Sunday, December 22, 2013

What Matters is How you Finish

Many people hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and then they say a sinners prayer, they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord, Master and Savior. They promise to follow Him and obey Him in that prayer but very soon they turn away from Him, they don't keep their promise, they leave Him.
Many people fall in love with somebody and they get married, they make marriage vows but very soon their love grows cold, They find somebody else and they leave the one to whom they vowed to be faithful for life.
It is only those who remain faithful to Jesus until the very end that will have eternal life, it is only those who keep their vows. Many turn away from Jesus. Some want to go back. What is important is not how you start the race but how you finish it. You might have known Jesus, you might have followed Jesus and then backslidden into the world. What matters is HOW YOU END. GET BACK TO JESUS. Love Him, obey Him, follow Him and KEEP YOUR VOW, stay with Him until the end and He will give you LIFE. It is only those who endure until the end that will have eternal life.
What really matters is not how you start but how you finish. Are you running the race with endurance in such a way that you will win the prize? How do you intend to finish?

May Jesus bless you.

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