Monday, June 17, 2019


Believing in Jesus cannot save us,
unless we listen to Him and obey Him. Faith without emanating action
is just an illusion without any substance. Many Christians have been
deceived into believing that they can trust in Jesus for eternal life
by just confessing that they believe in Him,  without taking any
further action. Their faith is just an illusion that leads to
The only way to have eternal life is to LISTEN to
Jesus,  to obey His words. The words of Jesus are SPIRIT and
LIFE. The words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible in Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John are the words of eternal life to those who obey them.
Those who disobey Jesus will perish.
You cannot pick and
choose which of His commandments to obey and which to ignore. You
have to utterly obey Him.
Repent and be baptized. If you refuse,
you will not have eternal life. You cannot follow Jesus if you do not
repent and stop sinning. It makes no sense to be baptized if you have
not repented.
Many Christians read and hear the words of Jesus,
but they do not obey them. To them it is entertainment,  like a
horror movie. They rather believe the false doctrines that are
preached in churches.
They are like men who build their house on
sand, and when the flood comes it is washed away.
to Jesus  and taking action? Do we obey and follow Him?
Jesus bless you.

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