on following Jesus every day of our lives until the very end if we
want to find the entrance into the kingdom of heaven, but if we
choose to go our own way, if we choose to sin, we will perish.
Many people have been deceived to
believe that if you only believe in Jesus Christ you will have
salvation. That is a lie from satan. If you believe in Jesus you will
believe His words, you will believe His warnings and you will live
according to His words as they are also recorded in the Gospels
Matthew Mark Luke and John. Nobody will have any excuse when we stand
before Him in judgment. If we sin, if we disobey Jesus we are already
judged, we are already condemned. Those who stop sinning, who follow
and obey Jesus do not get into judgment because they do not sin.
The only way to be pleasing to Jesus
and to enter the kingdom of heaven is to stop sinning and to obey
Jesus. The wages of sin is death. If you sin you will certainly
perish, but you must decide. What is your choice today? Do you want
to keep on being a sinner? Because, if you lie you're a liar, if you
sin you the sinner, if you fornicate you are a fornicator, you are a
sinner. If you don't stop sinning you will perish.
What is your choice today? Will you
choose to stop sinning, choose to stop being a sinner and choose to
follow and obey Jesus, and follow and obey Him until the very end?
That is the only way to have eternal life.
We have to choose before it is too
late, because if we stay on the wrong road we will end up at the
wrong place. If we want to enter the kingdom of heaven we've got to
choose to obey Jesus, stop sinning, obey Jesus; repent and be
baptized, live holy and righteous, follow the guidance of the Holy
Spirit that Jesus will give in you if you choose to follow Him, and
then you will have eternal life, but you must endure until the very
Will you choose today to stop being a
sinner and start being a follower and a disciple of Jesus Christ?
The choice is yours.
May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Not An Easy Way Into Heaven

There is no easy way to get into
heaven. Neither can you get into heaven by reading a book, by reading
the Bible, if that was true then you would have no need for Jesus.
Many people think they only need to
believe in Jesus to have salvation and go into heaven if they die.
They are deceived. Jesus Christ is the only way. His words are the
way to eternal life, the words that He spoke, the gospel of Jesus
Christ as also recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But even if
you just read the gospel of Jesus Christ it cannot save you if you do
not obey His words.
If you truly believe in Jesus and you
obey His words, repent and be baptized in water and live according to
His words, then He promised the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the
Guide, the Coach, His Spirit will come and dwell with us to teach us
and to guide us, to lead us step-by-step. Without Jesus, without His
Holy Spirit, we cannot find the way, because the Holy Spirit is given
by Jesus to teach and guide every believer who truly wants to follow
Him, but if you do not obey the words of Jesus and if you do not
receive and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will not find
the way.
There is only one way and that is Jesus
Christ. There's only one way that leads to life and that is the way
that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, will guide you, If you
listen and if you follow Him, and while you are listening and while
you were following Jesus you've got to live according to His words.
You've got to live in obedience to His words; sin no more, live in
holiness and righteousness, listen to His voice, obey Him, do what He
tells you to do. Follow him step-by-step, every day. If you don't,
you won't find the way, because without Jesus you will not find the
entrance to heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way. We need to know
Him, listen to Him, follow Him and obey Him, every step of the way
until the very end.
You cannot make it on your own. There
is no easy way. There's only one way and that is Jesus, and the
guidance of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Have you received the Holy
Spirit and do you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day?
Are you on the way, are you following Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

We All Struggle

We all have struggles trials and
temptations, and if we follow Jesus Christ, we have a cross to bear.
We need to pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ every day. What
is important, is that we overcome. We can only overcome trials and
temptations and struggles and be pleasing to Jesus if we stay with
Him,if we follow Him. Without Jesus we can do nothing but with Jesus
all things are possible, if we are committed to stay with Him.
We need to stay focused on Jesus and
when trials and temptations come our way, we need to turn to Jesus
first. He is with us. He will never leave us and He will never
forsake us, but if we take our eyes off Jesus we are bound to fail.
We all have struggles, we all have trials, we all have temptations,
we all have a cross to bear, we will all be tested, and we will all
be tried, but it is important that we overcome.
Only those who overcome will inherit
the kingdom of heaven and win the prize of eternal life. Don't give
up. Deny yourself, pick up your cross every day, stay focused on
Jesus and follow Him, and He will guide you every step of the way.
May Jesus bless you.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Getting Answers From Jesus Christ

