Monday, March 31, 2014

Play your OWN PART

I have made many videos pointing people to Jesus, sharing my testimony, sharing those things that Jesus has given me. I have many postings on the internet and there are many people watching the videos, many people reading, many people commenting. There are many people writing me letters, criticizing, they are telling me what to do, what not to do. There are many attacking me, persecuting me.
We will all stand before Jesus and we will all individually give account for what we have done in the flesh, for what we have done for the Kingdom of God. It is not the hearers, not the listeners, not the commenters, not the talkers but it is those who DO the will of God that will receive His approval. Each of us must make sure that we are doing what Jesus requires of us.
I will stand before Jesus and give account and so will you. Will Jesus be pleased with what I have done? Have I done enough? Have YOU done enough? Is He satisfied with us? Are we good workers for His kingdom? Are we bearing good fruit? Is He pleased with out fruit? That is the question that we need to answer for ourselves.
We need to ask Jesus every day:”Lord, am I doing enough? Lord, am I doing what I have been called to do? Am I serving the purpose of the Kingdom of God in such a way that I can enter in and become an heir of that Kingdom? Is Jesus pleased with YOU and with ME?

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living a LIE

Most people are living a LIE. They live in a dream world that they have created for themselves where they feel comfortable. An elderly gentleman who was close to me and who was very dear to me died, and on his deathbed he had a bewildered look on his face and he said:”I have been brainwashed all my life.”
I, myself, died of a heart attack in 1998. I thought that I was saved but I found myself on my way to hell. I was living in a dream world that was shattered when unexpectedly I died. Jesus gave me a second chance to come back to come back and warn the world that HELL IS REAL.
Are you also living in a dream world, your own imagination, those things that you believe to be true and valid? Only Jesus can open your eyes and show you REALITY, show you where you stand with Him. Don't wait until it is too late and you find yourself on the brink of eternity on your way to eternal hell.
Ask Jesus NOW to OPEN YOUR EYES, to show you the TRUTH. WAKE UP before it is for ever TOO LATE!

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

We are NOT all sinners

We are NOT all sinners. We all WERE sinners but some of us have come to know Jesus and we have become OBEDIENT to Him from the heart. If you have met Jesus Christ and you are born again of the Spirit of God you are a new creature. You lose your taste for sin and you acquire the fear of God. You DO NOT SIN. You SEEK the will of God and you follow Jesus, you DO THE WILL OF GOD. You go after Jesus, you seek His guidance all the time and you FOLLOW Him. You WILL NOT SIN.
You might stumble but you will not deliberately sin. Many people think that they can sin and then tonight or afterwards they say:”Lord I am sorry.” If you do not REGRET your sin and come with painful REMORSE before the Lord then you have not repented and He will not forgive you. He KNOWS whether you truly love Him or whether you have iniquity, sin, wickedness in your heart. If we have wickedness in our heart the Lord will not hear our prayer. Those who love Jesus do not sin, WE ARE NOT SINNERS. We are children of God and WE OBEY OUR FATHER.
We have become ABSOLUTELY OBEDIENT to Jesus Christ and we OBEY HIM above everything even above our own desires. Have you met Jesus and are you born again? Or are you still a sinner? No sinners will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We are not all sinners, some of us are sons of God.

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Because I Care

The reason why I am here, making videos, writing, warning, testifying is because I CARE. It is because I CARE for YOU, where you will spend eternity, in heaven or in hell. I am here to take you to Jesus Christ to put your hand into His hand because He is the only one who can help you and me.
Jesus Christ cared so much for you and me that He left His throne of glory in heaven, and He came to this earth, He took on the form of a human, of a lowly servant to come and show us THE WAY. He came to pay the price to set us free from the bondage of sin and to give us the HOPE of ETERNAL LIFE. He GAVE HIS LIFE, He died for you and for me. He arose from the dead and HE IS ALIVE, HE IS GOD! He gives LIFE to everything and to everybody who WANTS LIFE, who WANT HIM, who WANT TO FOLLOW Him, THE WAY.
Jesus CARES for you and for me. We are His kingdom IF we CARE FOR HIM, if WE accept Him and FOLLOW Him. Then He makes His Spirit to dwell in us and He GIVES us eternal life. But if we do not care for Jesus and we reject Him then we have NO LIFE, we have NO FUTURE, we have no expectation, we are DOOMED for ETERNAL DAMNATION without Jesus.
Jesus cared so much for me that He revealed Himself to me and He called me to come and tell you that He CARES FOR YOU, that He loves you and that He wants to show YOU the WAY. If you do not care to follow Jesus and to become part of Him, part of His kingdom then the day that YOU DIE He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you. You never cared for Me.”
Do you care for your soul? Do you care for where you spend eternity? Jesus cares for you but if you do not care fro Him, then you will spend eternity away from Him. I care for you, that is why I want to take your hand and put your hand in the hand of Jesus so that you can FOLLOW HIM and have ETERNAL LIFE.
How is it with your soul? Is your soul safely with Jesus or are you doomed for eternity? I care and Jesus cares, do you care for Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You will be ALONE if you follow Jesus

