Thursday, August 2, 2018

Salvation Is Neither Free Nor Easy

Salvation is through believing in and obeying Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be saved from eternal damnation. Salvation is not for free. You will have to pay a dear price to be saved. Jesus Christ will decide who will enter heaven and who will go into hell.

Jesus requires utter obedience to His words and commands. Those who disobey Jesus will perish.
Neither is it easy to follow and obey Jesus. Jesus said that whoever wishes to follow Him, must deny himself, pick up his cross every day and follow Jesus until the very end. Jesus warned that many will try very hard but nor be able to enter the narrow door into heaven.
Do not be deceived. It will cost you everything to have salvation. It might even cost you your life. Obey the gospel of Jesus Christ; repent and stop sinning, be holy, be baptized in water for the washing off of your sins. Then follow Jesus until the very end. If  you quit before the end, you are not worthy of Jesus and you will not enter heaven.
Are you following Jesus on the straight and narrow road, every day?
May Jesus bless you.

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