Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No Hope for this TRASH Generation

This is a TRASH generation, a lawless, wicked generation with no morals, no desire for truth, excellence. This generation does not appreciate holiness nor decency. There is no desire for godliness. There is no hope for this generation because it is not interested in God. It is not interested in Jesus Christ. It has no desire for purity. Not even Jesus will help this generation because it does not want Him. Professing Christians do not want holiness, they do not want to be pure. they want to be justified in their weakness and their wickedness. They reject the truth, they run after lies. There is no hope for them. If you do not have a desire inside of you to get out of the muck and the mire and the dirt and the filth and the sin then not even God can help you.

This generation is TRASH and it will PERISH because it has gone rotten. There is no salt, there is no hope for this generation. The parents have gone rotten and the children have been brought up on TRASH. If we have no desire for truth, for holiness, for excellence then there is no hope there is no future and we will get what we deserve. God will hand us over to our rotten corruption. If we do not repent and seek the truth, seek Jesus Christ , seek a NEW LIFE  for Him to make us NEW INSIDE then this will be THE END.

Jesus came to save us but this world does not want to be saved. Do you want to be saved from sin or do you want to perish IN YOUR SIN. If you want LIFE, seek Jesus, or else just rot in your sin.

May Jesus bless you.

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