Tuesday, November 6, 2018

God Made Women Special - My Testimony

Everything that God made is exceedingly wonderful. So are women, if they serve the purpose that God made them for, as a helpmate for the man, and keeper of the home. However, many women want to be men and want to compete with men. In the end they are the ones who suffer and are unfulfilled.
Modern society has rejected God and even Christians follow after the ways of the world. Women don't want to stay at home, keep the house, bring up the children and be a helpmate to their husband. They have all sorts of excuses, that are basically selfish.
If you want to follow Jesus and live God's way, He will enable you to do so, even in modern society. God never changed.
I want to share my testimony with you. My first marriage was, to say the least, stormy. My mother-in-law believed that my wife should be independent, should be a career women. All went well until she visited, then hell broke loose in my house, and the wife was dissatisfied. She was an apprentice hair dresser and her mother insisted that she finnish her apprenticeship, which meant that she had to work long hours for extremely low wages. Our baby had to go to day care. My salary had to support the house, the daycare and my wife's transport, because her wages were so little it hardly covered her tuition costs. I had to walk to work because I could not afford transport. My wife drove to work with our car. My wife fell pregnant and we had our second baby. She had to interrupt her apprenticeship for a while, and once again mother-in-law interfered, insisting she go work. My wife had a nervous breakdown and ended up in psych ward. She went totally nuts. We were battling financially. I now had two babies in day care and a wife in the nuthouse. She came out of there and was permanently on medication, but then she went back to work to finish her apprenticeship.
When our second baby was nine months old my wife came home from work one day and drove in front of a thirty ton truck, loaded with steel. She wife never regained consciousness but died 3 weeks later in hospital. I became a widower with two little boys, one 3 years old and the other 9 months old. On top of that I had massive hospital bills. Never once did my in-laws offer to help with the children. A week after my wife died I received a certificate in the mail. My wife had qualified as a hairdresser. My dead wife was a qualified career women, a hairdresser with one of the elite hair salons.
My unmarried sister came and lived with us for a while to help with the house and the kids.
I was introduced to many women but none of them were interested in a 29 year old widower with two little boys. Then I was introduced to a young lady who, on the second date asked to see my children and scolded me for not bringing them along. She had never been married before but I asked her and soon after we got married. Her name is Christiena, my wife now for 34 years.
She was well educated, with a college diploma, working at a big corporation. When we married she quit her job to stay home and look after my kids. We later had one boy of our own. She has been a mother, a nurturer, a housekeeper, a loving wife and helpmate. My children grew up with a mother who was always there for them, feeding them before they went to school, waiting for them after school, taking care of all their needs, when they were naughty, when they were sick, when they were sad and needed support. She has always been there for them. They grew up to be fine hard working men, who know right from wrong and were taught excellent values.
When I married Christiena, I had a lot of debt. I was not earning a lot of money, but she is a godly woman and she came to be a mother for my children and a helpmate for me. We have been through rough times together. At one time I was fired from my job because of following Jesus. We lived in a country where there is no social Security, no government help, but Christiena never went out to work. Jesus supplied for us and helped us. He enabled me to provide for my family. We never begged and never came short of anything. My children never went to bed hungry. They were always properly clothed and kept. Together we have done many things, as husband and wife, as a family. We have worked hard, built a house with our own hands, done all kinds of things together. We worked together and prayed together and we are still together.
A year ago I was very ill. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. The past year was physically the most difficult year in my life. I was in hospital, in pain, in ICU for more than a month. I died twice and was resuscitated. In December 2017 nobody believed I would survive, other than my wife, Christiena, she prayed for me and stayed with me, often sleeping in the hospital at my bed side. I came out of hospital and was so weak I could not walk. She nursed me back to a situation that I was strong enough to go through chemo, radiation and thereafter through huge surgery. Christiena nursed me and looked after me through all of this. I never went to rehab. After the first time I came out of hospital I had open wounds on my stomach. I carried a vacuum pump, to drain the wounds, because I had sepsis. The wounds had to be cleaned and dressed daily. She fed me when I was too weak to eat and rather felt like dying. She drove me around to hospital and back for months, looking after me day and night. In June 2018 I went in for a very big surgery, 7 hours, during which my rectum was removed, my gallbladder was removed, plastic surgery was done to reconstruct my rear, using muscle from my leg and repairing hernias created by the previous surgeries. I had a painful recovery from that, for months and had drain pipes hanging from my body that had to be cleaned daily. My wounds had to heal. I am recovering well, with my helpmate beside me. She never left her post.
I thank Jesus for keeping me alive and for supplying in all our needs. I thank Jesus for a good wife and helpmate, a fellow follower of Jesus and servant of the kingdom of God. I thank Jesus that we can testify for Him and point others to Him. Jesus makes our life complete.
Follow Jesus. Be the man He wants you to be and He will sustain you. Be the woman He made you to be and you will be fulfilled.
I want to reiterate the words of Psalm 128
"How blessed is everyone who fears the LORD,
Who walks in His ways.
2When you shall eat of the fruit of your hands,
You will be happy and it will be well with you.
3Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine
Within your house,
Your children like olive plants
Around your table.
4Behold, for thus shall the man be blessed
Who fears the LORD."
May Jesus bless you.

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