Sunday, June 9, 2019


Many Christian believers have totally
unrealistic expectations that are based on fallacies and their own
perverted imagination. They live in a dream world, because they do
not know Jesus, nor hear from Him.
They read the Bible and pick
and choose selected verses about the blessings of God. They listen to
the lies of false prophets and preachers.
Many have crazy
expectations about this life. They expect God to fulfill their lusts
and fleshly desires just because they confess to believe in
They do not want to work for the kingdom of God but
they expect rewards and crowns in heaven. They expect mansions in
heaven and to be walking on streets of gold. They have no desire for
Jesus,  they do not love nor obey Him. They do not hear His
voice, nor do they follow Him.
They are so at home in this world,
they have no desire for the kingdom of God. Many have enriched
themselves with the things of the world.  They have become so
rich and self sufficient that they have no need for Jesus. They are
living a lie and they enjoy it.
They belong to the church of their
choice, listen to the preachers of their choice, that feed their
fantasies.  They are deceived because they love lies.
they really believed in Jesus they would read His words and
commandments, the red letter words in some Bibles,  in Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John, and know the truth. If they were seeking the
truth they would pray and ask Jesus,  and He would reveal the
truth to them.
They love their crazy expectations and will do
anything to defend them, using Bible verses. They mock, reject and
persecute those who try to tell them the truth, but they will die in
their sins and deception if they do not repent and seek  the
Your salvation is your responsibility.  Do not follow
after other people. Do not trust anybody. Seek the truth. Seek Jesus,
and you will find  Him. Go after Him, obey Him and He will guide
into all truth. Stay with Him until the end and He will give you
eternal life.
May Jesus bless you.

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