Wednesday, May 23, 2018

You cannot force God to answer you

The difference between a believer and a
true follower of Jesus Christ is that the disciple, the true follower
of Jesus, is led by the Holy Spirit. The true follower of Jesus knows
the Master's voice. Jesus said:"My sheep hear My voice, they
listen to Me and they follow Me."
If we truly believe in Jesus then we
will obey Him, obey His commands, do what He told us to do; repent,
turn away from sin and from going after her own thoughts, our own
desires. and go after Jesus. We will stop sinning, and live holy.
Jesus said:"If you love Me, obey My words." He also said
that the one who loves Him is the one who obeys His commands, and Him
and the Father, will come and dwell with that person, with him, and
He will reveal Himself to that person. He will give His spirit, the
Holy Spirit in that person, so that they will know Jesus for real.
They will be able to hear His voice, listen to Him and follow Him.
If we truly seek Jesus, He will reveal
Himself to us. He is Lord, and He speaks, and He guides all those who
seek Him, all those who seek life. If we need wisdom we have to pray
and ask Jesus, and He will
guide us. He will give us wisdom, He
will give us guidance, but many believers make the mistake of
becoming familiar with Jesus. They think that I can sit down and have
a conversation with Jesus. They think that He has to answer them
every time that they ask something. They want to force Him to answer.
They only want to consult Him about their life, about those things
that are important to them. We cannot force God to answer us. We
cannot force Jesus to give us an answer on a specific thing. We have
to follow Him. He will guide us. We have to ask Him for wisdom, but
we must realize that the things that are often important to us, are
not important to Jesus. What is important to Jesus, is the kingdom of
God, His kingdom, and Jesus will not always answer our questions in a
way that we think, or ask, or demand. We must remember that the
kingdom of God is about Jesus, about His kingdom, about serving Him.
Many people want to force God to answer
them, true believers, but they do not understand that we have to wait
on the Lord. We have to seek His kingdom, His will, His guidance, all
those things that are important to Him, because if we follow Jesus,
we are living for Him and His kingdom. The things that we are often
worried about are not important. The knowledge that we think that we
need is often not important. What is important is that we follow
Jesus and that we be taught by Him, what He wants to teach us.
We are free to ask anything from Him.
We can ask Him understanding about anything, but He will answer in
the time and in the way that He pleases, and often He will not answer
us because the things that we are concerned about are trivialities.
The things that many Christians are worried about have nothing to do
with the kingdom of God. Many of them want to understand the Bible.
They want to understand prophecy and they want to know about the
future. They want to know about what they must do for their benefit,
and they expect Jesus to always answer them. Many believers try to
force Jesus to answer them, they think that they can pray and ask
Jesus to them an answer from the Bible, as though the Bible is a
magic book; and then they open the Bible at random places and they
find a scripture, which they regard as guidance. We can receive a
scripture as guidance, but once we start forcing Jesus or trying to
force Him to answer us, we are on a dangerous road, because we cannot
force God.
We cannot force Jesus to answer us. We
have to seek Him, seek His will, seek His guidance, and He will speak
to you; in His time and in His own way. He might speak to you in a
voice that permeates your whole being, not just your ear, or He might
give you understanding. Suddenly you understand what you did not
understand, because He puts understanding in you, but we have to wait
for His guidance and His answer. We have to seek His will. We have to
seek His kingdom. We must pray about those things that we are
concerned about, those things that we do not understand, but we must
wait on the Lord and let Him guide us and teach us in His time; and
when He speaks to us, when He reveals the truth to us or gives us
understanding, then we will know when it is from Him.
If you ask Jesus, He will answer you
but you have to trust Him. You have to wait for His answer, in His
time, in His own way. You cannot force Him. We have to humbly follow
Jesus, and seek His kingdom, His righteousness. If we trust Him and
stay with Him, with time He will reveal His ways to us, and we will
gain understanding, but those who try to force the hand of God, those
who try to force an answer from the Lord. will become confused.
Never lean on your own understanding.
Don't look to other people for guidance. Look to Jesus. Ask Him.
Wait on Him, and expect Him. Trust Him. He will answer you. He will
guide you. He has spoken to me many times, in a night vision, in a
dream, or just spoken through my whole being, with a loud voice that
was not in my ear but was in my spirit, and I knew that it came from
God. Often He did not answer my question, but He engineered my
circumstances. He made things happen in His way, and when they
happened, I saw it was the hand of God.
We have to walk by faith, not by our
own insight or understanding. We have to submit ourselves to the Lord
and humbly trust Him, wait on Him and undividedly believe in Him.
Then He will guide us, He will teach us. He will guide our footsteps
and He will keep us from stumbling, but we have to stay with Him. We
have to be serious about following Jesus Christ, seek His will,
submit to Him, trust Him, wait on Him, and He will guide and teach
you. He is our teacher. He is our Lord and Master. All we need is
Jesus, but we have to trust Him and stay with Him. Without Jesus we
can do nothing. Submit to Him, seek Him with all your heart and He
will reveal Himself to you. You will get to know Him for real.
May Jesus bless you.

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