Sunday, April 29, 2018

Do Not Compromise

Nothing is more important than our relationship with Jesus, about knowing Him, obeying Him, trusting Him and following Him. Those who are being led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. If we allow anything or anybody to come in between us and Jesus, then we will be destroyed, and then we will become useless for the kingdom of God.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without obedience to Jesus it is impossible to please Him. If we put our hand to the plow and we look back, then we are not worthy of Him. satan will try anything and everything to come in between you and Jesus. He will use those who are the closest to you, he will use your spouse, your brother in Christ, to deter you, to take you away from what Jesus wants you to do, if you allow him. That is why satan also used Peter to try and sway Jesus Christ. When Jesus told his disciples that He would be crucified, He would die and be resurrected, Peter took Him one side and he rebuked Him. He said:"Lord may it never be!" and what did Jesus say to him? He said:"Get behind me satan, you're thinking of earthly things not of the kingdom of God."

Do not allow any brother or anybody, any church, nothing, do not allow anything to come in between you and Jesus, because that will rendered you useless for the kingdom of God, and you will not enter his kingdom. We have to follow Jesus Christ every step of the way.

Jesus will teach you. He will guide you. He will use you for His kingdom, if you remain faithful to Him, if you do not compromise, but if you compromise you make yourself unsuitable for the kingdom of God. I have had many people brothers in Christ tell me to remove certain videos which they did not like. They did not like the message. If Jesus told me to say something, I will say it and I will

not turn back on it. I've had some wonderful brothers, who supported me, who felt that they wanted to financially support me they were sending me money, but then the message hurt them. They told me to change the message. and I refused. They stopped supporting me, they became my enemies, they were enemies of Jesus Christ in the first place. Money is the reason why many people compromise. They follow after people, they want the acceptance of people. You will be tested and if you follow Jesus, and you do his will you will often find yourself in a position where you've got to choose between your closest brother, the family, and Jesus Christ. If you choose to compromise, you will be destroyed, you will lose Jesus because He requires of us to follow Him every step of the way.

It is a lonely road, but it is the only road. If you want to have eternal life, if you want to be pleasing to Jesus, you are not allowed to compromise. You must listen to Jesus, get your wisdom from Him. Pray, ask Him. He will guide you. Wait on Him. Live for Him, but do not compromise, do not listen to the wisdom of people. Get your guidance from Jesus. Nothing is more important and our relationship with Jesus Christ. Compromisers will not enter the kingdom of God. Follow Jesus, obey Him trust Him, do what He commands you to do. Do not compromise,  and you will never be shaken.

May Jesus bless you.

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