Thursday, December 26, 2019


The kingdom of God is about Jesus Christ.

He is Lord and Master of His kingdom and

He gives eternal life to those who

receive, Him, accept Him, obey Him, follow

Him serve Him and live for Him. Jesus

came to redeem for Himself a people

who would be His people, who would come

and live in His kingdom and He invites

all the world to follow Him. Jesus came

and manifested Himself through many

miracles. The kingdom of God was first

preached by John the Baptist and then by

Jesus Christ. His message is the message

of the kingdom . He invites us to follow

Him and become part of His kingdom. Jesus

performed many miracles to prove whom He

was, that he was from God and even though

the Jews expected Him, according to the

prophecies. They did not believe in Him

they did not receive Him, they rejected

Him, they had Him crucified and therefore

they died in their sins.

Very few people received Jesus, very few

people obeyed Him and followed Him and

even today very few people are willing

to obey Jesus, to follow Him to do as He

commanded. They want the hope of

salvation but they don't want Jesus and

neither do they want His words. If we

want to have eternal life and live in

the kingdom of God for eternity we have

to receive Jesus, embrace Him and do as

He commanded.

He promised eternal life to those who

receive Him and obey Him and He

proved that He is the resurrection and

the life because He Himself after He was

crucified was resurrected and He lives'

He gives His Holy Spirit in those who

receive Him and obey His words, his

commands as recorded in Matthew, Mark,

Luke and John, those who repent and are

baptized and who seek Him with all their


He gives His Spirit in them. He comes and

lives in them and He guides them every

day. They do not become religious, they

become followers of Jesus. They live in

communion with Him, they live the kingdom

life. They follow Him every day. They live

for the kingdom, They live for the King

Jesus said: Seek first the kingdom of God

and His righteousness and all the other

things will be added unto you.

Without Jesus there is no hope there is

no eternal life, without Jesus we have no

hope without Jesus nobody will enter the

kingdom of heaven because it's only

through our relationship with Jesus that

we will inherit the kingdom of God, daily

walking with Him listening to His voice,

doing what He commands us to do. Serving

Him it's not about reading the Bible or

going to church, being religious or doing

what we think is good. It is all about

Jesus, knowing Him following Him and

obeying Him.Have you come to

know Jesus? Have you heard believed

and obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Have you accepted Him as your Lord and

Master? Have you obeyed His words,

repented and been baptized? Have you

received the Holy Spirit that He

promised to those who obey Him and are

you being led by the by the Holy Spirit?

Are you living the kingdom life? Do you

know Jesus

and does he know you? His sheep hear His

voice, they listen to Him and they follow

Him. Are you one of His sheep?

Do you follow and obey Him? Do you live

in communion with Jesus Christ? May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real.

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know Him and

follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more

about Jesus. May Jesus bless you.-

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