Thursday, November 2, 2017

Underrating Jesus Christ

The world underestimates
and disregards Jesus Christ because they do not know Him. Even
professing Christians despise Jesus because they do not know Him.
Many professing Christians only believe in Jesus Christ as a concept,
they believe that and they will have salvation if they believe in
Jesus and they confess His name, but they do not know Him. That is
why they do not fear Him and they do not serve Him, but those who are
born again of the Spirit of God and who are filled with a Spirit,
they know Jesus.
They hear His voice and
they follow Him. They know that He is King of kings and Lord of
lords, He is God Almighty, and they serve Him day and night. To them
He is not a stranger. To them He is not a concept. They see the
kingdom of God, they hear the voice of God, they walk with God,
because they are the true children of God.
Those who seek Him, find
Him and He reveals Himself to those who obey Him; those who obey the
gospel of Jesus Christ, who truly believe, who repent and are
baptized in water. Jesus fills them with the Holy Spirit. He opens
their ears and their eyes and they can see the kingdom of God. They
experience the kingdom of God. They know Jesus Christ for real and
they serve Him as Lord.
Most professing Christians
will stand before Jesus one day and He will say to them:"Go away
I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." They never knew
Him, they never obeyed Him, they never followed Him and they will not
have any place in His kingdom. Are you truly born again of the Spirit
of God? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit of God? Do you know Jesus
Christ for real? If you seek Him you will find Him, and He will
reveal Himself to you and you will know Him for real. Jesus Christ is
the Living God.
May Jesus bless you.

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