Do not expect friends and family to congratulate you the day that you decide to truly follow Jesus Christ, because when you truly follow Jesus and obey Him then you are ON YOUR OWN. You might not be ALONE, you might be among many people but nobody will be WITH YOU. You will be ON YOUR OWN. The only One that will be WITH YOU and who will never leave you nor forsake you is Jesus Christ.
Don't think that your church friends will be glad when you start following Jesus, they will reject you. Don't think that your pastor or your priest or your preacher will be glad, they will hate you and persecute you if you walk with Jesus. If you walk with Jesus you are ALONE even when you are in the crowd. Jesus will never leave you, He will never forsake you, He will always be with you to guide you and to teach you, to comfort you, to give you wisdom and to teach you His ways, to LEAD you to eternal life.
Jesus Christ Himself was a man of sorrows, He was rejected, persecuted and killed in the end but He AROSE and He is ALIVE, and He LIVES in those who truly follow Him and they are LIKE HIM also ALONE.

Are you willing to be ALONE with Jesus or do you treasure the acceptance and the company of people, friends, family, acquaintances? If you are not willing to be ALONE with Jesus then you are not worthy of Him and you will not follow Him. May Jesus bless you.


Jesus never forces nor manipulates us. He invites us to follow Him and if we follow Him He makes us children of God. He gives us the NEW BIRTH. But if we want to follow Jesus, by our own choice, then there are certain things that He expects of us. There are certain PRIVILEGES that we will receive but there are certain responsibilities that we have to take.
If we are children of God and we follow Jesus Christ we must SUBMIT ourselves to His discipline. We must OBEY Him. If we disobey Him He will discipline us. He does not force us to follow Him. We can leave Him if we so wish but WE WILL BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES. If we refuse Jesus we are already DOOMED and destined for ETERNAL DAMNATION. It is OUR CHOICE whether we want to follow Him but then we must SUBMIT TO HIM and SERVE Him as Lord. Then He becomes our Master because we have accepted Him as KING, LORD and MASTER.
If we reject His RULE then we lose the BENEFITS and we will end up in DAMNATION with the CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE. God never forces us. He does not manipulate us. It is all by FREE WILL. He gives us FREE CHOICE but we will BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES of our ACTIONS. If we want His benefits we have to OBEY Him and SERVE Him as Lord and Master. We cannot do as WE PLEASE any more, we have to live to PLEASE HIM.
Do you want the benefits of Jesus? Do you want ETERNAL LIFE? Do you want PEACE? Do you want an EXPECTATION? Then SERVE Him and OBEY Him or else you will not share in His benefits. You will not have ETERNAL LIFE and you will not spend eternity with Him.

May Jesus bless you.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The words of Jesus are CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS, NOT OPEN TO INTERPRETATION. You either ACCEPT what He says and you OBEY Him or you REJECT His words and you reject Him. The Bible is open to INTERPRETATION and that is why it is not the WORD OF GOD. If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and have eternal life you HAVE TO follow Jesus. You have to LISTEN and OBEY His words, DO what He tells you to do or else you WILL NOT ENTER HIS KINGDOM. You will not have ETERNAL LIFE.
The words of Jesus CUT TO THE BONE, they CUT THE FLESH, they cut through the feelings, they cut through your selfishness, they lay you bare, naked and show you up for the fake that you are but if you OBEY Jesus, He will cleanse you, He will purify you, He will transform you into His likeness. You have to OBEY Him to LIVE.
Do you ACCEPT when Jesus speaks to you? Do you OBEY Him or do you look for interpretation that will get you off the hook, do you look for scriptures that will justify your wickedness and your sinfulness? Because with Jesus there is only PURITY, HOLINESS AND OBEDIENCE. Are you following Jesus, LISTENING to Him and DOING what is pleasing to Him?
LISTEN and your souls will LIVE. Reject Jesus and you will perish.

