Tuesday, February 4, 2020

He Passed on to be with Jesus.

I just want to let you know that my beloved husband/Justice/Jan/Finalcall07 passed on to be with Jesus on January 19, 2020.
He is where we also want to be for Eternity. May we continue our race set before us with Endurance so that we will also have the Hope to receive the Prize of Eternal Life in the end.

Jesus Bless each one and keep us safe in this time. Christiena Boshoff.

Jesus gave this Brother a vision about him.

Wasfi Esperanza Hanchi
January 28 at 11:32 PM ·
While I am at computer drinking tea, I see Jesus coming. There are blue and yellow light space, stars, and earth altogether on the scene - very beautiful!

I see Jesus coming close and stands with me. I am happy to see Him. His hair is soft. His eyebrows are soft and shiny. His eyes are glow, neat, gentle and beautiful. His beard is shiny and soft! His heart is very gentle. His face is friendly. Beautiful Jesus! We hug and talk. He wears red slash. He uses stripped sandals. I see Jesus’ scars on His hands and feet.

Immediately man’s face is shown to me. I don’t know him. When the face comes up closer, I remember his face with a beard then I recognize who he is. He died of cancer. His spirit goes up. Jesus comes to him and holds his hand to enter heaven together. There I see people celebrating with joy to welcome him and everyone hugs him. What a delightful sight! He smiles, he suffers no more. Pain is gone. He lives in third heaven, top level. He continues to smile. Vision ends.

His name is Jan Boshoff (Finalcall07). He is happy interacting with brothers and sisters in Christ (saints). The Holy Spirit is with him. Jan looks young and has a neat hair. Jesus takes him home. No more suffering and pain. He smiles beautifully. He has a lovely home in heaven. Jan is happy with Jesus.


  1. Thank you for sharing and my condolences. I've stumbled upon his videos about 2 weeks before his death and his parting took me by surprise. Even then I knew from the radicalness of his teaching that if one had truly made it into heaven it was him.

    I treasure those accounts and hold them near my heart.
    I hope that Jan and your family will be united in eternity.

    1. Thank you. Yes he is where we also want to be at the end of our temporary journey. Jesus Bless you and keep you safe in this time.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of Jan, though we know he is with the Lord. I found his videos a year or two ago and have been watching him. I e-mailed him two or three times as I was a new Christian and he always e-mailed me back. I was immersed in the occult and he gave me good advice. I am lucky to have found his videos and site. I am so sorry to his family for their present suffering.

  3. Thank you and thank the Lord for him..
    Hes finally now at rest with the lord
    How r u.. U must miss him...
    Take care...
    We have been so blessed by his messages thru out our ministry...
    We r now waiting for the next step..
    Thank you...
    Praise the Lord...

  4. Your husband has been a gift through Jesus and really taught me how to follow him I will miss him dearly. Seven years ago I met him and I will never forget what he taught me so much🙏

  5. Both yourself and Jan have inspired myself and many others to persevere, to keep going, to run the race set before us, despite the trials and tests along the way. We are all better servants than we would otherwise have been because of that. I will miss his challenging words and teaching, they have been like a drink of fresh water in the midst of a desert, as are yours. May our Lord bless you, grant you wisdom and keep you safe in the days ahead

    1. Thank you and all Glory to Jesus. Let us continue to Serve our Master until the end of our temporary journey. May Jesus Bless you also and keep you safe in this time.