Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Churches only have one objective, and
that is to manage you. They first want to get you under their control
by deceiving you into believing in them. People believe that church
is the way to heaven, that the church can save them from hell, as
long as they belong to a church. For thousands of years people have
been brainwashed to go to church.
Churches ordain their own officials and
lead people to believe that the church official, the priest, or
pastor or leader of the church, can speak to God for them. People
believe in the church and not in Jesus.
They believe in the priests and
pastors, they follow and obey them but do not obey Jesus.
Churches make up their own doctrines
which they preach and use to deceive people. To the deceived church
members, the doctrines of the church are above the words of Jesus.
The opinions of the church leaders are more important to them that
the words of Jesus. They believe that the church leaders and
preachers speak to and hear from God.
Churches are all about power, control
and MONEY.
All churches are man made
No church or other person on earth can
speak to God for you or can forgive your sins. No money can pay for
your salvation.
Only Jesus can save you and give you
eternal life, but you have to obey Him. Repent, turn from sin, stop
sinning, be baptized in water for the forgiveness of your sin, while
calling on Jesus. Jesus will answer you, forgive your past sins and
give you peace in your heart. Then SIN NO MORE.
Seek Jesus with all your heart and live
according to His teachings and commands as recorded in Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John. Jesus will reveal Himself to you. He will speak to you
and guide you. If you stay with Him, live holy and obey Him until the
end of your life, you will have eternal life.
Run from churches. Run to Jesus. The
only One who can help and save you is Jesus. All you need is Jesus.
Seek Him and you will find Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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