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, March 24, 2014

No Desire

If we are not driven by a desire to follow and obey Jesus and be pleasing to Him, to serve Him, and to do those things which He requires of us, then our faith is empty and void, it is in vain. If we just go through the motions, do what is good and hope to escape hell by doing the minimum, then we will certainly end up in hell.
Jesus does not want a LAME OFFERING. If we have no desire after Him, Himself, then we do not belong to Him. If we have no desire to pray, to LISTEN to Him, to HEAR from Him, then our relationship with Him is a lie. If our relationship with Jesus is not REAL and BURNING inside of us, if we are not willing to give up everything and go after Jesus, do that which He requires of us then our faith is in vain, then we will not have eternal life. If Jesus Christ is not our LIFE then we have no life!
If we only have a desire to read about Jesus, read the Bible, be with other “Christians,” fellowship, then we are not going after Jesus, we are going after our own desires. If we do not DESIRE Jesus with all our heart, go after Him every day, then we cannot be pleasing to Him.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the the sons of God. Is Jesus Christ your desire? Or are you going after other things? What is more important in your life, Jesus, or your own desires, other things? Being accepted by this world? Making money? What is your desire?

If we seek Him, we find Him. If we WAIT ON HIM He will reveal Himself to us. Is Jesus Christ your desire? May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Most Christians worship an IMAGE of JESUS

I created this image of the South African Kingfisher with paint on a canvas. It is a beautiful South African bird but that is not a real Kingfisher, that is an image of the Kingfisher which I constructed from memory, looking at it and also from photographs.
In similar fashion people have met Jesus and they have written their experiences in the scriptures. They saw Him for real. The gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written by people who had seen Jesus, walked with Him, heard Him, others wrote down the accounts of other people who knew Jesus (Luke). What is written is AN IMAGE of Jesus Christ and from what people read in the Bible they create an image of Christ but it is not Jesus Christ. You can only KNOW Jesus Christ if you see Him FACE TO FACE, if you know Him person to person.
Most believers worship AN IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST. They like to look at the IMAGE. This picture is not a Kingfisher, it is an IMAGE of a Kingfisher. It might be close, it might be good to look at but it is not a Kingfisher. It just gives you an idea of what it looks like but you need to SEE IT yourself, you need to hear it sing.
Many people just worship an image of Jesus Christ. They are happy with the image but they don't know Him, they don't follow Him and they will stand before Him and He will say to them:”I don't know you.” They worship an IMAGE. Jesus Christ is ALIVE and He reveals Himself to those who seek Him – if you seek Him, you find Him! If you want to see a real Kingfisher, come to South Africa and see it for yourself. If you want to know Jesus Christ for real, GO ON YOUR KNEES AND SEEK HIM WITH ALL YOUR POWER and you will find Him, and you will KNOW HIM FOR REAL. And only then you can follow Him.
Are you worshiping, following an IMAGE of Jesus Christ as you have read it in the Bible or from the account of other people who truly know Jesus or do you know Him for yourself? Do you follow the IMAGE or do you follow Jesus HIMSELF?

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Without a Bible

To most modern believers it is unthinkable to be without a Bible because the Bible has become the medium and vehicle of practicing their religion. You can go to heaven without a Bible but you cannot go into the Kingdom of God without Jesus Christ and without the Spirit of Christ IN you, guiding you. If you do not have Jesus Christ you are LOST.
Most believers are spiritually DEAD and DYSFUNCTIONAL, they operate on the level of the mind and the common sense. They have no spiritual connection with the living God. A body without spirit is DEAD. If you do not have the Spirit of Christ in you , you are SPIRITUALLY DEAD. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in every person who seeks to follow Him.
Most believers have Bibles but very few have the Holy Spirit or follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Very few believers truly KNOW Jesus Christ and very few of them will enter the Kingdom of Heaven because most believers trust in their Bibles and they are not led by the Holy Spirit of God that He gives in those who seek Him.
Do you have the Spirit of God in you? Do you follow His guidance or do you just have a Bible?

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Special Assignment

Jesus Christ who is also God Almighty, the One through Whom and by Whom all things were created, the One who holds all things together by His power, invites us to GET TO KNOW Him, to FOLLOW Him and to go on a SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT with Him, so that we can GET TO KNOW HIM, so that we can be part of His Kingdom.
Jesus does not just call us to save us. He calls us to become part of the Household of God. We can only get to KNOW Him if we go WITH Him, if we FOLLOW Him. He will take us on a SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT that He has prepared for us. He will take us through the valleys and over the mountains. He will take us through GOOD TIMES ind BAD TIMES, through difficulties but He will never leave us and He will never forsake us, and through our trials and tribulations and through the challenges that we face and overcome with Him because we follow Him, through those things we will get to KNOW HIM.
Very few people get to KNOW Jesus Christ because very few are willing to FOLLOW Him. Very few are willing to go on that assignment with Jesus Christ so that they can become closely acquainted with Him, so that they can learn to TRUST Him, so that they can learn to ENDURE and PERSEVERE, and be approved as sons of God.
Most believers just want FIRE INSURANCE. They don't want to go to hell but they don't want Jesus ether. They would rather spend their life studying the Bible and being religious than to TRULY get to know the King of kings and the Lord of lords. They do not want to go WITH HIM, they don't want to WORK FOR HIM; they want to enjoy THEIR lives, they want to have A LIFE, ENJOY LIFE go after the lusts of their flesh and then in the end they want Jesus to accept them.
If we are not willing to go WITH JESUS through the ups and the downs we will never get to know Him. If we are not willing to forsake our own desires, our own plans and our own ambitions and go after Him we are not worthy of Him, we will never get to know Him. And He will say to so many believers who thought they were saved, He will say to them:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” All because they would not go with Him, they would not FOLLOW Him and they would not go on that Special Assignment that He prepared for them.
Are you willing to go WITH JESUS all the way until the end so that you can truly get to know Him?

