Thursday, May 23, 2019


God is supreme.  He is not coerced
or pressurized into serving and supporting human plans and agendas.
Many foolish Christians think they can manipulate the Holy Spirit to
serve their carnal agendas. They think they can force Him to answer
them. They think they can conjure up the Holy Spirit. They are
ignorant because they do not  know God.
Jesus gives the Holy
Spirit to dwell in, be with and guide those who wish to follow, serve
and obey Him. The Holy Spirit guides us into righteousness,
holiness and fruitfulness for the kingdom of God. Those who are led
by the Spirit of God,  the Holy Spirit,  they are the sons
of God, the children of God.
The world and the unbeliever
cannot receive the Holy Spirit,  only those who earnestly seek
Jesus and who obey Him, who repent and are baptized. Very few of
those who have received the Holy Spirit  do follow and obey Him.
Very few have been taught to follow His guidance. Most believers
follow after their own desires, lusts and ambitions. Many follow
after other people,  preachers and religious leaders. Many of
those preachers are practicing religious witchcraft, lies, trickery
and deception. They do not have the Holy Spirit.  They are
deceivers and false prophets because they do not make disciples of
Jesus. They are wolves in sheep's clothing that seduce believers to
follow them.
The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus,  not people.
The Holy  Spirit builds the kingdom of God, not churches. The
Holy Spirit guides us into godliness and holiness, not into
prosperity,  earthly riches and gratification of the flesh. If
you are serious about following Jesus, you will seek  Him, obey
His words and His commandments as also recorded in Matthew,
Mark, Luke and  John; repent and be baptized and He will baptize
you in the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit will teach and guide
you in all things, but you have to seek Him, pray, wait on Him
and trust Him.
There is no magic recipe to hear from God and to be
led by the Holy Spirit. There are no magic experiences, ministries or
If you seek Jesus with all your heart, you will find
Him. If you want to follow  Him, He will guide you. You will not
find answers from other people, their  teachings, books, ideas
and videos or from the Bible or anywhere else. The Bible points you
to Jesus.  Nobody else can help  you, or speak to Jesus for
you , or work out your salvation for you.
Jesus is the WAY. Jesus is the ONLY
WAY. Seek Him in prayer, fasting and obedience to His words and you
will find Him.
May Jesus bless you. 

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