Sunday, May 20, 2018

If you SIN you will BURN in HELL

The wages of sin is death. The soul
that sins will die, will perish in eternal damnation. Jesus Christ
came to take away the sins of the world. He pardons and forgives, He
takes away the guilt of the sin of those who repent of their own evil
ways and who submit to Him, who follow Him and who will live for His
kingdom, but if they go back to sin, then the wrath of God abides on
The wrath of God is on all sinners,
whether they are believers or unbelievers. The soul that sins will
die. Many believe that because they are Christians, because they
confess Jesus Christ, that their sins are forgiven, and that God
turns a blind eye to their sin. That is not true, that is a lie. Sin
separates us from God. The unrighteous will not enter the kingdom of
heaven. Sinners have no place in the kingdom of heaven. Without
holiness no man shall see God. Jesus calls us unto Himself, for a
life of holiness and righteousness and obedience to Him, but if we go
back to our bondage, and go back to sin, if we love the pleasures of
sin, then we have no place in the kingdom of God. Jesus never
changed. God never changed. If you sin you will burn. You have to
repent and turn away from sin, live holy, righteously, in obedience
to Jesus, be led by the Holy Spirit and do what He guides you into
doing, but if you sin you will perish. If you are unfruitful you will
A tree is known by its fruit. A good
tree cannot bear bad fruit. If you are a child of God you will bear
good fruit, and you will not sin. The Lord chastises His children
that sin, but if they do not repent and mend their ways, they will
end up in damnation with the children of disobedience. There's only
one way to enter the kingdom of heaven, and that is to be pure and
holy, living in obedience to Jesus Christ. If you sin you will burn.
May Jesus bless you.

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