A follower of Jesus and gets his
guidance and direction from Jesus, because he is following Jesus.
Most professing Christians do not receive their guidance or wisdom
from Jesus Christ. They follow their own mind or they follow the
advice of other people. Some of them ask the pastor and others go
look for direction in the Bible, but they are not following Jesus.
If we are truly Christians and
followers of Jesus we will seek our guidance from Him. We will pray
and wait on Him and He will guide us. If we are truly serious about
following Jesus Christ we will ask Him for guidance and we will do
what He commands us to do. We have to be serious about following
Jesus Christ and He will answer us. Pray and wait on Him. Trust Him
and He will answer you, but if you're not serious you will not get an
answer, or you will not accept the answer when He does speak to you,
because you do not trust Him. First make up your mind whether you
truly trust in Jesus, whether you really want to follow Him and then
you can ask Him for guidance and for wisdom, and He will give it to
you, but if you don't trust Him you will not receive anything from
His sheep hear His voice and they
follow Him. Are we His sheep? Do we hear Him and do we follow Him?
May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fellowship With Jesus Separates From The World

Fellowship with Jesus will separate you
from the world. Christian Believers are always looking for Christian
fellowship but few of them have any fellowship with Jesus Christ
If we live in fellowship with Jesus and
we follow Him, we will be rejected by the world we, will be rejected
by the religious people, we will be rejected by the churches, because
a fellowship with Jesus causes you to be hated by those who do not
follow Jesus. Jesus said that those who follow Him will be hated by
all men. We have to choose whether we prefer the fellowship of Jesus
or the fellowship of men.
To follow Jesus Christ is a lonely
road, but it is the only road that leads to life. Are we seeking the
approval of people and the fellowship of men or are we seeking the
fellowship of Jesus and do we seek his approval?
May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Always Pray For God's Will To Be Done

God's way is the best way. We must
always pray for God's will to be done in all circumstances. If we
pray for God's will to be done, we will never be disappointed.
Jesus taught us to pray:"Thy
kingdom come, Thy will be done." if we do not know what to pray
we can ask Jesus for wisdom and He will give us the words to pray. He
will give us words and thoughts according to His wisdom and according
to His plan. We must just tune in to Him and His Spirit and He will
guide us, He will guide us into His will.
If we seek and do His will, and pray
according to His will we will always be pleasing to Him.
May Jesus bless you.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Knowing the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God

Most professing Christians do not know
what it even means to be a Christian. To be a Christian is to be a
follower of Jesus Christ, a person who listens to Jesus and who
follows Him. Most professing Christians are just busy with dead
religious practices, or they are Bible students. They listen to other
people. They are busy with religion but they do not know Jesus and
that is why Jesus will say to many of them:"Go away, I never
knew you."
Jesus Christ reveals the mysteries of
the kingdom of heaven to those who follow Him, to His disciples.
Jesus did not call believers. He called disciples. The disciples of
Jesus asked Him about the meaning of the parable of the sower and we
read in Luke chapter 8 verse 10, He said to them:"To you it has
been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the
rest it is in parables, so that seeing they may not see, and hearing
they may not understand." Why is it that the disciples were
given to understand the meaning of the kingdom of God while to the
others Jesus spoke in parables? They could not understand what He was
talking about. It is because the disciples had committed to follow
Jesus and they obeyed Him. They were following Him. They repented
from their own ways. They turned away from going after their own
desires, they were following Jesus. They were baptized in water. They
were taught by the Master, and He opened their understanding. He gave
them understanding of the kingdom of God.
Most professing Christians do not have
understanding of the kingdom of God because they don't know Jesus.
They have no real relationship with Him because they have never
obeyed Him. They have never obeyed the gospel of Jesus; they never
repented, when ever baptized in water, and they are not living
according to the words of Jesus. They are not His followers. They are
not Christians. Most professing Christians are not His sheep. They
are goats, they follow their own mind. They study the Bible and they
think that they know everything that there is to be known about God
and the kingdom of God and about salvation, but they know nothing
because they don't know Jesus. They are blind and they don't have any
We only get understanding of the
kingdom of God when we listen to Jesus, when we follow Him, and that
starts with obeying His commands. That starts with obeying the gospel
of Jesus Christ. You have to obey His words. Turn from your own ways,
turn from sin turn, to Jesus. Repent, be baptized, seek Jesus and
listen to Him. If you listen to Him He will teach you. He was the
teacher of His disciples, and He is the teacher of all those who
follow Him, of those who are disciples. He teaches His own sheep. He
guides His own sheep.
Most professing Christians don't know
Jesus. They don't follow Him. They practice religion. They go to
church, they study the Bible, (nothing wrong with a Bible) but you
cannot understand the Bible, you cannot understand the mysteries of
the kingdom of God, if you do not listen to Jesus, because Jesus
gives understanding. We read in 1st John chapter 9 verse
20, the Apostle John wrote:"And we know that the Son of God has
come and He has given us understanding, so that we can know the true
God, and now we live in fellowship with the true God, because we live
in fellowship with His son Jesus Christ. He is the only true God and
He is eternal life." That is Jesus Christ. If we do not live in
fellowship with Him then we cannot have understanding we cannot
understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God.
Most professing Christians do not
understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God, they do not have any
relationship with Jesus Christ. They are practicing religion. They
have false security. They think they are saved and they think they
are going to heaven but they are not disciples, and they are not
following Jesus Christ. They are only fooling themselves.
Have we come to know Jesus Christ
through our relationship with Him, because we have become obedient to
Him; because He reveals Himself to those who obey His words to those
who obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, who repent and are baptized and
who listened to Him, whose seek Him. You cannot follow Jesus if you
do not hear His voice. You cannot know the mysteries of the kingdom
of God if you are not taught by God. You can read the Bible, you can
listen to other believers; you will not understand because it is
given to those who follow Jesus Christ.
Are we following Jesus? Do we truly
know Him and are we living on revelation from Jesus Christ Himself?
Those who are being led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of
God. Are we sons of God, children of God, or are we only fooling
ourselves. We need to get serious with Jesus. We need to follow Him
and be disciples, if we want to enter the kingdom of heaven.
May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

