Monday, April 23, 2018

Adulterous Marriages and Private Revelations

Many Christian believers preach rules and regulations from their own private interpretation of the Bible, from their own conviction and from their own revelations that they claim to have had of Jesus. Many people are confused by these varied teachings and often the faith of many is destroyed.

One of such teachings is the one of adulterous marriages, that claims that if a person is divorced and gets married again, then he is in an adulterous marriage and he needs to divorce and go back to his previous partner. God hates divorce. Advising a person who was once divorced and got married again, to divorce for the second time, causes that person to commit the same sin for the second time. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not about rules and regulations. It is a about following and obeying Jesus Christ obeying His commands. Once you have repented and you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Master, then you follow Him and you obey Him and you get your guidance from Him, not from the rules and regulations and private revelations of other people.

If we are still following people, we are not following Jesus Christ. If we following people, we are following the blind, the blind leading the blind. We are not to follow people. We are to follow Jesus Christ and to do what He guides us to do and what He tells us to do.

It serves no purpose to destroy a second marriage, break up a home, put people into distress, break up a home where children need to be maybe brought up, in stability, and then to go back to a previous partner who might not want to accept you. It is not about our relationship with other people. It is primarily about our relationship with Jesus. We have to obey Him. If He tells you to divorce and go back to your previous wife or husband, then you are following Jesus, but if you are following the advice of another person, then you're not with Jesus, you are busy with dead religious rules and practices.

Many believers have a dreams and experiences, revelations which they share with others about things like heaven and hell, fasting, vigils, and these people want to make up rules by which other people have to live and follow Jesus Christ. There are many testimonies of near-death experiences, and people come back with different stories. The only way to know the truth is to ask Jesus to confirm whether that which the person says is indeed the truth, whether that is what Jesus wants you to do. If we follow after people and the words of people we're not busy with Jesus, and we are already astray. Jesus delivered His gospel, His words, His teachings, and He said that if we listen to His words, and we obey them, then we will be like a wise man who has built his house on the rock, on the solid foundation, and when the storms of life come we will stand. But if we build our faith and our beliefs on what other people say, we are like those who build their foundations on the sand, and when the storms come we are destroyed; we fall over, we fall to pieces.

The only way that we can be stable in Christ is when we are led by the Holy Spirit, when we get our wisdom and our guidance from Jesus, and we should not waver. That is what discipleship is about. That is what following Jesus Christ is about. It is not following His servants, but following Him. U as followers of Jesus and disciples of Jesus, we must bring others to Jesus, not to ourselves not to our own teachings, our own ideas. We must take people to Jesus and advise them to get their wisdom from Him, to be led by Him, because Jesus is our Teacher, He is our Lord. He is our Master, He is our Guide, He is our Rock, He is our Provider. He is our everything, and if we allow ourselves to be distracted from Jesus, we will not survive. We must build on the Rock, on Jesus Christ.

We must live by His words, by the words that He command, as also recorded in the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Those are the words of eternal life. We must be led by the Holy Spirit. Man will not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and the moment that you turn away from God, and you start following after a brother or a sister, or a preacher, you are in grave danger of destruction and hell fire.

In Jeremiah 17 verse 5 we read: Cursed is the man who turns away from the Lord his God and puts his trust in flesh. We've got to trust Jesus only. Don't trust in me, don't trust in another preacher, don't trust in another man because then you're not following Jesus Christ anymore. If you need wisdom, if you need guidance; go on your knees, speak to Jesus. He will guide you. If He does not give you the answer that you're looking for, wait on Him. He will speak to you at the right time. He will give you wisdom and guidance about the things that are important to Him. We often have wrong priorities. We want to know certain things, but those things are not important to God.

What is important to Jesus is our relationship with Him, obeying His words, living according to His commands. Sin no more, live holiness, righteousness. Pray, ask Him for guidance. Wait on Him. Repent and be baptized. Do as He commanded and He will give His Spirit in you to guide you. He will always be with you, but we have to stay with Him to have eternal life. If we start listening to other people and their wisdom, if we start following other people, we are being led by the blind, because dear friends I can tell you one thing. I don't know about tomorrow, but I know who holds tomorrow, that is Jesus and I follow Him. I cannot advise you about tomorrow. I cannot tell you what to do and I will never do that, but what I will tell you is: Get your eyes on Jesus, seek Him. He is the only way. Follow Him and you will have life. I follow Jesus and I advise you to put your hand in His hand, to seek Him with all your heart, and if you seek Him you will find Him. If you ask Him, He will guide you, but you have to be serious.

Stop listening to other people. Get on your knees, pray, wait on the Lord, and He will guide you. There is only one way to have eternal life and that is to follow and obey Jesus Christ. Stay with Jesus, build on Him, listen to Him. Obey Him and you will be safe.

May Jesus bless you.

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