Wednesday, October 9, 2019


The Body of Christ, the Spirit Filled
born again children of God have one Leader, Jesus Christ Himself. His
sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. They will not follow after
strangers, because they do not know the voice of the strangers.
It is however obvious that very few
professing Christians hear from Jesus and follow Him. They follow
after people and after their own opinions, and that is why they are
in darkness. Those who follow after Jesus are of the same Spirit,
the Holy Spirit.
Most professing Christians do not have
the Holy Spirit and of those who have received the Spirit, few follow
and obey Him. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of TRUTH, and He guides
those who follow Him, into all truth. There is only one truth but
there are many Christian churches and church leaders with different
doctrines, all building their own organizations, leading them on
different paths, not to Jesus. There are hundreds of different
versions of the English Bible, with different interpretations, yet
they call it the Word of God. How can it be? God does not lie. The
Bibles have been modified to support the doctrines of the churches
and their false leaders. They are leading the sheep to slaughter.
Most professing Christians are going to hell, because they are not
following Jesus.
Jesus promised to give His Spirit, the
Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth in those who receive Him, believe in
Him and obey Him, His words and commandments, as recorded in Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John. Repent and be baptized and seek Jesus for the
Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Seek Him in prayer, and He will fill you
with His Spirit. Follow and obey His Spirit, and He will guide you
into all truth. Follow Him until the end and you will have eternal
Have you received Jesus? Have you
repented and been baptized in water and have you received the Holy
Spirit? Are you following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or are you
following after men?
May Jesus bless

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