False Christians

Many people confess Jesus with their lips, they profess to be Christians, but they do not obey Jesus Christ. They are false Christians and their faith cannot save them. They believe they are saved, but they are not followers of Jesus.
Jesus said:"Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?" If we believe in Jesus we must obey Him. We must repent, turn away from all sin, turn to Jesus and live according to His words: SIN NO MORE. Then, be baptized in water for the washing off of our sin.
If we refuse to repent and stop sinning, and if we refuse to live according tot the words of Jesus, and if we refuse to be baptized in water in obedience to Jesus, then our faith cannot save us and we are false Christians. If we are not faithful in the least, then we cannot follow Jesus Christ in the greater things, then we cannot be His disciples.
Are we true Christians? Are we true followers of Jesus, or are we false Christians? Do we obey and follow Jesus Christ?
May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Through Cancer Pain Sickness and Suffering

Today I went for my ninth radiation
therapy 19 more to go. As the radiation therapist was preparing me
for radiation the one therapist asked me about South Africa and then
the other one asked me why I came to America. Why did I come here?
And I said, because God sent me. I shared my testimony with them, how
20 years ago I had a heart attack and I died. Even though I was a
Christian I found myself on my way to hell, but I pleaded with Jesus
and He allowed me to come back to come and warn the world that Jesus
is alive and hell is real, and also that not long after the heart
attack Jesus gave me a vision of a place called Baltimore on the east
coast of the US and He told me to go there, which I did.
And that is why I came here, to come
and witness for Jesus, to come and tell the world that Jesus is alive
and hell is real. It was also here that I was diagnosed with cancer.
The one therapist was very quick to remark that the purpose for me
getting cancer was so that I could share my testimony with them. They
thanked me for sharing my testimony with them. That was my experience
with so many doctors, nurses and hospital personnel with whom I
shared my testimony since I was diagnosed with cancer. Jesus has a
purpose with us and He uses us for His purpose so that we can witness
for Him. I thank Jesus that even through my cancer, pain and
suffering I can be a witness for Him because that is what He called
us to do, is to be a witness for Him to bring light in darkness.
We have to be willing to be a witness
for Jesus and then we will see the opportunity when Jesus opens the
door for us to witness for Him. When people ask us about our
situation or where we come from it is easy to talk about our country
our own things but what really matters is our relationship with
Jesus, our testimony of Jesus Christ. That is what we need to talk
about. We need to share our testimony of Jesus so that they can also
believe in Him, get to know Him, follow Him, obey Him and have
eternal life.
It is a privilege to be a witness for
Jesus Christ in all circumstances.
May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Total Obedience to Jesus

Jesus Christ requires absolute obedience from those who wish to follow Him, even in the smallest of things. Many believers will never get on with their relationship with Jesus because they refuse to obey Him.

Jesus requires of us that we repent, turn away from all sin and be baptized in water. Many believers refuse to be baptized in water. They think that they can only believe in Jesus and then have salvation. They will not get on in their relationship with Jesus.

If we do not obey Him, we cannot follow Him. Jesus promised the baptism in the Holy Spirit to those who repent and are baptized in water. Most believers never receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit because they refuse to be baptized in water.

If we are not willing to obey Jesus even in the smallest things, we will not obey nor follow Him in the greater things.

If we wish to follow Jesus and have eternal life, we have to obey Him in all things, or else we will not enter His kingdom.

May Jesus bless you.