May Jesus bless you.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You cannot FORCE GOD

If we need guidance or wisdom we must ask of the Lord and He will freely give it to us, but we cannot FORCE GOD to answer us. Many people think that they can force God to give them an answer to their question. Some people pray and then they open the Bible and they hope that the Bible will open at the answer that God is giving them. That is WITCHCRAFT. That is not WAITING on the Lord.
If we ask of God we must HUMBLY WAIT on Him UNTIL He answers. He will answer in His own way at His owns time. God is GOD, we cannot FORCE GOD. It is not about us and our problem, it is about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.
If we go to Him we must go BELIEVING, EXPECTANTLY, HUMBLY, ask of Him and WAIT on Him and IN HIS TIME, He will give us the RIGHT ANSWER.

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Procrastination and Denial

Many believers will end up in hell because of procrastination and denial. Many KNOW THE WAY but they say:”I still want to live MY LIFE MY WAY, I will follow Jesus tomorrow, or later. I will stop sinning,” but they never get around to it. They always put it off for the next day.
Others are in denial. They say:”God will never do this” and “God will never do that”, “God will never throw His children into hell!” They are in denial and they believe the lies that the devil has told them.
Do not let the devil catch you with procrastination and denial. Do what you have to do TODAY, tomorrow might never come. Listen when the Lord speaks to you TODAY and do not deny Him. Do not deny the TRUTH but OBEY and FOLLOW Jesus TODAY. LISTEN and your soul will live.

May Jesus bless you.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Religious Brainwashing

Most professing Christians are part and product of religious brainwashing. Many of them were born into Christianity and they were taught religion, they were taught the Bible and the proof, the substance of their faith is their Bible and scripture verses but they DO NOT KNOW Jesus Christ! They are just RELIGIOUS. Their FAITH IS NOT REAL. Their faith is based on a Book not on a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God. They are no different from other religions that are based on Books and on doctrines and on beliefs. That is why Jesus Christ will say to many professing Christians, preachers, evangelists, church builders, Bible scholars, He will say to them: ”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness!” They never knew Jesus Christ, they were just PRACTICING RELIGION. Their faith was never real, they had no REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God.
Is your relationship with Jesus Christ your reality or is your Bible and your church and all those things, are they your reality? Seek Jesus and find him for real, FOLLOW and OBEY Him every day and KEEP IT REAL or else you will be terribly disappointed when Jesus says to you:”Go away I never knew you.” KEEP IT REAL!

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bible Quoting Sinners - Sons of satan

If you really believe in Jesus Christ then you will FOLLOW and OBEY Him. You will SIN NO MORE. You will be HOLY as He is holy and you will do the WORKS of your Father, God. You will be GUIDED by the Holy Spirit and you will be a SHINING LIGHT in this world, bringing people to REPENTANCE and OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ.
There are many Bible Quoting Sinners (“Christians”,) unrepentant hypocrites who think that if they quote Bible verse, that they are justified. The devil also quotes the Bible, he quotes the words of Jesus but he does not obey Jesus Christ.
A tree is known by it's fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree does not bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will get cut off and burned. The ax is already lying at the root of the trees and many will get cut off because their fruit show that they are bad trees. They are SONS OF sATAN even though they quote the Bible. Many Bible scholars want to tell others how God thinks and what God will do and how things work in the kingdom of God but they themselves do not even know God. If they knew God they would humble themselves before Him and be taught by HIM, they would not become teachers themselves but they would take others to Jesus so that HE CAN TEACH THEM.
It is about your walk, the FRUIT that you bear. Are you the LIGHT OF THE WORLD? Are you walking in holiness and righteousness and are you bringing people to Jesus so that they can follow Him? Your Bible knowledge will not save you, it is your relationship with Jesus. Without Jesus we can do NOTHING. If you don't have Jesus YOU ARE LOST! Humble yourself before Him, seek Him and He will guide you. He alone is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, follow HIM!

