Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Consequences of BELIEVING in Jesus Christ

If you hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and you take Him seriously then there will be some serious and severe consequences, because you will be changed inside, if you except Jesus Christ and you are born again. You will not be the same person anymore, you will be a new creature. You will not have the same taste for sin, for the things of the world, for the same friends, and the same activities, same desires, the same ambitions anymore. You will be different. You will have different values. That happened to me when I took Jesus Christ seriously. I changed, I was a different person. At work I was a different person; I was not the same fun person anymore. I did not enjoy the same things with the same people anymore. I did not participate in the same idle chatter, I was different and there were consequences. I was a senior manager at a big company and my boss called me in,  he said to me:"What has happened to you? You are not the same person anymore," and I said to him: "I have met Jesus and I realized that I was heading the wrong way, but I've turned around, I'm going a different direction I want to be pleasing to Jesus." My boss said to me:"You do not fit in here anymore. I want your resignation, right now."  I was fired. That was one of the consequences of my faith of believing in Jesus, of being born again and the consequences have not changed. I've been rejected by friends, by family. I have been hated, I've been persecuted, because I do not fit in anymore. I have a different outlook on life, I am NOT of the world, I am of Jesus Christ. I want to be pleasing to Him. I do not care for the same things anymore. There will be consequences when you decide to follow Jesus Christ. When Jesus sends you where He wants to use you, you will have to obey and go where He sends you. When He tells you to do something you will have to do it, you will have to obey Him. That is one of the consequences.

Those consequences never stop. If you believe in Jesus Christ and you go after Him then many things will happen to you, many things will happen in and through your life there will be consequences. If you follow Jesus Christ your life will be eventful.

Many people say they believe in Jesus Christ for salvation but nothing changed. Their life didn't change, they didn't change, everything is just the same. They are as worldly and as sinful as they used to be. They never changed, because they never really believed. If you you believe in Jesus Christ you will be changed, you will be a new creature. You will be a child of God and you will constantly seek to do His will. You will not be at home in this world anymore. You will not enjoy the pleasures of sin.

Many people say they believe in Jesus and they say they love Him, but they battle with sin. If you follow Jesus Christ you will suffer and if you have suffered the consequences of following Jesus Christ then you will not have desire for sin anymore. You will desire to be pleasing to Jesus. If you have seen the kingdom of God, if you have met Jesus Christ for real you will be changed. You will have a different view of life, you will have your sights set on the kingdom of heaven and you will be seeking to please Jesus, your Lord and your Master because you will know Him for real. That is the consequence of getting to know Jesus Christ. You will be a new creature.

Has your life changed? Have your circumstances changed? Have you changed? Have there been consequences,since you believed in Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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