Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Faith and Religion Cannot Save You

Many people trust in their faith. They trust in those things that they
believe in but sadly most of them believe lies. Many are just religious.
Others say that they believe in Jesus Christ for salvation but that
faith cannot save them if they do not obey Jesus Christ, if they do not
know him for real.

Salvation is not about what you believe. It is
about knowing, following and obeying Jesus Christ, the Living God. There
is only one way to have forgiveness of our sins, there is only one way
to be a child of God, and that is to be born again by the Spirit of God.
When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master and you take
action, you obey Him, you repent of sin, you turn from your wicked ways,
and you are baptized in water, and you seek Jesus Christ with all your
heart, He will give His Holy Spirit in you to guide you; to be your
constant companion. He will teach you all things so that you will know
Jesus Christ for real, and that you will become part of His kingdom, the
kingdom of God.

Salvation is not about what you believe, how you
believe. It is about knowing the truth, knowing Jesus Christ, believing
His words and obeying Him, it is about being a born-again child of God.
There's only one way to have eternal life, and that is Jesus Christ.
Seek Him, follow Him, and obey Him, draw closer to Him and He will draw
closer to you. Obey His words and He will reveal Himself to you, and you
will know Him for real. Jesus Christ alone is the Way, the Life and the
Truth, there is no other.

May Jesus bless you.

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