Monday, October 7, 2019


The greatest desire of New Testament Christians was to receive the Holy
Spirit. It equipped them for their new life in Jesus, having Jesus in
them, His Spirit comforting, guiding and teaching them.

the Holy Spirit dwelling in them they could pray in the Spirit, in
tongues, mysteries according to the will of God. They could be
edified in their spirit while having the Spirit of God making
supplication to God through them. They could experience the presence
of God, Emmanuel, Christ in them at all times, by praying in the

only could they edify themselves but also other believers, through
the Holy Spirit manifesting through them by gifts of prophecy,
healing, miracles, word of knowledge, tongues with interpretation,
word of wisdom as the Spirit willed.

who do not have the Holy Spirit cannot function in nor be part of the
Body of Christ.

modern day secular church does not have the Holy Spirit. It is just a
religious club, an institution, run and controlled by men. Its
members are not part of the kingdom of God, they do not have the Holy
Spirit and do not belong to Jesus. Neither do they follow Him.

born again followers of Jesus desire, crave, hunger and thirst for
Jesus, His Holy Spirit. Their only desire is to be led by the Holy
Spirit and be pleasing to Jesus. The more we seek Him, the more He
will dwell in us and manifest through us. Many received the Holy
Spirit some years ago, spoke in tongues and then they stopped.
Streams of living water must continue to flow through us, but we need
to desire, keep praying and stay in communion with Jesus.

cannot bear fruit for the kingdom of Gof id we do not stay in Christ,
abiding in the Vine. Without Jesus we can do nothing. His Spirit must
dwell in us and flow through us.

we received the Holy Spirit? Do we worship in Spirit and in truth and

are we led by the Holy Spirit.

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