Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Conceited Christians Defeated by satan

Many Christian believers are conceited and arrogant. They think they are superior to unbelievers and other believers who belong to churches other than theirs. Many of them believe they are chosen by God, they believe they are the elect. They think that they are saved and assured of eternal life, purely based on what they believe, but they do not know Jesus and they have no relationship with Him.

They live under a perfect illusion from satan, because they think that they are God's special people. The vast majority of church going Christians are like that. Many of them search the Scriptures and they predict fulfilment of end time prophecy.  They are fearful of the things that are happening in the world.  Further they believe that God will rapture them before the great tribulation starts. Most of those people have never met Jesus, they never repented of their sin, were not baptized in water as Jesus commanded and they are not following Him. They boast about their salvation and say they wish Jesus would come, to take them away and judge the unbelievers. What they do not realize is that they are deceived. They are defeated by satan, because they are sinners, they are not followers of Jesus.

Jesus did not call us to be fearful and defeated. He called us to overcome, to overcome sin, to overcome temptation, to overcome the world, to overcome satan and to build His kingdom.

Things will not work out like these conceited Christians believe. God is in control and either we are in His plan, following His guidance, building His kingdom, overcoming,  or we will fall under His judgment.

Are we following Jesus and overcoming, or are we conceited and defeated by the evil one?

May Jesus bless you.

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