Monday, October 29, 2018

Why it is easy to follow satan but not Jesus

People know very well how to follow after celebrities and famous people, even if they have never met them. They know how to follow after the devil, especially when they are dissatisfied or when they are annoyed, mad. The devil plants the thoughts and the words in their mind and they just speak wicked things, they get into action and do wrong, but when you try to explain to believers how to follow Jesus, they cannot understand what you are talking about. At least that is what they say.

When you talk about following Jesus people find it abstract but they have no problem following and obeying satan. They are so filled with satan that he manifests through them. It is their choice to follow satan and do evil. The only problem is that if we keep on following satan and fulfilling our own selfish desires, we will certainly end up in hell. Many have been told that if they just believe in Jesus they will have salvation, but that is a lie.

The only way to have salvation is to obey, serve and follow Jesus Christ. You have to turn from your evil ways, stop sinning, repent, and follow after Jesus. The same as you went after your own sinful desires, lusts, ambitions and worldly pleasure, celebrities, sin and the devil, you have to go after Jesus and do what He requires of you. Instead of listening to the devil and having him as your guide and companion, you need to follow Jesus and let Him fill your mind. Stop listening to satan, and listen to Jesus. If you ask Jesus, He will guide you.

Who do you follow? satan or Jesus?  Where do you want to end up? Heaven or hell? What is your choice?

May Jesus bless you.

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