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


God is GOOD, God is LOVE. God cares for us and God never changes. God sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the WAY and Jesus did not leave us to our own devices. He sent us the Holy Spirit, HIMSELF, His Spirit, to DWELL IN US and to GUIDE US, to be WITH US for ever.
But people don't want God, they don't want the WAY to LIFE, they don't want Jesus Christ. They don't want His presence. They want their own way, they want to live their own lives for their own pleasure and they reject God, and that is why they SUFFER and they PERISH.
God will never leave us. He will never forsake us but if we keep on rejecting Him then eventually He will give us our desires, He will leave us to our own devices and we will PERISH. If we keep on rejecting Jesus Christ we will spend eternity away from Him in damnation. Open your heart and invite Jesus in. Seek Him with all your power and you will find Him. Stay with Him and He will give you eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


As long as you are alive you will have trouble. Jesus said:”Do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have it's own troubles.” Everybody has troubles and especially if you want to follow Jesus then you have even more troubles. Some people create their own troubles but Jesus knows how to get us out of trouble IF we trust Him and we obey Him.
Without Jesus we can do nothing. But if we submit ourselves to Jesus and live to please Him we can confidently trust Him to help us and to make us overcome, every day of our lives because WITHOUT JESUS WE CAN DO NOTHING.
Do not worry about tomorrow, just follow Jesus, TRUST Him, focus on Him and He will guide you through ALL life's troubles. Jesus is faithful. He will never leave you and never forsake you. We just have to STAY WITH HIM and we will OVERCOME ALL TROUBLES.

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Most Christian believers have a SALVATION ILLUSION, they believe they are saved. Many have gone through certain practices, they have said a sinners prayer, some have been baptized in water, others have even received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and they speak in tongues and they believe that because they once received the gift of the Holy Spirit and that they can still speak in tongues that they are saved, that that is is guarantee of salvation but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ.
Many believe that because they belong to a church and because they were christened or baptized as babies and because they comply to the church doctrine that they have salvation, that they are safe, that is an ILLUSION! They don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Many others have even gone into ministry, become pastors, priests, clergy and they practice religion. They themselves are under SALVATION ILLUSION and they and they are deluding others, making them believe that if they follow certain practices that they are saved. Jesus spoke about a pharisee that prayed in the temple and said:”Lord I thank Thee that I am not like this money collector next to me...” He thought that through his prayers and through his religious devotion, he was saved, he was not.
Jesus said that many will stand before Him and say:”Lord, Lord in Your name I cast out demons and I did many thing, many powers...” and He will say to them:”Go away I never knew you.”
Many people spend hours praying, spend hours reading their Bibles, they are busy with a self-paced, self-regulated, self-imposed religion but they have no relationship with Jesus because they do not HEAR from Him, they do not have His Spirit. Some have His Spirit but they do not LISTEN to His Spirit! They are busy with their OWN FORM OF GODLINESS, they are under SALVATION ILLUSION.
Many spend their lives working for the church and as they say “working for God” but they do it in their OWN WAY. They do not HEAR from Jesus, they do not WAIT on Him, they do NOT KNOW HIS VOICE. They do not know Him nor follow Him, they are busy with religion and they are under SALVATION ILLUSION.
If YOU do not HEAR from Jesus and if He does not CONFIRM to you whether He is pleased with you then you are under SALVATION ILLUSION. You need to go on your knees and cry out to Him, seek Him with all your heart until He SPEAKS to you. Seek Him until you KNOW that you are right with Him, not that you were right with Him 10 years ago or 20 years ago or you received the Holy Spirit 20 years ago. If you do not HEAR from Him every day, if you are not in close relationship with Him DAILY, you are not following Him and you are under SALVATION ILLUSION.
You need to KNOW where you stand with the Living God! You need to KNOW every moment whether your relationship with Him is real and whether He is pleased with you. Don't leave it to anybody else, don't leave it to chance, don't live under ILLUSION. Go on your knees and cry out to Jesus, SEEK Him until you KNOW and then STAY WITH HIM, keep seeking Him and always know where you stand with the Living God or else you are under SALVATION ILLUSION.

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Make DISCIPLES OF JESUS not friends


The world wants to make friends with other people, with influential people. Christians like to use the names of famous name preachers, they want to be attached to and associate with famous names and great people. But that is not what Jesus called us for. He commanded us to make disciples of HIMSELF, not to make friends and influence people and build churches. It is all about Jesus and the Kingdom of God, about knowing Jesus and following Him, getting our wisdom and guidance from Him.
If we follow Jesus we will be persecuted, rejected, excluded from worldly people and we have to cherish HIS PRESENCE, His acceptance and His approval more than anything else. If you follow Jesus Christ you will often be alone but you will be with Jesus Christ. It is not about friends and being accepted by others. It is about our relationship with Jesus Christ and being pleasing to HIM.

