Thursday, November 23, 2017

I Am Not Ashamed

I thank Jesus for his
loving kindness and His mercy. I thank him for His goodness to me
because all His ways are loving kindness. I thank Jesus for this
condition in which I am right now, because it is all part of His
plan. I thank Him that through the sickness I've had the opportunity
to witness to so many hospital staff and to doctors, and to share my
testimony of how I died almost 20 years ago of a heart attack, and I
found my way on my way to hel,l but Jesus had mercy on me and he let
me come back to warn the world that Jesus Christ is alive and hell is
I thank Jesus that I can
speak freely and openly and that I can testify from my heart because
I know my Father. I know His voice and that I can bring others to
Him, that I can take others and put their hand in His hand so that
they can know Him and that they can follow Him and that they can also
have life. We are here for His glory. We are here to be witnesses for
Jesus Christ, because if Jesus lives in us He must be manifested in
and through us. He must become more and we must become less, because
Jesus is Lord. He is King. He is God Almighty. All the glory and all
the honor and all the praises to Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.