Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Stand Up For Jesus

Many people say they are Christians and that they believe in Jesus. They believe Jesus died for them so that they can have life, a good life, but very few are willing to stand up for Jesus and His words. They are ashamed to be associated with Jesus.

When you talk about Jesus, Christians will ask you what church you belong to. when you tell them that you do not belong to a church, but to Jesus, they look at you as though you are crazy. They associate with their church organization but to associate with Jesus to them, is weird.

They run after celebrity preachers, theologians and church leaders and they quote their wo rds and teachings, but they do not quote the words of Jesus.

Most Christians are Bible believers, but they avoid the words of Jesus as they are recorded in the Bible, in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They rather quote some other scriptures. Most of them will tell you that it is impossible to stop sinning. Jesus said that he who sins is a slave to sin. If Jesus has set you free you will be free from the bondage of sin.

When you testify that Jesus speaks to you, He guides and teaches you, modern day Christians want to send you for psychiatric treatment, because you are hearing voices.

Jesus said His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. They do not hear voices, they know their Master's voice. They do not listen to strangers.

Most Christian cannot talk about Jesus, they cannot witness for Jesus. Many who have met Him are ashamed of Him. They rather talk about thier church, their pastor, or they quote Bible verses and the sayings of famous preachers.

The true followers of Jesus stand up for Him. They are not ashamed of witnessing for Jesus and of standing for His words and for truth and righteousness. Jesus warned that if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before His heavenly Father and the holy angels.

Do we stand up for Jesus? Does the whole world know that we belong to and follow Jesus? What are we living for? If we are not living for Jesus and His kingdom, we are not His, and we will not enter heaven. Stand up for Jesus or He will deny you also.

May Jesus bless you.

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