Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Christian Models

The world is full of Christian models, people that conform to different forms and shapes of Christianity. Some of them do look like they just come from the beach.

Different churches have different teachings and those who belong to those churches conform to the image that their church portrays of Jesus Christ. There are denominational and non-denominational Christians but there are very few that conform to the image of Jesus Christ. All of those models are just FAKE. There is only one way to please God and that is to follow and obey Jesus, to conform to His teachings, to be like Him. All other roads lead to destruction. Most confessing Christians conform to some model. Many of them are just spectators who constantly read the Bible and study, they practice religion. Some of them are just idle talkers but very few follow Jesus Christ.

Very few are disciples of Jesus Christ. Only those who conform to the image of Christ, those who walk with Him and become like Him, only they are pleasing to Him.

Are we conformed to Jesus Christ or have we become like the rest of the world, FAKES?

May Jesus bless you.

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