Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Carnal Mentality vs Kingdom Mindset

All people have a CARNAL MENTALITY. The way that they think is determined by where they grew up, the nation that they were born into, the culture from which they are, the work that they do. All of those things mold their thinking and that is carnal thinking which is not suitable for the Kingdom of God. When people come to Jesus they want to carry their carnal human thinking through to their relationship with Jesus Christ. Your MINDSET HAS TO CHANGE. You have to lose the carnal mentality. You have to become a child of God.
Different nations have different mentalities. Some nations are industrious. Some people live off the system, they have never worked in their lives, their parents never worked, they are part of the first world SYSTEM. Some countries are naturally deprived, poor countries, people just want to beg, they don't want to work and they think that if they serve Jesus they can be exactly the same.
You have to lose your CARNAL MENTALITY, you have to be TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWAL OF YOUR MIND in order to be a child of God and then you do not fit into any culture or any country, you fit into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Your mind can only be transformed if you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then you are born again, you are changed, you get a different mindset. The natural mindset has limitations. A child of God has no limitations. God has no limitations, whatever He wills He does. A child of God does the will of God without limitation. That is why people say they cannot stop sinning or this thing is impossible and that thing is impossible, they have got a CARNAL MINDSET, they have got a CARNAL MENTALITY. For those who believe in Jesus Christ and who follow Him nothing is impossible. Has your mindset been changed? Do you have a Kingdom mindset? Are you a child of God?
A child of God is PERFECT because he OBEYS his Father. Jesus said:”Be ye PERFECT like your father in Heaven is PERFECT.” You can only do the will of God if you have a Kingdom Mindset and you have lost your CARNAL MENTALITY. If you do not follow and obey Jesus Christ you will not acquire a Kingdom Mindset and you will not be suitable for the Kingdom of Heaven.

May Jesus bless you.

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