May Jesus bless you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014



If you are not living your life to please Jesus Christ, if you are not living righteously and holy in obedience to Him, if you are not denying yourself every day and going after Jesus, seeking to do His will and DOING HIS WILL then you are heading ONE WAY FAST, you are on your way to HELL.
Jesus Christ alone is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE, there is no other. I am not talking about reading your Bible, or being religious, going to church, quoting scriptures – I am talking about a REAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ.
If Jesus Christ DOES NOT KNOW YOU then He will say to you one day when you die:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness. You never had any interest in Me, you have no place with Me ether.”
Where are you heading? Are you going your own way being successful, doing your own thing, achieving your own desires, following your own passions or is your passion Jesus Christ and His kingdom. If you are not following Jesus every day you are LOST and you will end up in DAMNATION. Where are you heading?

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spiritual babes need a PACIFIER

Babies need pacifiers, a rubber or silicon teat (dummy) to comfort them when they are not with their mother. Spiritual babies also need pacifiers. The Bible tells us about Jesus Christ but once we have met Jesus and we follow Him then we don't need the pacifier any more, the Bible. Then we need to be weaned because we LISTEN to Jesus.
“Man shall not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the MOUTH of God” His sheep LISTEN to His VOICE and they FOLLOW Him. They do not need a pacifier. They don't need to READ what other people wrote. They HEAR from Jesus.
Jesus gives the Holy Spirit in them who follow Him. The HOLY SPIRIT is the COMFORTER that comes from God, NOT THE BIBLE. If you truly follow Jesus then you will be LISTENING to the Holy Spirit and you will be weaned off the Bible.

May Jesus bless you.

Monday, March 10, 2014


The organized church system, organized churches, are utterly demonic, controlled by satan and they are part of this world, NOT of the Kingdom of God. They are legitimized by governments because they are not of God. If you follow Jesus Christ you will be rejected and persecuted. You will not be accepted by this world or the world's systems.
Organized churches LEGITIMIZE their own teachings and doctrines and they DEMONIZE the true followers of Jesus Christ. They use the scriptures, the Bible, to support their doctrines by which they bewitch people. They cheat believers into becoming followers and slaves of the church and those believers believe that their church is the only right church, the doctrines of their church are the only right ones, the only ones that can save them. That is a lie from satan, only Jesus Christ can save you.
Organized religion, churches, capture those servants called by God and they make them puppets of their church, of their system and of their doctrines. Many people called by Jesus go into Bible schools and they are indoctrinated, they are made part of the system and they are useless for the Kingdom of God because they are fed, supported and controlled by the church system. They will not listen to the Holy Spirit because they are puppets of the demonic church system.
Organized churches do not build the Kingdom of God, they build their own little empires. They do not take you to heaven, they exploit you and they take you to hell and they use the Bible to do it. They all use the same Bible, some modify and change the Bible and they sell their own version of the Bible, all to enslave you.  (Beware of the commentaries and side notes, satanic interpretations that deceive people) They are servants of satan taking you away from Jesus and making you servants of hell like they themselves are because they are not serving the kingdom of God.
Organized religion mutes eliminates and suppresses those who are called by Jesus to be His servants. Women, children and others called by Jesus to speak His words are muted, eliminated and suppressed, because they (churches) suppress the truth. Samuel was a little boy when he was called and used by God. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth. Jesus Christ Himself reasoned with the scribes and pharisees and explained the scriptures to them at the age of twelve years old. His wisdom was from the Holy Spirit, not from books and Bible schools and indoctrination from churches. The church system serves satan, it does not serve the Kingdom of God.
“Come out of her My people” and follow Jesus Christ. Be led by the Holy Spirit. You don,'t need to be indoctrinated, you don't need to be taught by men. You need to OPEN YOUR EARS. “LISTEN and your soul will live.” Seek the Lord while He might be found. Draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you. Open your ears and He will speak to you. LISTEN, OBEY AND FOLLOW HIM or you will perish. COME OUT of the DEMONIC SATANIC CHURCH SYSTEM. Trust no man. Follow Jesus Christ ALONE. He is waiting for you.

May Jesus bless you.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Did you receive the Holy Spirit?

Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. He Himself comes and lives IN and WITH us by His Holy Spirit if we invite Him in. If you accept Jesus then He Himself comes and lives IN YOU. His sheep LISTEN to His VOICE and they FOLLOW Him.
Did YOU receive the Holy Spirit when you invited Jesus Christ into your life? Do you LISTEN to Him and do you OBEY Him? Or do you rather stay with your own interpretation of the Bible? Do you rather listen to other people? Have you received the Holy Spirit and are you FOLLOWING Him?
The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:14 “Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” Are YOU led by the Spirit of God? What is your final authority? Your Bible or the Holy Spirit of God? Whom do you LISTEN to? To Jesus, or to your own interpretation of the Bible? Do you REALLY believe in Jesus and do you REALLY follow Him?

May Jesus bless you.

Friday, March 7, 2014

How Fresh Is Your Testimony?

Many people testify of meeting Jesus Christ many years ago, of Him coming into their lives and how they changed but, what happened after that? If we do not have a FRESH TESTIMONY every day then we are not walking with Jesus.
Many people met Jesus years ago and then they believed they were saved but they never stayed with Him, they never followed Him. They believed that they had ARRIVED, they had SALVATION SECURITY but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. If we do not experience Him every day, if we do not GO AFTER Him every day, if we do not LISTEN to Him, HEAR His VOICE, FOLLOW Him, LEARN from Him, be TAUGHT by Him EVERY DAY, then we are not with Him any more and we do not have a FRESH TESTIMONY, we are just deceiving ourselves.
How fresh is YOUR testimony? How REAL is your relationship with Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

With the HEART not the HEAD

You follow Jesus Christ with your HEART not with your HEAD. People want to figure out God. They want to read a book and understand, they want to understand God, they want a road map and unless they can UNDERSTAND with their small little minds, they WILL NOT FOLLOW, they will not DO, they will not OBEY Jesus Christ. It is because they want to figure it out with their HEAD and follow their own mind, their own understanding and their own desires.
If you follow Jesus, you follow Him with your HEART. You TRUST Him with everything that is in you, you PRAY and He puts His Spirit in you, you TRUST Him and you FOLLOW Him. He puts His WORDS in you, He puts His MIND in you. You don't try to figure it out because you TRUST Him, you OBEY Him and you FOLLOW Him.
If you do not TRUST Jesus from the HEART, you will not follow Him, you will not OBEY Him. That is why people rather cling to their Bibles and to other people and to things that they can understand and why they will never KNOW nor FOLLOW Jesus Christ. If you do not TRUST Him from the HEART He will not reveal Himself to you because YOU WILL BE DOUBTING HIM all the time.
Without FAITH it is impossible to please God. If you go to God you must BELIEVE and you must TRUST or else you will RECEIVE NOTHING, you will UNDERSTAND NOTHING. You need to TRUST Him with all your HEART and then He will reveal Himself to you.

May Jesus bless you.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Follow JESUS Not the Bible

Following the Bible will not save you. It is only FOLLOWING and OBEYING Jesus Christ, that will save you. It is easy to follow the Bible because there is a version and a translation for every taste but that does not lead you to Jesus Christ. It is easy to follow the Bible because you can pick verses that suit you and you can interpret them in the way that suits you also, it is tailor made for you (the version of your choice). You can also CLOSE the Bible when it pleases you. You can apply whatever you wish in the Bible according to your preference and justify yourself.
You can even use it to manipulate people. You can even build a church and gather a congregation around your “interpretation” of the Bible but none of you will know Jesus.
The Bible cannot save you. Knowing the Bible, studying the Bible cannot save you. It is FOLLOWING Jesus Christ, KNOWING the LIVING God, being led by His Holy Spirit that will save you IF you OBEY Jesus Christ. Many read the Bible and they know about Jesus but they don't know Jesus. Jesus will say to many Bible believers:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.”
Do you follow the Bible or do you know Jesus Christ? Do you follow Jesus every day? Are you living to please Jesus Christ? Are you asking Him for HIS GUIDANCE, HIS APPROVAL and are you living according to HIS DIRECTION, what He tells you in your spirit?
Are you following Jesus or do you believe that your Bible can save you?

May Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Most professing Christians will spend eternity in hell because they do not KNOW Jesus. Most professing Christians think that because they own a Bible, they read a Bible and they belong to a church that they have eternal life. Having a Bible and reading your Bible cannot save you. Jesus Christ alone is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE, if you do not KNOW Him for REAL then you will not have eternal life.
Many people have been deceived into thinking that owning a Bible and reading that Bible will get them into heaven. Many quote scriptures and they think that by quoting a scripture they can prove their salvation. All that matters is turning away from sin and from serving yourself, denying yourself every day, not going after your own pleasures, but going after Jesus, seeking Him all the time, knowing Him for real, following Him, living in UTTER HOLINESS and OBEDIENCE to Jesus, living a life that is pleasing to Him. His sheep LISTEN to His VOICE and they FOLLOW Him.
Reading your Bible cannot save you. satan has deceived many into reading the Bible and thereby they think that they have eternal life. satan has got their eyes OFF Jesus and onto other things. Are your eyes on Jesus? Do you follow Him closely every day? Or do you occupy yourself with religious things, Bible study? You need to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus, LISTEN to Him and DO what He tells you to do, GO where He sends you. If you are to close with Jesus then you DO NOT KNOW HIM. Get to know Jesus before it is for ever too late!

