Thursday, March 10, 2016

Conflicting beliefs from the same Bible

There is very little unity or consensus among those who call themselves Christians. They all have the same Bible  but they have many different conflicting views and beliefs. Those who follow Jesus Christ are ONE with Him because they have ONE Leader, they have ONE Objective, They have ONE Goal and that is, in everything, to be pleasing to Jesus Christ.

Many are only Bible believers who go after their own opinions and their own beliefs and they fight religious wars around there own beliefs but they are not following Jesus Christ. They justify themselves by what the believe. They seek salvation in their VIEW and interpretation, their beliefs of Scriptures but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They do not know Him , they are not interested in Him, they are only interested in themselves and their own opinion.

If we do not follow Jesus Christ and do not seek to please Him, we are not part of His kingdom, we are just religious and deceiving ourselves.

Unity does not come from knowledge of the Bible, it comes from our desire to know and follow Jesus Christ and be pleasing to Him.

There is only one WAY, TRUTH and LIFE and that is Jesus Christ. If we do not follow HIM we will perish.

May Jesus bless you.

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