Wednesday, July 10, 2019


There are few things in life that are
as harrowing as a cancer diagnoses. This week I was  diagnosed
with cancer in the lung and chest. I have just recovered from rectal
cancer treatment, surgeries, chemo and radiation that was diagnosed
less than two years ago.
As a born again child of God, I
know that nothing can happen to me that Jesus does not allow. This
sickness was allowed by the Lord, it is from Him. It is chastisement
from the hand of God. Before I was diagnosed with rectal cancer the
Lord warned me that I was not as focused on Him as I should be.
used to live in remote places away from family and acquaintances and
we spent most of our time on the internet preaching the gospel and
replying to emails as Jesus commanded us to do. We moved closer to
our children about 3 years ago and got involved with them. It was
then that the Lord warned me. We were still continuing our work on
the internet, witnessing for Jesus, we never stopped, but our
attention was divided because we spent more time with the children.
They made use of us and we obliged, like parents do. It divided our
attention from the Lord's work. It was then that I was diagnosed with
rectal cancer, after becoming very ill.
After botched surgeries I
got sepsis. I was in ICU for more than a month, during which time I
died twice and was resuscitated. I survived, recovered and went
through chemo and extremely painful radiation, then through extensive
surgery to remove the tumor and do reconstructive plastic surgery in
June 2018, as my core was destroyed through the previous botched
During this time I witnessed for Jesus and made
videos as He gave me the messages, but we were still involved with
the children and the wonderful grandson that the Lord had given
Then the pains in my chest started developing, becoming worse
all the time, until I felt that I could not function any more. After
much prayer, I went to the hospital and received the second diagnoses
of cancer.
There is nowhere that we can hide from the Lord,
nothing is hidden from Him. He does not accept half measures or
divided attention. I have been preaching to others but was myself
drawn away by my love for my children and grandchild, which caused me
to sin. I was not as diligent as I should have been and that is why
the Lord struck me twice with cancer.
I accept and have repented
of my error. I am in the Lord's hand. I have decided not to go back
to the hospital. Chemo, radiation, surgery, special diets and
nutritional remedies will not heal me. When the Lord put's His hand
on you, you cannot escape or hide.
By His grace I will continue to
preach the truth, as long as He allows me and finds me useful. I am
thankful that Jesus prunes the branches that bear fruit, which can be
very painful. I am glad that He prunes me and corrects me and did not
just cut me off, like He did 21 years ago when I was not fruitful. I
then died of a heart attack but He brought me back to preach the
gospel. He then gave me a second chance.  I pray that I may bear
more fruit, and bring more souls to Jesus, to bring glory to Him. We
learn through what we suffer and I thank Jesus that He has made me
suffer so that I can better learn His ways and better serve
Please learn from my mistakes and from my testimony. It is a
narrow road that we need to walk to enter heaven. We need to stay
close to Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit, all the time. We have
to endure discipline and correction, not give up.
Please pray for
me that the Lord heal me. May we endure with Jesus until the end and
do what is pleasing to Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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