Monday, April 30, 2018

Stop listening to other people

If you are serious about following Jesus , you should stop listening to people and start listening to Jesus. His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him.

Sheep often follow after sheep and then they go astray. We have to follow after Jesus to bear fruit for His kingdom and be pleasing to Him.

Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life. If we do not follow Him, we will not find the way.

Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples, who are led by the Holy Spirit, not by fellow disciples. The Holy Spirit guides every disciple into fruitful service for the kingdom of God. Without Jesus, without His Holy Spirit we can do nothing. He uses every member of the Body as He directs. One might be sent with a message, to prophesy. Prophecy is not for personal guidance, it is to warn, reprimand and direct the hearer to Jesus.

Every disciple must learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. We have to learn to ask Jesus, trust Him, wait on Him and obey, when He directs us. Harmony in the Body of Christ results when individual members obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Church organizations function under direction of the leadership, they do not function under direction of the Holy Spirit. They are not of the kingdom of God. Churches teach their membership to submit to the church leadership, not to Jesus. They are Antichrist.

Those who belong to Jesus set themselves apart to serve Him. They are led by the Holy Spirit. They do not follow, nor submit themselves to church leadership. Nobody can serve two masters. You have to learn to listen to Jesus, follow and obey Him.

Jesus might send another disciple to you to warn and reprimand you. Pray, ask Jesus whether the message is from Him. He will confirm it, if it is from Him.

Do not be led by revelations from other people, unless Jesus specifically confirms the revelation to you. Many people have been destroyed because they were following after so-called men and women of God that had special revelations. Many have acted on rapture predictions. They believed that Jesus would return on a certain day. Because of that many quit ttheir jobs, deserted their families, gave away their hard earned possessions and then when the prophecy was not fulfilled as they expected, they got mad at God. Many of them do not believe in Jesus any more, because they followed after people and allowed themselves to be deceived.  Always get your final guidance from Jesus.

There are many false teachings that have been made up from the Bible. Churches manipulate members with Bible verses. That is witchcraft, because they distort the truth to deceive and take advantage of believers.

Follow Jesus, not men. Seek Jesus. Ask Him. Pray, wait on Him and He will reveal Himself to you. He will guide you. Stop listening to people and start listening to Jesus. He is the living God. He speaks and His sheep listen to His voice. They follow Him. Get serious with Jesus and He will guide you. Stay with Him every step of the way, until the end.

May Jesus bless you.

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