Sunday, December 1, 2013

Don't Go Naked

Government officials, soldiers and policemen wear uniforms that identify them with their job, with their country. They also wear name tags that identify THEM. The soldier of Jesus Christ also identifies with Jesus, he also PUTS ON Jesus when he wakes up every morning, he is the LIGHT of the world and his light shines wherever he goes.
If we do not put on Jesus every morning when we get up then we are not clothed, we are NAKED. Do you put on Jesus every morning? Are you clothed or do you go naked? Are you the LIGHT OF THE WORLD? I hardly ever go out without a t-shirt that identifies me as a child of God, a t-shirt with a message that warns people to REPENT, that tells them that I am a child of God and I identify with Jesus. On my car there are stickers that warn people to REPENT, that challenge them whether they are followers of Christ or whether they don't care about Jesus.
Do YOU identify with Jesus? Are you the LIGHT OF THE WORLD? Or do you go NAKED? When Jesus comes, will He find you clothed in your UNIFORM or will you be naked? Are you shy to identify yourself with Jesus. If we deny HIM before this wicked generation, He will certainly also deny us before His heavenly Father and His holy angels.

May Jesus bless you.

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