Monday, July 22, 2019


A few nights ago, I heard the Holy
Spirit say to me the word “proxy.” I knew the meaning of the word
but could not understand why the Lord spoke this word to me. I prayed
but did not receive an answer. This is a word not often used. Then a
friend of mine commented on one of my postings saying that you cannot
fly an aircraft by proxy. Also, you cannot follow Jesus by proxy.
Nobody else can do it for you. You have to do it yourself, you have
to control the aircraft and fly it all the way from take-off to
landing. Once you go solo, you are the only captain on board. Whether
you fly and land at your destination depends entirely on you, how you
handle the aircraft and whether you safely land it. It all depends on
you, your skills and execution.
Many private pilots get killed every
year. Many skilled and accomplished pilots get killed. It is
dangerous to fly private aircraft. I used to fly in Africa for many
years, into remote places. You have to do everything right or you
will kill yourself. Some do everything right and still get killed.
You are out there on your own and your flight safety as well as that
of those on board with you depends entirely on you. I was not the
best pilot that I knew, but I survived many fatal situations. Things
can go very wrong very quickly. The weather can change, your aircraft
engine can fail. Quite a few excellent pilots, that I knew killed
themselves in aircraft accidents. I should have been killed quite a
few times but I survived. I did not survive because I was such a good
pilot, but rather because Jesus kept me alive. There were many times
that I was in dire situations, where I called out to the Lord and He
brought me through, to make a safe landing.
Here is the
lesson. In our walk with Jesus, we are the ones in control. It
depends on you, whether you will reach your destination. Nobody else
can do it for you, but without Jesus, you will not make it. It does
not matter how skilled and proficient you are, without Jesus, you
will not make it. When you are up in the air, with howling winds,
lightning and thunder, being tossed around like a leaf, you call on
Jesus, and when He opens a small path through the thick clouds to the
place of safe landing, you know He saved you, and you know that
without Jesus you will not make it into heaven. You have to take
control, nobody else can do it for you, but without Jesus, we will
not make it.
Are you following Jesus? Are you
flying, and is Jesus with you? If you stay on the ground, you will
not make it to your destination.
May Jesus bless you.

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