Saturday, May 5, 2018

Superficial Christians

Christianity is about being followers
of Jesus Christ. Jesus' disciples followed Him and they brought
others to Him so that they could also follow Him, because Jesus
Christ is the way and the truth and the life. Jesus Christ is the
only One who can give eternal life and Jesus commanded His disciples
to make disciples of all nations, people that would know Him and
follow Him, just like His own disciples did.
We all know that Jesus Christ was
crucified, and then after He was resurrected, and he ascended to
heaven, but He did not leave His disciples to fend for themselves. He
sent the Holy Spirit, His Spirit to be with them, and to guide them
and to teach them, and He also promised the Holy Spirit, the
Comforter to all those who would believe in Him; who would obey His
words, His gospel and who would repent and be baptized. Jesus
promised His Holy Spirit in them so that they could also become His
sheep. His sheep hear His voice, they listen and they follow Him.
That is what it means to be a Christian, you are a follower of Jesus
Christ. Not only because you believe in Jesus and you believe in His
teachings, but because you obey Him, you obey His words, you've come
to know Him, and He's given His Spirit in you, so that Christ lives
in you, you are a Christian, you are a follower of Jesus Christ.
Most professing Christians do not know
Jesus Christ. Their relationship with Him is not real. They are just
religious. Some are more religious than others. Some conduct
religious practices, they do Bible studies, and they do religious
practices like fasting,but they have no relationship with Jesus
Christ. Some Christians believe that through fasting you can force
God to answer you, to come closer to you. The purpose of fasting as
not to twist the arm of God, not to force God to give you what you
want, the purpose of fasting is to set yourself aside to spend some
time in prayer, to spend some time seeking Jesus, to deprive yourself
of your normal pleasures, not to go about your normal life, the
things you normally do, but to consecrate yourself, you separate
yourself unto the Lord and spend some time in prayer dedicating
yourself to the Lord.
Our relationship with Jesus Christ is
what makes us a Christian. If we do not have a real relationship with
Jesus Christ then our faith is in vain. If we do not have His Holy
Spirit and we do not follow Him, if we do not listen to Him, if we do
not obey Him, then our faith is in vain, we're wasting our time,
because Jesus will say to many believers:"Go away I never knew
you." They never had that real relationship with Jesus. Being a
Christian, is knowing Jesus Christ for real, hearing His voice,
seeking Him, going after in Him, going after Him and seeking to
please Him, to be part of His kingdom and to have His approval. Most
Christians are just superficial, just on the surface and the people
might think that they are great Christians, they have a lot of Bible
knowledge, and they profess to have many revelations from God, they
understand the prophecies, and they make predictions about the
future, but they have no relationship with Jesus. They have no
testimony of Jesus Christ.
If you are a real Christian, a follower
of Jesus then your life is all about your relationship with Jesus.
That is all that matters, nothing else, because if Jesus is not
pleased with us then we are in big trouble. If we do not seek Him and
if we do not find Him and if we do not stay with Him, we are on the
wrong road, because Jesus is the way. We have to follow Him every day
until the very end, even if we are all on our own, everybody leaves
us. Even if everybody goes the other direction and Jesus sends us
another direction, then we go with Jesus, because we know Him. He
speaks to His followers. He guides and teaches them, they follow Him.
Some people will tell you different.
They will say that God spoke through the Bible, it's all in the
Bible. It's not. It is all about the Holy Spirit of Christ that He
gives in and with those who love Him who follow Him and obey Him.
It's all about your relationship with Jesus Christ. Nobody else can
work on it for you. You have to work on your own relationship with
Jesus. There is no easy recipe. Nowadays people have computers, and
they have cell phones, and they have apps for everything. There is no
app for a relationship with Jesus Christ. You just go on your knees
and you seek Him with all your heart, and you keep on seeking Him and
you show Him that you are serious, and Jesus will reveal Himself to
you. There is only one way to be a true follower of Jesus, a child of
God, and that is to be led by the Holy Spirit, to walk with God, to
walk with Jesus every day. Are you walking with Jesus? How's your
relationship with Jesus? Do you know Him? Do you follow Him and do
you obey Him?
May Jesus bless you.

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