Saturday, April 16, 2016

Why believers do not HEAR God

Sin  separates man from God. We cannot HEAR God, not have any relationship or communion with Him if we have sin in our lives. That is why sinners have no relationship with God and sinning believers also have no communion with God or with Jesus Christ. You first need to get rid of your sin before you can walk with God, before you can hear the voice of God and follow Jesus Christ. That  is the reason why most believers do not know Jesus Christ , they do not hear His voice. Jesus said:"My sheep HEAR My voice and they follow Me." If we do not hear His voice it is because there is sin in our lives. We first need to get rid of the sin. You have to REPENT, turn away form sin, STOP SINNING, CUT IT OUT of your life, plead Jesus forgiveness and you must be baptized in water for the washing off of your sin, you must invite Jesus Christ into your life. clean up your life first, open the door and then invite Jesus in. Ask Him to give His Spirit in you to guide you, to be with you, to teach you, then you will hear His voice. If you do not hear His voice it is because there is sin in your life. Sin forms a barrier between us and God. You cannot live in sin and walk with Jesus. You need to be pure and holy. The Holy Spirit does not dwell in a sinful vessel. Sin separates us from God. His sheep HEAR His voice and they follow Him. If you serve sin you cannot serve Jesus Christ. If you do not hear His voice you are not one of His sheep, you are LOST, even though you believe that you are saved. You might quote Bible verses and be religious but if you sin, you will BURN.  You will end up in hell because you have no relationship with God.

Repent, turn away from sin, clean up your life, draw closer to Jesus, invite Him in and you will have communion with Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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