May Jesus bless you.

Blind Trust Real Faith

Many people believe in Jesus but very few of those who profess to believe in Jesus will FOLLOW Him, because it requires BLIND TRUST to follow Jesus. You will only trust Jesus enough to follow Him IF you stay very close to Him. Or else you will trust in your own understanding, you will rather trust your common sense, you will rather trust in other people, in things that you can physically see.
Are you that close to Jesus that you will follow Him when and where He sends you, that you will DO what He tells you to do even though it goes against common sense and against what other people think or say, against your insight of the Bible? Are you that close to Jesus that you trust Him ABOVE everything else?
If you are not that close you will not follow Him. How close are you to Jesus Christ?
May Jesus bless you.

“Without FAITH it is impossible to please God.” Hebrews 11:6.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeding the Flesh

A person who is born again and who has the Spirit of Jesus Christ in him is focused on Jesus all the time. He is TUNED IN to the Holy Spirit, in him, and He follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit in everything that he does. His whole life is determined by the Spirit of God because he LISTENS and he FOLLOWS Jesus Christ. He seeks the will of God all the time.
But the natural person, normal person goes after the desires of his flesh, those things that give him pleasure. He tries to fit in with the world, with other people. He tries to please his wife, his children, his boss, his family, his friends, and that takes him away from Jesus Christ. People practice hobbies, they have certain passions in life, things that interest them. (TV, sports, video games...) That is the flesh. Those are the things that take our focus off Jesus Christ.
If we are not focused on Jesus and the kingdom of God and being pleasing to Jesus, then we turn our back on Him, we get busy with other things and that is when we lose Jesus. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:14 that those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. If we live according to our flesh, the desires of our flesh, then we cannot please God and we will perish, but if we by being tuned in to Jesus, LISTEN to the Holy Spirit and DO the WILL OF GOD, then we will LIVE.
The difference between a child of God and the rest is that a child of God is tuned in to the Spirit of God and CHOOSES to do the will of God even if he upsets other people, even if they reject him, even if he gets penalized. But if we seek to please people and run after our own desires we will perish.
The question is: Do we actively seek Jesus and do His will or are we feeding the flesh, our own flesh and the flesh of others? Who are we trying to please, Jesus or the flesh?

May Jesus bless you.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

FREEDOM in Jesus Christ

You find true freedom IN Jesus Christ IF you attach yourself to Him, you cling to Him, seek Him always, FOLLOW Him and DO what He tells you to do. But you first need to DETACH yourself from the things of this world, from friends, peer pressure, things that people do, convention, and all that you concern yourself about is WHAT JESUS WANTS.
You cannot find freedom in Jesus if you are still attached to the world, if you still want to fit into the world, be accepted by the world, be accepted by your friends, want to wear the same clothes, conform to the same conventions. Then you are a SLAVE because those things DRIVE you. If you still care about what other people think, what the family think, what your friends think then you CANNOT CARE ABOUT WHAT Jesus thinks. You cannot be seeking the glory of God AND the approval of people.
If you go after the approval of people you will stay in bondage but if you seek the approval of God and follow Jesus Christ YOU WILL BE FREE because you only need to be pleasing to Him. Are YOU free to follow Jesus and DO what he requires of you or are you still attached and in bondage to the world?

May Jesus bless you.

Jesus is not there

Many people look for Jesus in church, others look for Him in the Bible but Jesus is not there. Jesus is GOD, He is omnipresent, He is right here with me and He is with you. God is everywhere. By His Spirit, He is EVER PRESENT, He knows everything. You don't need to go far to seek for Jesus. He is WITH YOU. You just need to drop to your knees and seek Him.
Jesus said that those who are pure in heart, they will SEE God. If we purify ourselves of our sin then we will SEE God, we will HEAR Him, we will experience Him and we will KNOW Him. If we REPENT and turn away from our wicked ways and seek Jesus with all our heart then He will reveal Himself to us. We will become SPIRITUALLY ALIVE.
Have you met Jesus Christ? Do you experience Him as real? If we purify our hearts and seek Jesus with all our heart we will experience Him right HERE and NOW. We need to know Him and experience Him RIGHT NOW ALREADY if we want to spend eternity with Him.

May Jesus bless you.