Monday, October 10, 2016

Many sons of God

Jesus Christ is the firstborn of many sons of God. Jesus said that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless we are born again of water and of the Spirit of God. We have to be born again to become children of God, sons of God.
If we accept Jesus Christ and we obey His words, if we repent and are baptized in water, and we follow Him, then we will
become like Him. Jesus Christ proved that it is possible for flesh-and-blood, what we are, to do the will of God, to be perfect to become sons of God. Jesus came to redeem many,
those who would accept Him, those who would be born again and become sons of God, that inherit the kingdom of God. If we follow Jesus Christ then we become like Him. We do as He commanded, we are holy like He is holy, and we obey the
Father like He obeyed the Father. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans chapter 8 verse 14, "those who are being led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God," they are the children of God. Jesus Christ did not come to call believers, He came to call sons, to be born again into the kingdom of God, to bear fruit for the kingdom of God, to follow Jesus Christ, the firstborn, and be sons of God like He Himself is  Son of God. Have you been born again of the Spirit of God and of water? Have you become a son of God? Are you a child of God?
May Jesus bless you.

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