Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dead or Alive

Most professing Christians are not actively following Jesus Christ. They just believe in Jesus and they believe that they have salvation. Some of them just practice religion. They read their Bible and they go to church and they pray before they go to bed. Some of them have received the Holy Spirit but they are not following the Holy Spirit.

Very few Christians are ALIVE. Most of them are dead, dead in sin. They are conformed to the world and they run after the things of the world . They have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They do not listen to the Holy Spirit, they do not follow and they do not obey Him. They have the name that they are alive but they are dead, dead in their sins.

If we are not actively seeking Jesus Christ, going after Him, listening to His voice , following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, every day, and not doing what He commands us to do every day  then we are spiritually dead.

Are you alive? Are you living for Jesus Christ or are you spiritually dead? Come alive for Jesus. If our relationship with Jesus Christ is not real and we are not living for Him, then our religion is in vain, we will perish.

Are you ALIVE and living for the kingdom of God? Are you serving the King, Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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