Monday, October 31, 2016


You have to stay focused on Jesus until the very end and do what is pleasing to Him to have eternal life, to enter into His kingdom. Many people start out well but then they get distracted. They go back to sin, they turn away from Jesus. If you have turned away from Jesus, if you've been distracted, go back to Jesus. Get your focus on Him and stay focused on Him until the very end. It is all about following Jesus Christ, keeping your eyes on Hm, praying, having Jesus on your mind, being filled with His Spirit. Jesus Christ alone is the Way the Truth and the Life. There is no other.

It is about our relationship with Him not with other Christians, not with other people. It is not about our Bible knowledge or our dedication to the church, or fellowship with other Christians; it is about our relationship Jesus. Jesus said: "Follow Me." Jesus is the WAY. Stay focused on Jesus and follow Him. Do not allow anything to distract you. If you stumble, go back to Jesus and stay focused on Him until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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