Friday, November 3, 2017

Take the children to Jesus

Our children, our little
ones, are our responsibility and we have to bring them up correctly.
We have to teach them life skills and we have to teach them the
right way. There's only one right way and one way to have eternal
life and that is Jesus Christ. If we do not take our children to
Jesus then we take them to hell.
Jesus said:"Bring the
little ones to Me and do not hinder them because to such belong the
kingdom of heaven." We have to take our children to Jesus, not
to church, or to Sunday School. We have to take them to Jesus. We
have to teach them to follow and obey Jesus Christ. If we ourselves
do not know Jesus and if we are not following Him then we ourselves
are on our way to hell. Jesus said that anyone who causes such a
little one to stumble, it will be better for him that a millstone be
tied around his neck and he be thrown in the bottom of the sea. It is
our responsibility to teach our children to fear Jesus, to obey Him.
We must teach them to pray, to trust in Jesus. We have to do it in
our homes. They must see from our example how to follow Jesus Christ
because children follow in the footsteps of their parents. If we
guide them the wrong way we will give account to God for what we
have done. We have to teach them about Jesus. We have to teach them
to pray, teach them to trust in Jesus, they must see from our lives
that we know Jesus and that Jesus Christ is alive.
If we do not teach our
children, then the world will, the system will, the schools will, and
they will take them to hell with them.
Are we teaching our
children to follow Jesus Christ or are we following after the rest of
the world, bringing the Xbox and the video games and the TVs and all
of the wicked influences into our homes? Do we take them to Jesus, or
to it take them to the game? Do we take them to worldly activities,
sinful activities? Do we take them to places where they should not be
going? Where are they following our footsteps? Are they following our
example of knowing and following Jesus Christ or are we ourselves
leading our children to hell? Our children are our responsibility. We
will give a count to Jesus for our children for what we have taught
them, whether we've taught them to know Him, the truth the life and
the way, or whether we allowed them to slip away and go with the rest
of the world into the depths of damnation. Are we taking our children
to Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

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