Monday, October 3, 2016

Perfect Illusion

Most professing Christians
are living under a perfect illusion. They believe that they have
salvation security because they belong to a church and because they
were christened or baptized in their church when they were babies.
These people are utterly
deceived because they do not have salvation, they do not know Jesus
Christ, and when they die they will end up in hell. There is only one
way to have salvation and that is to know and to follow Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is alive. He is God and He reveals Himself to all those
who seek Him. His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. I we do
not have a real relationship with Jesus Christ then we are doomed, we
will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
Your church membership and
being baptized by your church means absolutely nothing. Baby baptism
is invalid. It is a lie. It is a deception that was a born in other
Catholic Church. It is a lie from Satan. It is absolutely useless and
futile to be christened or baptized as a baby. Baptism is only valid
if you have accepted Jesus Christ, if you have committed to follow
and obey Him and to live your life to please Him, only thereafter can
you be baptized in water as a confession of your faith and your
commitment to die to sin and to live for Jesus Christ. A baby cannot
believe, a baby does not have any appreciation of sin, a baby cannot
repent. Infant baptism is an utter illusion it is a lie from Satan.
If you do not know Jesus Christ then you have no hope of salvation.
If we've heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and we believe in Him and
we obey His words, repent seek Him with all our heart, He will reveal
Himself to us. Then only must we be baptized in water. Jesus will
give His Holy Spirit in us to guide us and to teach us, to be with us
so that we can experience Him for real.
Dear friend, do you know
Jesus Christ for real? Or are you living under an illusion, a perfect
illusion of salvation but you are lost, you are doomed, you will end
up in hell? Seek the truth, seek Jesus Christ, get to know Jesus
Christ before it is too late.
May Jesus bless you.

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