Saturday, May 11, 2019


The church narrative is an age old plan of satan, to capture souls and make them slaves to the church system,
while making them believe that they are serving God unto salvation.
The church is presented as a vehicle to eternal bliss. The preachers
and clergy are portrayed as facilitators for heavenly passage and
oracles of God, appointed and ordained by God. It is all a lie, a
show, a scam.
Churches are peddling lies and false security,
based on Bible scriptures that have been twisted and applied in such
a way as to support the church narrative.
The church
narrative is a powerful delusion that brainwashes people  and
makes them firm believers and ardent followers of the church and it's
doctrines.  It puts them under bondage and demonizes those who
leave or oppose the church. People are enslaved to church and they
are placed under severe condemnation and persecution if they oppose
or leave the church.
Most of Christianity has been engulfed
by the church narrative and to most professing Christians it is
unthinkable, to be without or outside of a church.
church narrative is an evil conspiracy,  a deception that ruins
many souls and blinds them to the truth so that they do not repent
and follow Jesus, but rather follow after the doctrines and teachings
of their church. They submit themselves to the leadership of the
church and seek the approval and acceptance of the church, rather
than the approval of Jesus.
The gospel of Jesus Christ, His words
and commandments,  as also recorded  in Matthew,
Mark, Luke  and John,  makes you free, free from sin and
addictions and free from the narrative of church. The born again
child of God is FREE, free to follow and serve Jesus and the kingdom
of God.
If you want eternal life, you have to escape the narrative
of church, and follow Jesus. Church leads to bondage and damnation.
Jesus leads to eternal life. You cannot follow church and Jesus.
Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life. Follow Him, and you
will live.
Obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. Repent and be
baptized. Live holy and righteousness in obedience to Jesus,
His words as recorded in Matthew,  Mark, Luke and John. Be
filled  with the Holy  Spirit  and follow His
guidance, all the way, until the end, and you will have
Do not get involved in church, because that will be
the end of your walk with  Jesus and your hope of eternal
May Jesus bless you. 

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