Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Christians Contolled and Manipulated by satan

Many Christian believers are controlled and manipulated by satan. They confess to believe in Jesus Christ but they open the door to the evil one. They listen to his lies and they believe in him rather than in Jesus Christ and His words.

Many professing Christians confess that they cannot stop sinning. They believe satan's lies. Jesus Christ said he who sins is a slave to sin and if the Son of God has set you free  you will be free and free indeed, but they do not believe Jesus, they rather believe satan. These people follow their own minds and go after their own lusts, they are worldly and they go after the desires of the flesh. They do not really believe in Jesus Christ. They do believe in themselves and they do believe satans's lies. They are only deceiving themselves.

If we truly believe in Jesus Christ and our hope is in Him, then we will believe His words, we will be FREE FROM SIN. We will be dedicated to the kingdom of God and we will live and be like Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ said:"My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me." Most professing Christians will tell you that they read their Bible, they do not listen to the voice of Jesus but they know very well to listen to satan and to follow their own minds .

We have to examine ourselves. Do we truly love Jesus? Are we seeking to be pleasing to Him, or will we one day look back in regret because we did not serve the purpose that Jesus Christ called us for. We were selfishly ambitious, running after our own desires and had no love nor desire for Jesus Christ. Are we being manipulated and controlled by satan because we run after our own desires?

If Jesus Christ is not our desire then we have no hope of salvation. We have no hope of eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

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