Monday, May 7, 2018

Too busy with other things

Most Christian believers are too busy
with other things. They are too busy to have any time to listen to
Jesus and to follow Him. Many of them believe that their faith will
save them. They believe that merely believing in Jesus Christ for
salvation is sufficient. That is not enough. We have to know Jesus.
We have to listen to His voice and follow Him. We have to get to know
Him for real. If we seek Jesus we will find Him, if we draw closer to
Him He draws closer to us. If we obey His words, His commands, the
words that He spoke, as also recorded in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John, if we obey those words; if we repent turn away from
sin, from our own wicked ways and we go after Jesus, if we sanctify
ourselves, live holy, be baptized in water, and live to please Jesus,
sin no more, but seek to do His will, have our mind on Him, then He
will put His Spirit in us. He will put His mind in us. He will speak
to us.
His sheep hear His voice, they listen
to Him and they follow Him, but we have to draw closer to Jesus. We
have to go after Him. We have to seek Him and we have to follow Him.
If we do not seek Him we will not find Him. If we do not stay with
Him we will go astray and we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. He
will guide us, if we seek Him. He guides His sheep. He teaches them.
The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth, but we have to put our
mind on Jesus, live to please Him and then He will fill us with His
mind. He will speak to us, but if we go our own way and we do our own
things and we ignore Jesus, then we will not hear Him speaking to us.
We will not be able to follow Him. However, if we seek Him and we are
led by His Spirit, and we are doing what He wants us to do, then we
will hear Him speaking to us and guiding us, at any time, while we
are doing His will, because He will guide us step by step. We must be
focused on Jesus, seeking to do His will, always praying in our mind,
and let the Spirit of God permeate us, cultivate us, and guide us,
into his ways, and into His truth so that we can be pleasing to Him.
If we do not have that desire for Jesus
and for His kingdom, and we do not seek Him, we will not enter His
kingdom. We have to go after Jesus. If we are too busy with other
things, then we are not worthy of Jesus and His kingdom. Are we
seeking Him diligently every day? Are we drawing closer and closer to
Him every day, following Him, seeking His will and seeking His
approval. Seek Jesus and you will live. Jesus Christ is the only way.
May Jesus bless you.


  1. How do I know if I am listening to my voice or the Holy Ghost?

    I am running a business how do I know if that's the will of God. By the way earning money is not my motive to do business. I just want to be in business.

    1. We have to work and earn a living. We must pray and ask Jesus. He will guide us in all things, if we seek Him. May Jesus bless you.