Thursday, November 16, 2017

Building the Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is not
a physical building. It is living stones, born-again men, women and
children, that have become children of God. They listen to the
Master's voice and they work for the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ
dwells in them. They are a temple of the Holy Spirit and they
themselves build the kingdom of God. They bring others to Jesus,
disciples who hear His voice, who follow Him and who work for His
We can only be part of the
kingdom of God if we are born again children of God, if Jesus Christ
dwells in us, if his Spirit dwells in us, and we are led by the Holy
Spirit. We are called to build the kingdom of God, to multiply, to
bring more souls to Jesus, to grow the kingdom of God, with souls
that have been redeemed from Hell, souls that have been saved from
damnation, because we have brought them to Jesus Christ. Without
Jesus we can do nothing.
Without His Spirit
dwelling in us we cannot bear fruit for His kingdom, but if we remain
in Him, and Him in us, and we listen to His voice, and we serve Him
and we bear much fruit, because Christ works in and through us to
draw others unto Him. We cannot change the world. We cannot change
ourselves, but we can be changed into His likeness if we submit to
Him, if we yield to Him and if we go after Him with everything that
is in us. Jesus will change us, and if we make ourselves available to
Him He can use us to build His kingdom.
If we are not fruitful for
His kingdom then we are worthless, and we will get cut off and
burned. We are called to build the kingdom of God so that we
ourselves will become part of that inheritance of the kingdom of God.
Are we part of that kingdom of God? Are we that holy temple in which
Jesus dwells and do we follow Him? Do we build His kingdom? Do we
serve Him? Are we part of that kingdom of God that the world cannot
see and are we building on the kingdom of God through the Spirit of
Christ that works in and through us?
May Jesus bless you.

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