The True Church

Jesus is the Head of the church, His body.

God is Spirit, the Holy Spirit indwells the Body of Christ and guides each member individually.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God.

There is no hierarchy in the body of Christ. All members are servants, under guidance of the Head through His Spirit. His sheep, hear His voice and they follow Him, they will not follow after strangers. They only follow the Shepherd, the Head of the church, Jesus Christ.

There is only one Teacher, Jesus Himself.

Jesus is Lord of His kingdom, the invisible kingdom of Heaven. His body, the church, functions under His guidance. He is the true Vine. Without Him the branches cannot do anything. Those branches that bear fruit are pruned, so they can bear more fruit. Branches that do not bear fruit are cut off and burnt. God the Father is glorified by those who bear much fruit.

The members are in constant fellowship with the Head, Jesus Christ. They follow him, wherever He guides and do whatever He commands.

There are no boundaries in the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ is everything in everybody.

The False Church

Institutionalized church is a false imitation of the true body of Christ.
It is a visible worldly organization which builds it's kingdom on earth. It is run by people who place themselves in the seat of God and rule over believers. It causes believers to serve the organization (the golden calf).

The apostate church is a social club, members serve the leadership and fellowship with each other but do not know Jesus Christ. They occupy themselves with club activities.
They have no relationship with the true God and Master Jesus Christ.

The wise flee from the false church and seek the true Master Jesus Christ.