Monday, April 18, 2016


To repent means to make a u-turn, to go the other way. It does not mean to admit that you are a sinner and then to carry on sinning.

If you want to have eternal life you have to REPENT, STOP SINNING. Jesus Christ said:"Go sin no more." You cannot follow Jesus Christ if you do not REPENT, immediately STOP SINNING. It is not a long term gradual change. It is an immediate u-turn. You were going to hell but now you are following Jesus Christ  because you want eternal life AND you get baptized in water for the washing off of your sin because you SIN NO MORE.

After you have repented you are a saint, you are not a sinner any more. If you are still a sinner you never repented. You cannot be a sinner AND a follower of Jesus Christ. If you repent you TURN AWAY from sin and you turn away from running after your own lusts and you go after Jesus Christ, you obey Him , you live your life to please Him. It is an abrupt change. You STOP SINNING and you live righteousness.

Have you repented?

May Jesus bless you.

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