Tuesday, November 7, 2017

You must be SERIOUS to Follow Jesus

If you want eternal life
you have to be very serious about following Jesus Christ. It is not
just a matter of believing in Jesus. We have to follow Him. We have
to obey His words and go with Him until the very end. We have to
repent of all sin and of our own ways and make up our mind to follow
Jesus Christ. We have to obey Him, be baptized in water and we have
to seek Him with all our heart and he will speak to us. He will
guide us and we can follow Him.
I was shocked when I
realized that even though I had repented, been baptized in water, and
received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that I did not really know
the voice of the Lord. When I realized that Jesus said that:"My
sheep hear My voice and they follow Me," I had to be honest and
I said:"Lord but I do not know Your voice and I do not follow
You. I follow my own mind I do as I think fit. I'm going about my own
life." I was shocked and I realized that I had to seek Jesus I
had to hear His voice and I had to listen to Him to be able to follow
Him. I sought Jesus with all my heart. I decided to not eat or drink.
I said:"Lord, don't send anybody else to speak to me. I do not
want to hear from a man. I do not want to hear from anybody else, I
want to hear from Jesus." He did not speak to me straightaway,
but after I sought Him earnestly, He started speaking to me.
Many people ask me why
Jesus does not speak to them and they have asked Him to speak to
them? Dear friend you need to be really serious about following Jesus
Christ. You need to seek His will. You need to seek to be pleasing to
Him. You need to seek His kingdom, not your own ways. He will not
speak to you about yourself. He will speak to you about His kingdom.
He will correct you and discipline you. He will tell you the things
in your life that are not right, that you need to change, to be
pleasing to Him. He will rebuke you. He will teach you, He will give
you understanding of the things that you do not understand about Him
and about the kingdom of God, things that you do not understand in
the Bible. He will give you understanding, you will understand those
things if you seek Jesus with all your heart, if you seek His
kingdom. But you have to be serious. If you're not serious Jesus will
not answer you. You need to seek Jesus with all your heart and be
serious about following Him, about being pleasing to Him. nobody will
get into heaven easily. We have to strive hard, we have to press on
in. We have to deny ourselves and pick up our cross every day and go
after Jesus. We must love Him, seek Him follow Him and obey Him. We
must be serious.
Are you serious about
Jesus Christ, about the kingdom of heaven? If you're not serious you
will not enter His kingdom dear friend. seek Jesus with all your
heart. He rewards those who earnestly seek Him and show by the deeds
that they are serious about following Him ,those who obey and seek
Him day and night, who wish to follow Him. They will hear His voice.
He will guide them and He will teach them, and He will use them for
His kingdom.
May Jesus bless you.

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