Friday, December 1, 2017

Destroyed through lack of Discernment

Most Christian believers
are being deceived because they lack discernment. They cannot discern
which messages come from God and which come from the minds of men.
They do not know the voice of Jesus Christ and therefore they are in
darkness. They do not understand that they should not listen to every
new wave of teaching. They must discern through the Holy Spirit,
whether the message comes from Jesus Christ and leads them to Jesus
People are very
discriminate about what they eat but they do not have any discernment
when it comes to what they listen to, and what they accept as the
truth, and accept as messages from God. They listen to videos and
teachings of various people without any knowledge or discrimination
whether those messages come from Jesus. The only way that you will
know whether the message is from Jesus Himself, is if you know His
voice and if you follow Him. Man will not live from bread alone but
from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and you cannot
know whether the message is from God if you are not one of His sheep.
His sheep hear His voice
and listen to Him and they follow Him. That is why most Christian
believers are deceived. They do not know the voice of Jesus, and they
listen to strangers. They run after the wolves and they are being
destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they do not have Holy Spirit
of discernment.
A message that comes from
Jesus Christ leads you to Jesus, not to some new brilliant speaker or
some new teaching. It is all about our relationship with Jesus
Christ, knowing His voice and following Him. If we do not know the
voice of Jesus and if we do not hear from Him Himself, then we will
be deceived and we are headed for destruction. If you do not know the
Master's voice, listen to Him, follow and obey Him, you are in danger
of hellfire. Then you are not one of His sheep, or maybe you do not
care to hear from Him.
Seek Jesus and seek to
hear from Him. He reveals Himself to those who are serious and who
earnestly seek Him. Do you know His voice and do you follow Him, or
are you perishing through lack of discernment and lack of knowledge
of Jesus Christ because you do not know His voice?
May Jesus bless you.

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